Another Frontier Online

Doppelganger Verification

The next day, Hayato and the others began preparations for the Necropolis thirty tier offensive.

First, Hayato needs to make an item for suicide bombing.

The item for suicide bombing is a magic bomb called "Magic Bomb".It takes a lot of work to collect the materials, but Ivan, Damien, and Ruth are there to collect the materials.

Ruth heard about Mist from Damien.I was pretty depressed when I heard about it, but I decided to help myself and participate in the Necropolis offensive.

We need to defeat powerful monsters on the materials, but if Ivan is around, we need him to have potions and daemon bloods.

And Hayato, Maris, Gil, and Maid are investigating Necropolis' Doppelganger.

This time, one Hayato is going to attack to defeat Doppelganger, but I need to check everything in advance.

When Ivan and the others first fought, Doppelganger had only the number of people at the party.And the beetle hercules have not emerged as enemies.

We will verify whether there are only five of them in the first place, whether they were influenced by the number of parties, and even whether pets do not appear as Doppelgangers.

There is no problem with multiple Doppelgangers as it is a range attack for suicide bomber items, but if you put everyone in range, you will also need to practice.

Hayato didn't run into it, he followed it with him to practice.

The portal of the transporter in Necropolis can be retransmitted by anyone who has ever been to the party.Hayato did not attack from the first level, but from the thirty levels, so there is no effort there.

That's why Hayato was overwhelmed by the Necropolis dungeon he saw for the first time.

Necropolis means the capital of the dead.The thirty floors are dark night towns.

The townhouse is almost broken, and something like a slime, a black liquid, is scattered everywhere.The sound is as creepy as the sound of the wind.

It's not a natural or artificial dungeon because the demon swallowed the city.It is said that the lowest layers are connected to the magical world, but it was such a scenery.

It's kind of a wonderful place.

Maris reacted to Hayato's self-talk.

"That's right.It's unlikely to be a pet-friendly monster here.It was mostly just a ghost or a demon... and it seemed like a hellhound, but it didn't work. "

"Hellhounds are dogs like Doberman who spit out flames, right?You tried to pet it?

"I thought I could go because I look like a dog.But the monsters were categorically demonic and totally useless.I don't know what to say, and I didn't like it and ran away.I feel like I lost..... "

What does Tame hate about demons?I'm usually attacked....?

Hayat thought of that without saying it, and moved to the place where everyone and Doppelganger were.

Doppelganger is in the church.Gil said he was hitting the spot where there was a staircase going down from the thirty stories, probably here.

It needs to be verified, but at first Hayato decided to go alone.To see if the Doppelgangers are coming out together.

Hayato leaves the exploratory party and enters the church alone.

It was a chapel with little light, but as Hayato progressed to the center of the room, the door that came in closed and the candles placed on the wall were lit in turn from the front to the back.

(It's like a horror movie.Normally, the candles disappear on the contrary... but I wonder if this is also Diete-chan's conceived performance.)

When all the candles caught fire, tears flowed from the statue of the goddess behind the chapel.It's probably blood tears, but this is virtual reality.Hayato, who often watches horror movies, has only the impression that he is rather intimidated than scared.

That tear creates a mass of blood on the floor.The blood rose to form a man.

I don't care how you look at it, Hayato.All the exquisite blood runs down the floor, revealing a pure white hayato with no color at all.Hayato smiled and attacked me with his bare hands.

Hayato lost 1 HP when struck by the attack.

(Is there only one other person?This is going to be easy.Besides, it's bare and has no attack power, so it's only one of the lowest guarantees.Let's try attacking from here.I don't think so, but if you have more combat sense than the opponent, you can win)

Try it with a martial arts technique that relics have taught me a little bit about.The battle against Dite was also a low-kick attack, but it was not a real kick, and Dite was angry and forgot about me, so it worked.

Hayato shook his upper body and threw a straight right at Doppelganger, an emotionless simple AI.

