Another Frontier Online

Immortal Sleep

When Hayato logged in at night, the base was in a hurry.I heard a rush in the hallway.

As soon as I get out of the room, I'll bowl it with Rose.Rose looked at Hayato and looked relieved.

"Great. You woke up."

"Uh, yeah, what happened?

Hayato and the players are logged out and asleep.This is recognized by NPC and others.Rose thought Hayato came out of the room and woke up.

"I rescued Mr. Mist, but he won't wake up.I wanted to use Dragon Blood, but I was worried about using it without Hayato's permission because it was expensive. "

"Use what's in the warehouse right away.Five stars, of course. Is Mr. Mist in his room?

"Yes, Mr. Damien and the maid are in the room right now and are checking on Mr. Mist."

Hayat thanked him before heading to the room where Mist was.

Entering without knocking, there was a mist in the open coffin.And surrounded by Damien and the maid.

"I asked Mr. Rose if Mr. Mist would wake up?

"Hayat, you've finally woken up.Yes, it is. I found Mist in the Monster Room, but he fell on the floor and the monsters pounded him.It doesn't seem to have been damaged, but I won't wake up.I thought you might have had some sort of magic or a special attack, but I don't think so. "

Damien nods when he says so.

"I have checked various things, but Mr. Mist has not experienced any special status abnormalities.However, I thought there might be a change if I gave her dragon blood, so I asked Rose to bring it.Sorry, we imitated using expensive items on our own. "

"I told Rose, but there's nothing wrong with it.Instead, use it immediately.By the way, can you tell me what happened?

Hayato decided to check with Damien and the maid captain what happened in today's expedition.

Yesterday, I searched the fifteenth floor of Necropolis for a place the size of a monster room.We've mapped all the previous hierarchies, and we've discovered a space that looks like that from the size of one floor.

There was a locked door to the place, so I thought there was no mistake, but I gave up exploring until late that day.I went back to my base once and the next day, so I gave up.

And today, I'm going to use the portal to get to the same place.

When Maris' pet beetle hercules unlocked the door, it was a monster room as expected.There, I discovered a mist that was being smashed by the Dead Ghosts.

Kick out the Dead Spirit and rescue the Mist, but he won't wake up even if he calls.I was a vampire, but I was in the dungeon for a long time and thought I was weak, so I took it to my base.

That was just after Hayato logged out, just before lunch.

From there, Hayato was checking and investigating a lot until he logged in again.Dragon Blood thought of it as a last resort, and there was an opinion that Hayato would wait until he woke up, but Damien said he would take responsibility and decided to use it without permission.

I wanted you to use it as Hayato as soon as possible, but high quality Dragon Blood is definitely expensive.I thought I would have been tempted to use it silently.

There came Rose.

"Thank you for waiting.It's the highest quality dragon blood. "

I saw Hayato after Damien was surprised to hear it.

"Can I use the highest quality?Well, maybe nothing will happen.

"Of course, please use it.It is useless to use the product because it is of poor quality.If this doesn't work, think about other hands. "

"... thank you. Then let me use it."

Damian approaches the bottle with the dragon blood in Mist's mouth.

Mist seems unconscious, but sometimes referred to as virtual reality, and can be used without problems.I finish everything, but the mist hasn't changed.

I waited a few minutes from there, but when I called Mist, I didn't wake up and stayed asleep.

Damian whispered, "No way..."

"Mr. Damien, do you have any idea what's going on?

"It's only speculation, but if we can't cure even the highest quality dragon bloods, Mist could have gone into immortal sleep."

"An immortal sleep... a state where you sleep in vampires?

Hayat has heard the story from Damian before.That's why I went to Necropolis in the first place.There was an item at the bottom that avoided it.

"That's right. If you look at this state, that's all you can think about."

"I'd like to ask you something, but there's an item at the bottom of Necropolis that avoids it, right?

"That's what I hear... that's the only way to make a mist..."

"Well, if that's okay, who's the source?I can't believe there's an item at the bottom of Necropolis that no one's ever been to before. "

Aiming for the lowest level is no particular problem, but we need to check the part about whether there are really such items.Hayato doesn't know if it's reliable information.

As far as Mist and Damien are concerned, it may be a fairly credible piece of information, but as Hayat, I was really concerned about the source of the information.

"As I said before, there are ten immortal friends who are not yet in the sleep of immortality.It's information from the Soviets. "

"Oh, that's right.I remember. Damien, I hope you don't mind, but can you trust the information from that person?

Damien looked surprised for a moment, but nodded with a serious face to see what it meant.

"Hayato is right.But it's okay. Ruth is a kid, but I can trust him.In the first place, it seems that the information was given in consideration by God. "

"... information from God?

"That's right. I'm sure Hayat knows, but he was a mist in the last clan war.I heard you gave me information in exchange for that. "

Hayato remembers the final battle of the Clan War.

Except for Hayato and Dite, who fought one-on-one, Mist's opponent was a child vampire.If the child were to receive consideration from God, it would be from Diete.

"I need to check something out, so I'm going back to my room.I'll be back, so please wait. "

Hayat said so and went back to his room without hearing back.

Then I send a voice chat to Dite.Then I got a reply right away.

"Hi, Hayato.Looks like you saved Mist's life.Thanks for collecting all kinds of data.Let me feed this back to Infinity. "

"Diete-chan, wait a minute.I need to ask you something. "

"What is it?

"What is an immortal sleep?Damien says that Mr. Mist has become a player, but that's not what players do, is it?

"Wait, Mist, did you fall asleep immortally?It's supposed to be so fast..... "

"Someday, right?What was it like in the first place?

Diete answers nothing.However, while I was trying to say something, I said "er" or "er", and the trouble was also conveyed by voice chat.

I asked Hayato about the unboiled diet.

"Is this the disadvantage of rewarding Mr. Mist?

"... can I tell Hayato?It's not a disadvantage, it's a reward.That's the kind of contract we have. "


"Yes, Mist, you will fall asleep when you are in a state.However, with regard to the reason, it is a contract that I want you to keep your memory gone.So they will eventually fall asleep without waking up.It's the sleep of immortality. "

Hayato doesn't know why it's a reward, but it asks further questions.

"There's an item at the bottom of Necropolis that avoids that immortal sleep."


A lost voice between rare dies.Hayato was surprised at the voice.

"You made a pretty unusual noise, didn't you?In the first place, it's information that Ruth received from God in consideration. "

"Wait, what are you talking about?Did I give you the information, Ruth?I didn't do that. "

"Huh? But, look, in the final battle of the Clan War, Ruth made her fight Mr. Mist, didn't she?I heard it was a consideration.

"... Ruth, did you say that?

"I didn't hear it in person, but Damien said so."

I see. First of all, I don't have any items to avoid the sleep of immortality.And I didn't tell Ruth that the item was at the bottom of Necropolis. "

"So, what do you mean?

"I'll find out if someone's lying or... just give me a minute.And I'll tell Hayato.What is immortal sleep?I just don't want you to tell them that. "

Hayat nodded, "I understand."

"The Immortal Twelve are invaded by an incurable disease besides Damian.If left alone, it will lead to death.So if the disease progresses somewhat, I'll sleep perfectly in the spaceship's cold sleep to stop it from progressing any further.That's the sleep of the dead. "

"... eh?

Hayato tried to understand, but his head refused.