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Hayato tries to sort out the information, but he's not smart enough.

I understand the meaning and the situation, but the content is unacceptable.

Death does not come to this virtual reality.However, it's just a story of virtual reality characters not dying.If the body dies, the world dies.

In the face of Hayato's confusion, Diete went on talking.

"And I made a promise to wake up and get treatment when the cure is found - a contract.So there is no item to avoid the sleep of immortality.If you force yourself to wake up, the disease will progress faster and the body will be in danger. "

"Yes, what..."

"Hayato, I think you've been shocked, but don't worry.If they get a full sleep in cold sleep, they can live 100 or 200 years.I can't stop the body time completely, but I can find a cure while I'm asleep.I may miss not being able to talk, but I'm not dying. "

Diete said so, but Hayato felt a little sad about it.I'm sad that Diete said that, not in Mist's situation.

"Diete-chan's place looks like a machine..."

"Eh...? I wonder what that means.

"You may not be dead, but you can't talk to someone who's asleep anymore, right?If you don't know when the cure will be found, there's a chance you won't be able to talk about it again, right?It's close to being dead to me. "

It's not that Dite is bad, but I heard something important afterwards, so Hayato said it with a feeling of blaming Dite.

It was Dite who panicked.

"I'm sorry, Hayato.Yes, you had a lifespan. You can't live 100 or 200 years.Believe me, I never said it in bad faith. "

Hayato was in a hurry this time because of Diete's hasty voice.I can say that it has calmed down somehow.

"I'm sorry, I said too much.Of course I know. Diete-chan wouldn't do that.I apologize for saying that it looks like a machine, and for saying that I blame you.I'm really sorry. "

"No, Hayato, that's not what you apologize for.This is my problem.We need to learn more about humans... and that's it, I'm going to see Mr. Mist. "


"I did make an agreement with Mist and you about the sleep of immortality.But that's only if the disease progresses.In Mr. Mist's case, it shouldn't have been that bad.He should fall asleep faster than everyone else, but not so fast.I'm sure he'll be fine in a few years. "

"What do you mean, you fell asleep faster than everyone else?

"Well, I'll tell Hayato.First of all, Mr. Mist is a doctor.For some reason, Mist, you have the same illness as the patient you were seeing. "


"You're a so-called surgeon.At that time, it was said to be a famous doctor.And Damien, you're a colleague. "

He said, "Yes, he did."

"And the other ten immortals are also two patients.Don't be angry, Mr Mist, but I have proposed a cold sleep for the patients in order to lure you into the world.At the time, the newest cold sleep was on the ship, so I pulled in Mr. Mist and Damien, the best doctors, to promise to get your patients aboard. "


"No, yeah. I'm not angry, but I think I'm stunned.Unfortunately, I think I was a terrible person at the time.I'm reflecting now.However, with that in mind, Mr. Mist said he wanted to heal everyone himself once the cure was discovered.I don't know if I should just take my medicine, if I need surgery, or if I need a cure, but either way, I wanted to see a doctor to take care of my patients. "

"So you're going to go to sleep before the disease progresses because you want to cure the patient yourself?

"Exactly. This disease means that the body slowly becomes immobile.Mr. Mist, if you go as far as you can heal, you won't be able to heal your patients.But considering that, it's too early for Mr. Mist to fall asleep.So I will see Mr. Mist directly.Rather than checking, it's just checking the data.It is faster to access the data directly than to see Mist's data from here.I'm coming. "

"Thank you, Dite."

"It's not like being thanked.But I think I'll have some coffee. "

"I can make the highest quality."

After a voice chat with Diete, Hayat returned to Mist's room.

And when I told him that Diete was coming, Damien showed me how difficult it was.

"Are the church people coming?Me and Mist are vampires, but are you telling me that if we unvampire them, they'll be cured?

"Damien has never met Dieter properly.It's okay, it's just to check on Mr. Mist. "

Sisters and priests NPCs like those in church behave aggressively when they see vampires.It's part of the role-play, but Dite doesn't have one.

Also, if the sacred magic is set to 100, you can use the magic to remove the vampire.Death Spirit Magic and Holy Magic are skills that cannot be remembered together, so you can only ask other players to unvampire them.

