Another Frontier Online

Thirty Hierarchical Tactics

It's been a week since I rescued Mist.

Mist remains asleep, but the Necropolis offensive is well under way, and today we are going to attack the thirtieth tier of the problem.

The Thirtieth Hierarchy is not ready for the Bandit either.Only Bandit knew what was there, so he couldn't get any information.

I contacted Jolt, the leader of Bandit, and here's the answer.

"Ah, hey... Hayato might be able to attack.I don't think we can do it.Let me know if there's anything up ahead. "

I got a word that didn't give me such an answer.

I only asked Dite about the situation, but I had a bad tooth cut.

"It's easy to say, but I think it's difficult to attack even if you know it.Anyway, you'll find out once you get there, so why don't you go to Damien's party first?I'll explain later. "

Diete said that and cut the audio chat.

Diete is looking into why Mist fell asleep earlier than planned and whether there are items at the bottom of Necropolis to cure it.I can't take the time because of that influence.

Hayato had no choice but to start making items in his room that he would need in the future.

After making potions and other chemicals for about an hour, I heard a knock on the door.

"Hayato, are you awake?

"I'm awake. Something wrong?

It's about 11: 00 a.m.It was almost time to log out, but Rose arrived before that.

"I can see the customer.I'm calling you Ruth. Can I help you?Actually, I don't know if Ruth is real... "

"I'll see you when I know.Uh, the dining room?

"Yes, I'm waiting for you in the dining room."

Hayato and Rose moved to the canteen.

There is a black-eyed, black-haired child in a dark blue uniform in the dining room.I am about ten years old, but I look more childish because of my shorts.It looks like an elite officer, wearing a military hat with a ribbon in front of it.

Hayat decided he was the one who fought the Mist during the Clan War.

"Um, it's Hayato.Ruth, are you okay with this?

Ruth, who was sitting in the chair, got up from the chair with his hat on when Hayato asked.

"My name is Ruth Delta.Nice to meet you. "

"Nice to meet you. I didn't hear anything from Damien, but did he originally plan to come?

"No, I came at my own discretion.Mist and Damien won't say anything, so I'll look into everything and stay here.I'm usually in a dungeon where I'm based, but I haven't heard from you lately, so I came to ask you directly. "

Hayato got caught a little.It's a way of saying that you don't know that Mist has fallen asleep in immortality.It is possible that Damien did not intentionally contact Ruth to make sure he was not worried.

I decided that you should leave without saying anything about Mist or say nothing until Damien returns.

"Damien and the others are attacking the Necropolis dungeon and won't be back for a while...."

I see.Well, can I wait here for you?

"That's a bit of a problem.Mr. Rose here has to do the shop number on the store side, and I have a few things to do in my room.There's another one, but I don't always get out of the room, so no one can deal with you, Ruth. "

"No problem. I'll wait for you alone.Can I produce items here?


"I'm making medicine to improve my pharmaceutical skills, and it's pretty tough after '90, so I do it all the time when I'm free."

"Yeah, yeah, I know.It's hard to improve your skills.If it's a production skill, the cost of materials is high, and no matter how much money there is, it's not enough. "

"I've heard from Mist.Everything Hayato thinks is 100 pharmaceutical skills. "

Well... I don't think it's a good time to build an elixir... no, it's not a particularly good memory.It's just hard. "

None of the skills will improve well after 90.Hayato was using materials from members of the Black Dragon to produce Elixir in large quantities, even though he suspected that his skills would really improve.

Perhaps Hayato is also aiming for a doctor?

"Hmm? No, but why?

"I want to work to heal people, so I'm improving my pharmaceutical skills.I usually do the research at the base.They also improve their skills in herbal and human knowledge.What's wrong with being a vampire?

Ruth said so with a little light.

It's just Hayato's speculation, but I thought it might be influenced by the real situation.Perhaps Ruth has a dream of becoming a doctor in reality.

Ruth is also suffering from a disease that leads to death.If it progresses to a certain extent, it will enter the sleep of immortality.Originally, that dream would not come true, but it would one day come true with an extension of life with cold sleep.

Then there is only one thing Hayato can say as an adult.

"It's not strange.I'll help you make your dream come true. "

Ruth is astonished at Hayato's words.And he smiled nicely.

"Thank you very much. If you say this, Mist and Damian look complicated."

(I wonder when that happened.Is it a story of reality or is it a story after I have lost my memory?I wonder why they both looked like that....)

Hayat said, "Excuse me," and moved to the base warehouse.Then put the Elixir ingredients into the item bag.

Back in the cafeteria, I put the ingredients on the table.

"If you don't mind, may I ask you to do something to make an elixir?I have the ingredients, but I don't have time to make them. "

"Huh? But I can't make an elixir with a 100% chance.If we fail, we lose the ingredients..... "

"I don't mind. I originally got the ingredients, and I didn't make them with Elixir.Don't worry, you don't have to make one. "

Some of the ingredients came from Ash or from a chest on an island that floats in the sky.I didn't spend money to buy it, so I didn't particularly spare Hayato.

Rather, I can say that I am happy that there are more production associates.

"Thank you very much. Then I'll practice."

"Yeah, that 's- Oh, that's right."

Hayato wanted to ask Ruth for information.

Damien said that Ruth brought the information that there was an item at the bottom of Necropolis that avoided immortal sleep.

"I'd like to ask, Ruth, did you get the information that there is an item at the bottom of Necropolis that avoids immortal sleep?

"That's right. I got that information from God."

"Was it during the Clan War?

"Yes, I was solicited as Mist's opponent, but I received information in return for that."

"... what was that god like?

"I haven't seen you.It's like they're sending a voice chat. "

I see.

I just wanted to know if Diete was dressed as a Sister, but that information would be clear as soon as Diete looked into it.Hayato was depressed that there was no point in hearing about it.

"Speaking of which, it was a voice that didn't feel human.I don't know if you're human because you're a god, but it was a voice that had no feelings at all, whether it was administrative or something. "

"Are you feeling anything?"

Hypnos speaks with emotion.There is a possibility that you can act without feelings, but I was a little worried that you could make a voice without feelings at all.

"When did you get that information?Before the Clan War? After?

"Um, I'm sorry.What question did you ask earlier?

"I'm interested in God.I was wondering if I could see you. "

Leave it to your mouth, Hayato answers.

"Is that so?Well, you got the information right after the Clan War.Fighting the Mist - Well, the Mist came from himself, so it wasn't a fight or anything, but soon afterwards.I wanted to play a little more..... "

"Immediately after the Clan War....?

(Diete-chan wasn't attacked by me yet.I spent three days mass-producing AI kills immediately after the Clan War, so Hypnos should not have started yet.Dite needs to check the time series around here.)

When Hayato thought so, he heard something fall on the floor from the second floor.

All three of them look at the ceiling of the dining room.

"What was that noise?

"Perhaps it was the sound of Ivan and the others resurrecting in their rooms?You're setting up a base here now, aren't you?Wasn't he hit by Necropolis?

Hayat went up the stairs to see what was happening upstairs, thinking it was a lie.