Hayato leaves Rose and Ruth in the dining room and runs upstairs.

Considering the location of the sound, Gil's room is a dark knight.I checked to see if he was knocking inside.

"Mr. Gill? Are you sure you're back?

"Oh, Hayato.I lost on thirty levels.I'm leaving. Just a minute. "

A few seconds later, Gil came out of the room.

Gil's armor and shields were considerably damaged and durability was considerably reduced.Seeing it, I can guess that there was a fierce fight.

"You're quite a strong opponent.I can't believe Gil lost. "

"It'll be hard to beat that.This is Lord Ivan.On the contrary, it will be tough. "


"I think Lord Ivan and Lord Damien will soon be back from their bases.Master Maid and Master Maris will be back from their bases. "

Hayato almost said that he was such an idiot.

Indeed, members who are attacking Necropolis cannot use healing magic.But he has a lot of healing items and Ivan is closest to being strong enough to fight.It was incredible to say that the member would be wiped out.

"Um, can you tell me what happened?

"Everyone is supposed to gather at the base once, but I should talk to Hayato first.Simply put, there are demonic monsters in the room in front of the 30-story staircase, but they have the same strength as our members. "

"Someone with the same strength?

"Yes, is Doppelganger easy to understand?Everything from appearance to gear is the same.And the muscles. It looks just like it, but it's a completely black and white doll, so it's not a match for each other.As far as I'm concerned, I can't help but imitate Lord Ivan's Excalibur.Besides, it's tough to endure Made Madam Chancellor's successive attacks. "

"That's... tough."

Doppelganger is positioned in this game as a demon that mimics the shape of the opponent.

Even the same Doppelganger has different strengths and may simply mimic form, not appearance, but status and skill.It is called Doppelganger in a lump sum.

It's a pretty special kind of Doppelganger that mimics everything like this one.

With exactly the same strength and the same gear, pure combat skill wins.In the first place, the target of this time is AI.I don't know how much of an AI I can make a good decision, but we should see that it's quite strong as Gil gets hit and returns.

"Ivan was a good fighter, but it would be difficult.Apparently, the other party is working together with one intention.We've been partying together for quite a long time, but it's still an instant party, and it's like we're fighting individually without any kind of collaboration.It may take time to attack, but that's not all there is to it.It may be difficult to attack. "

That's true.

The party members were gathered by Hayato, but they didn't help us indefinitely.I'm only getting help while I can.

You don't have to wake a sleeping mist in a hurry.There is no time limit to the Necropolis offensive itself, but there is only time for this party.There is no plan to work hard until the collaboration is good.

Hayato thought about what to do.

Nevertheless, it is time to prepare the coffee shop.

"I'm sorry, Gil.I have some things I have to do this afternoon, so can you do this later?

"Of course. Once we are all together, we will discuss the strategy.Let's start by thinking about how we're all going to tackle it, and then report back to Lord Hayato. "

"I'm sorry, thank you."

Hayato lowers his head to Gil and returns to the cafeteria to inform Rose of the situation.And I told her that I could take the store off today.And please provide support for everyone's discussion and Ruth's response.

Rose accepted it and began to prepare for it.

"Well, Mr. Ruth, I apologize for the haste, but I'm sure Damien will be back soon, so take your time."

"Thank you."

After politely saying goodbye to Ruth who lowered his head, Hayato logged out in his room.

Hayato logs in again after work at the coffee shop.

I talked to Esha and Ash about what happened in the morning while I was at work, but I didn't come up with a particularly good idea.

Ash suggested that we go too, but it's not a matter of combat power, and Ash and the others were busy preparing for the movie, so I just got feelings.

Hayat leaves his room because Ivan and the others may have come up with a better idea.

Everyone was talking about the table in the cafeteria, but Ivan noticed Hayato.

"Oh, are you here?"

"I'm sorry, guys.I'm not here when it's important. "

"Hayato is a production job, so it's okay.Besides, the general policy has been decided, so it seems like we can attack next time.I need to get ready. "

"Really?What kind of operation, by the way?

"I'm taking Hayato to the thirty levels.Hayato will defeat Doppelganger alone. "

"... you can't win with productive skills, can you?I'm not going to lose if I make potions. "

Hayato was surprised because it was an unexpected operation.Hayato can't fight in the first place.What are you going to do when you take yourself out of combat?

Hayato would certainly be the best choice if Doppelganger were to copy the other party's figure, gear, etc.

Hayato doesn't have any combat skills and has the lowest STR and the lowest HP in conjunction with it.Once copied, the opponent can be said to be the weakest.

But Hayato is not good at intense exercise in the first place.I can't act instantly out of fear when I hurt my leg.

When I fought Dite, I felt like saving Esha and the others, so I managed to move indifferently, but when it comes to moving like that, the answer is no.

"Hayato, listen to me.There's something I learned from fighting today. "

Ivan said he couldn't copy the contents of the item bag.When I switched gear, the opponent also switched gear, but I didn't use the item.

Ivan fought to be the last to defeat his opponent, Ivan.That's because there was a resurrection item, "Phoenix Feather."Immediately after the Resurrection, they cast falsehood.

However, Ivan was resurrected, but the opponent wasn't.Phoenix feathers are used automatically, so the opponent doesn't have them.

Evan was then revived at the base after being hit by the remaining opponent, but shared the information with everyone.

And derived answers.

"I told you to use the suicide bomber item against Doppelganger alone."

"Yes, and then I will be resurrected with Phoenix feathers.Perfect plan, huh?

"I have a lot to say, but isn't it okay if it's not me?Even Ivan can win one-on-one, right?Why don't you take a bunch of Phoenix feathers with you?

"If you have so many Phoenix feathers, you can do it, but you have so many?

"... I certainly can't prepare much.Or I don't know how to get the item. "

Defeat Phoenix to get it, but Hayato doesn't know where the Phoenix is.You can buy it at auction, but it's quite expensive.

"I have some, but I usually only carry one.I can't use it because it's what I need when I'm diving into a dungeon with a solo.But if Hayato uses it, it will definitely only take one time.It's not so bad to offer wings. "

"That may be so... but I don't have to blow myself up, do I?It's not that I don't like it, but I actually have bad legs.If something goes wrong, I can't handle it. "

"Really?I didn't know that, but no matter what you think, Hayato is qualified.Hayato doesn't have any physical enhancements or combat skills, does he?Hayato's Suicide Bomb ensures his opponent is defeated because his skill does not increase his Defense.Others may not be able to defeat him.There's no guarantee we'll be able to defeat him when he comes back. "

A suicide bombing attack deals the same damage as your HP, but it is mitigated by Defense.

Some abilities have HP, MP, and Attack and Defense Up effects.As a combat position is a necessary skill, you probably don't have as many players as you have a pure production position or a special skill structure.

Given that, Hayato could certainly say that it was the right material.There is no physical defense and the equipment has no physical defense.It is a situation where we can definitely defeat with a suicide bombing.

"If you say so, it's definitely me... I can't help it.Everyone is taking care of you, and should I do this?I don't know if it's going to work, but let's try it. "

Thus, Hayato's self-destruct resurrection combo decided on a Doppelganger crusade.