Another Frontier Online

The night before the rescue

Three days have passed since the reunion was held.

Adding the hero Ivan to the Mist Explorer party, he is successfully attacking Necropolis.However, the expression may not be very accurate.It's going too well.

The attack had already progressed to the fifteenth basement level, and the room where the mist was trapped had been discovered today.

This is not because of the brave, but because of the maid.

At night, Hayat was listening to Damien at the base cafeteria after dinner.

"Are you afraid of the maid?

"Unlike before, I don't feel like my life is in danger, but I'm struggling with something like this.Rather than being a demon god, I think it's more like saying Shura or Rasha in the right way. "

"Worse than that?

Unlike before, the maid captain usually has a mild smile, but his smile doesn't break even when he beats down a monster.And there were more actions that appealed to the strength.

Hayato knows why.The maid captain is appealing to the Dark Knight Gil.

I wonder what the woman is appealing to by smiling and beating down monsters, but the opponent is Gil.I don't think it's a type that cares about such details.

"What does Gil say?

Gil? No, I praise the maid captain for defeating the monster, but is that a problem?

"No, it's not a problem - it might be a problem."

"... which one?

During the reunion, Hayato didn't miss the maid chief saying "cum".No matter what you think, it's a sign that you fell in love with Gil.I fell in love with Gil's face.

When I told Asha about it, I said, "Isn't that good?"

"It's a man's fantasy that a woman always thinks about a man who doesn't turn around.It would be healthier to forget such a man and move on to the next love.Of the maids, Relic is already treated as a man of the past.I'm making a folder with that name and throwing it in. "

"Give me a little more fantasy."

"If you look at my room upstairs, your fantasy will blow up.

"What are you doing in my room?

For some reason, Esha laughed with her nose, but she gave up thinking that the room would never come back.

It may not apply to all women, but is it influenced by the fact that Esha was a programmer? That's silly.

Len, who was there at that time, said that "femininity is complicated" and returned with Ash.

That's fine, the maid captain wants to show Gil something nice, but he's struggling to do it.The day after the reunion, the hair was set perfectly and there were no gaps.And even though it was raining, there were days when I said, "It's nice weather."

You could say that you are rampant with a different vector than before.

(It is not strange for Gil to have a wife at his age, but I have heard that he is not there and no one is dating him.I don't think there's a problem....)

Gil's background check has been completed in the last three days.I don't have a strong face and feel bad about the members of the black rose, so I don't go out with a specific woman.She said that there was no one else she was concerned about.

In other words, it is a form of serving Lunaria, but it is only a feeling of respect.I heard that I was surprised to lose to a tiny woman like Lunaria in the previous clan war.She said she was too old to have any romantic feelings.

In other words, Gil is completely free.

I used many bottles of wine to get information around here.Hayato doesn't drink a lot of alcohol, but he talks to the men and asks them out.

Gil also asked me about the woman I liked, but as expected, or as a muscular woman in appearance.On the inside, if there is not such a problematic character, there is no problem at all.The information is leaked to the maid director along with the iron array.

Perfect condition, but why doesn't he feel alive with a bomb that doesn't explode at all?Hayat leaned his neck, but told himself that he should have done what he could.

"In the meantime, there's no problem... is there a problem?

"It doesn't boil out.But it's okay. I'll get Mist out of here tomorrow, so stay with me.I'll be back as soon as I get help, so it would be helpful if you had a lot of things ready. "

"I may not be there this afternoon, but I think it's okay because I've left everything to Rose.I received a meal or a Blood item from Demon King Castle, and I have a coffin in my room. "

"Thank you. You can take me to Mist's Mansion, but it's better this way... Tomato juice and wine are the best.I want to buy it regularly. "

That's what Damien said, laughed and drank the wine that was poured into the glass.

I suppose it was because I had a vision of Mist exploration that I could tap lightly.Hayato also smiled back.

"I'll give it to you for the price I know."

"Well, it can be expensive, I'll let Mist pay for it."

"I will apply a cheaper clan member discount to Mr. Mist."

Then let Mist buy it in bulk.Even though you protected me from the trap, it took so much trouble, so I need you to do that... well, excuse me for today.Tomorrow is early. "

Yeah, good night.

"Good night."

When Damien got up from his chair, he bowed in a gentlemanly manner and then went up the stairs to the second floor.

Hayato stays in the dining room and drinks coffee.

(The maid director will be fine.You should check the situation as often as you can, but it shouldn't happen soon.Tomorrow, after I rescue Mr. Mist.)

Damien and the others are moving up to fifteen levels.

According to information published in the Adventurers Guild, Necropolis' reach hierarchy is thirty.No party went any further than this.It was that "Bandit" who went to the thirty floors.

Though I think I'm doing a lot of things, I'm worried that there's a hierarchy where Bandit can't move forward.I don't know if it's a combat issue or another, but it's creepy that Bandit can't go any further.

Do you need more combat power?However, I hear that sending a large number of members to a narrow space like a dungeon often makes no sense just because more people can't fight.If you want to send, you have to choose a strong member.But there's no one available....)

Save Mist and we'll go straight to the party.Even so, the party is six and one.Mist is positioned as an avant-garde attacker, so it will be more avant-garde, but this is better for exploring dungeons.

Because medium-range and long-range attacks hit the avant-garde, they are often not taken away in narrow locations.

While wondering if anyone had a powerful avant-garde, Hayato decided to go back to his room to turn off the dining room lights and log out.

The next day, Hayato, Esha, and Rose were outside the base from the morning.

It's just a drop off, but I'm supposed to rescue Mist today, so I'm here to drop him off.

There came the maid chief.It also looks like you're walking without a heart or skipping.

"Good morning, Hayato.And Escha and Rose. "

All three lowered their heads.

"Good morning... it's perfect again today."

"Yes, I'm feeling well and proud of my movements.Is this also due to the muscle tread?Yes, thank you, Iron Array.I'm a loyal user... and today I'm still making your lunch. "

"Ah, yes. It helps."

I was talking about the hairstyle, but Hayato stroked his chest down saying that it would be okay after laughing dry.

Behind them, Esha and Rose whisper something.

"Surprise, was the maid captain the type that suited a man's taste?

"Isn't that more of a hobby than a man's taste?

"I see. The type to do it.If it's a maid, I might be right. "

"If I were you, I'd do my best.I want to eat chocolate parfait. "

Hayato pretended not to hear.

In doing so, everyone was at the entrance to the base.

Damien looks at Hayato.

Well then, I'll go.I'm taking Mist home, so please prepare for the celebration. "

"I've been entrusted with that.Be careful, everyone. "

Hayat dropped off Damien and returned to his base when he was blind.