But it cuts the sky.Hayato is an amateur, but Doppelganger is behind it.And Hayato was attacked by the counter mood.

(I knew it was no good. The reaction is too good.Well, I knew it, but I couldn't win a normal fight.)

Hayato attacked even though he thought he couldn't do it, but he didn't hit all of them.

And a few minutes later, Hayat was defeated and resurrected at his base.And send Maris a voice chat.All we have to do is have Maris and the others verify it.

(The opponent's Doppelganger is one.It's not that fast.Given the Magic Bomb's range of effects, there is no escape in the church.Easy enough to take down.That's the problem afterwards...)

Defeating Doppelganger may not be so difficult, but the problem is that Hayato will then have to find a portal, a 31-story transfer device, alone.

If Hayato doesn't get to the portal, the rest of the team won't move on.

Basically, the portal is right after you go down the stairs, but it may or may not be.Hayato needs to get there no matter what, as long as he doesn't know where he's going.

(I can't fight at all, so I have to move around to make sure I don't find them... so I'll have to prepare some items.)

Using Sneak Skills, Hidden, etc., you can act without being found by monsters, but Hayato certainly doesn't have that skill, so you have to replace it with an item.

What you can use there is Invisible, which was used by Adrians from the Devil's Summon Monster Research Council.This is an item that disappears completely, but only if it doesn't move from the spot.

Unlike latent skills, it is negative to be unable to move from the spot, but it is positive to be able to use regardless of skills.

Hayato told Rose, who was based in Hayato, that he had returned and decided to start creating Invisibles in his room.

After finishing her work at the coffee shop and logging in again at night, Maris and the others returned to their base.Receive a report that various verifications have been completed.

The appearance of Doppelganger was found to be the same as the number of people entering the church and not random.

And at least the beetle hercules don't come out as doppelgangers.However, the Lancelot of the Griffon and its strong pets appeared.

It seems that we are judging by whether the situation is high or low, which means that there is no alternative to fighting Maris and her pets alone.

(I don't know if it's the right strategy to pass through with a combo of self-destruct resurrection, but it's a backhand way of fighting.I think we have a more formal strategy.I don't suppose it's about honeing your combat sense.)

Diete will tell you how to assume it, but Hayato hasn't.However, if we can't deal with this self-destruct resurrection operation, I'm going to ask.

I don't feel dangerous so far, but if something unexpected is happening to Diete, something is going on in this world.It is Hayato's idea to hasten the offensive until it is clear.

(It is possible that Mr. Mist is involved in something.But there's no hacking, and Hypnos can't move, but I don't like it.I hope Diete-chan's investigation is completed soon.)

Diete is investigating why Mist fell asleep.It seems that the situation is unknown so far, but the situation that has been set for a long time is said to be rich.

Mist and Damien joined the virtual space for putting patients, Ruth and others, into cold sleep.

However, Mist and Ruth didn't get along right away, so they enjoyed virtual reality for a while.

It would be better to get into cryosleep as soon as possible, but there are situations where Ruth and the others have only just slept in the hospital, and the idea is that we also need time to play.

Whether they had a sense of the game or had high physical abilities in the first place, the Mists were able to get to the top 8 in Clan Wars.

As a reward, Dieter, the god, wanted me to find a cure while I was asleep.At first, the Mists didn't ask for it, but they asked for it by leaving Earth.

Diete accepts it.And we added the setting that when the disease progresses, it becomes an immortal sleep.

Receiving the results of previous research from Mist and Damien, he also regularly conducts research on the body of Ruth and others to take over the research on treatment methods.Although the treatment method has not yet been established, it is still in progress.

(It is said that the analysis is done by Infinity, but I was surprised if such a thing can be done.But can you really do that... I can't help thinking about it.I'll just think about waking Mr. Mist up.)

Hayato thought so and put together the information from Maris and the others to make the necessary items.