Damien must have been worried about what he was going to do about it.

Hayat talks to Damien about Dieter in various ways to make him feel anxious.

Meanwhile, Diete arrived.

That's right. Six people are too small in this room, so Rose and the maid head go out into the hallway.There was only Mist, Hayato, Damian, and Dite in the coffin.

"Damien.Nice to meet you, Dite. "

"Damian. You're from the church, and you're gonna help us?

"Of course. I belong to Hayato's clan in the first place.Mist, I'm with you. "

"... I see.Thank you. "

Damien lowered his head and walked away from Mist's coffin.

Instead, Diete moves right next to the Mist.Then he bent his left knee to the floor beside the coffin and pointed his right hand at the mist.

Hayato thought it would be possible to analyze the data without doing so, but because there was Damien, he thought it would be performing.

After about a minute, Diete pulls her hand back and stands up.

"As far as I can tell, it's an immortal sleep.You'll wake up with the items at the bottom of Necropolis. "

"Looks like a Sister who knows a lot of things.Or did Hayato teach you?

"Uh, um...."

Suddenly, Hayato panicked.

Diete said there were no items to avoid immortal sleep in the first place, but now that she talked about them, she doesn't know what happened.

"No, I've heard a little, but I've got information from somewhere else.I am a man of the church in the first place.I've been doing a lot of research on vampires. "

I see. Because people in the church believe in God.Is it strange to have information from God? "

"That's right. Mist, you'd better keep it that way.I'll see if I have any more information.Damien, I want you to stay at the bottom of Necropolis. "

"Okay. Mist's inability to participate in the offensive is painful, but there is no other way.And with the help of Hayato and the others, we'll be able to get to the bottom without any problems. "

"Just do it.Well, Hayato, that's all I can do.I'd like you to make me some coffee to thank me. "

"Huh? Oh, yeah."

"I've been here a while.Let me know if you need anything. "

"Yes, please."

Hayato and Dite go out into the hallway.After explaining the situation to Rose and the maid who were waiting there, it was dissolved.

Hayato and Dite then move to the dining room.

There's no one in the cafeteria, just Hayato and Dite.

Hayato put coffee on the table for Diete and herself.Then he sat facing Dite.

Diete went out with Hayato because she didn't want to drink coffee.I opened my mouth to Hayato that perhaps she had something to say.

"Did you find out anything?

"Mist is definitely in an immortal sleep.I checked the main unit, but there is no problem there.Just because I fell asleep a lot faster than I expected doesn't mean the disease was progressing rapidly. "

"That's good... right?

"That's right. I'm not talking about waking up in the current state of things that I can do right away.The only problem is that there are definitely items at the bottom of Necropolis that will release you from sleep. "

"Is that a problem?

"Of course I do. It means something to me.I have never prepared such an item.I didn't give Infinity any instructions to make it.The question is, why is there such a thing? "

Diete-chan's problem?Can you guess why?

"Perhaps the most likely thing is that Hypnos did it.Oh, not now, but when there was a stampede event. "

Hayato nods.

Hypunos, Diete's backup AI, was working on various plans to replace Diete.Diete says she handled this as part of it.

"Maybe there's something Necropolis can do to defeat Dieter?

"What do you think?Hypnos could only change the settings for a Stampede event.The Necropolis dungeon has been around for a long time, but I was not involved in the Stampede event and I doubt I could have done anything about it.Nevertheless, the likelihood is high so far.I'm going to look into that. "

I see. If Hypnos was involved, Diete would be in danger. "

"That's right. I'll be careful.While we investigate, Hayato wants you to explore Necropolis.There's no doubt that there's an item... and Hayato wants to talk to Mist again, right?

Are you worried about what I pointed out in the voice chat? Diete is looking at Hayato as if she was looking a little too low.

I think Hayato did something a little sad and decided to follow.

"Dite, I'm sorry about earlier.Diete-chan is usually a human being, and all of a sudden I was just a little surprised when she said that.So don't worry about it. "

"... it would be helpful if you could say so.But, yeah, I usually look like a human.It may not be good for AI, but it's kind of a pleasure. "

(As an AI, I don't know whether Diete-chan or Hypnos is right, but I like Diete-chan better...)

Hayato exchanged information with that in mind.