Another Frontier Online

Enemy and exploration begins

The Doppelgangers are ready to be destroyed.

Hayato creates the item "Magic Bomb" for suicide bombing and Ivan receives the "Phoenix Feather".After the crusade, we also prepared several "Invisible" items that we plan to use until we go to the 31st floor portal.

I can't say for sure, but I was prepared enough to go with Ivan and the others to Necropolis and use the portal at the entrance to transfer to the thirty floors.

It is a short walk from here to the church in Doppelganger.

While on the move, Ruth, who joined the search, approached Hayato.

Good luck, Hayato.

"Well, I'll do my best.By the way, Ruth, how do you fight?

"My main attack is magic.I worked hard on the production system among the top ten immortals, so it wasn't that strong. "

"That's what happens when you put in your production skills, right?

Dog howls echo on the thirty floors.The sound of running towards us approached.From the sound, there are multiple opponents.

"Hellhound, huh? Hayato should not be caught in the firebrace of a range attack.Get behind Mr. Gill. "

Hayato nodded at Ruth's words and moved behind Gil.

Gil's role is to take on the party as a shield.

Originally, there were many players who played the role of the Holy Knight, but from the standpoint of serving the Demon King, Gil was wrapped in black armor and did not look like a Holy Knight.And he's clashing under the name of the Dark Ten Knights.

Usually Gil talks about muscles hot a little bit, but the back of Gil from Hayato is very reliable.

Gil used a loud and inspiring "Walkman" to earn Hellhounds' Hate Value.

"Hayato! Don't get out of my back!

"Of course - why are you looking so jealous, Mr. Maid?Somehow I understand. "

"I envy you, but it's not accurate.I envy you. "

"... Mr. Gill, what do you think of a strong woman?

"I think it's nice, but what are you talking about?

Gil said so and the maid captain jumped out.

And hit Hellhound. It's not a single shot, it's a left and right blow.Fighting hits have low Attack but can be hit in a row.The series of attacks instantly killed the entire Hellhound.

This serial attack is much more frightening than a bad attack.

(I don't think it would be easier to fight Doppelganger alone with the maid chief....)

The maid chief gently raised his right knuckle and appealed "I am strong."I wondered if he was showing it to Gil, and Hayato looked at the other person.

Ivan is either a brave man or he's going to cut the Hellhounds with an excavator in his spare moves.Rather, it's moving enough to tell Excalibur that the Hellhounds are going around.

(Even though it is so strong, you lost to Lunaria.What was Mr. Lunaria doing in real life?

Lunaria, the Demon King, won the fight with Ivan, the brave man.

It was a victory influenced by the durability of each other's weapons, but sword meetings were mutually reinforcing.Ivan holds the title of Virtual Gladiator World Champion in the real world, but Lunaria, who can compete with Ivan, has a question mark.

If I am concerned, I am concerned, but Hayato has not confirmed with Dite in particular.It was private, and the NPCs here were the ones who tried to separate it from reality for some reason, so I tried not to pry extra.

Hayato moves his gaze to another member.

Damien and Ruth seem to be working well together, damien is using soil attack magic and ruth is using ice attack magic to defeat Hellhound.Ruth stabbed him in the face of Damien's leak.

Maris and the beetle Hercules did not participate in the attack and were protecting the surrounding members just like Gil.Maris has a small shield and Hercules is flying around the Hellhounds to disrupt their attacks.

(That's because I don't have a healer, but attack-specific Ivan and the maid captain, magic specialist Damien and Ruth, and shielding Gil and Maris are jamming Hercules.Normally strong)

Immediately after Hayato thought so, Ivan stabbed him in the last hellhound.And look at Hayato.

"Are you okay?

"Thanks to Mr. Gill, I don't have any scratches."

That's Miss Gill.

After saying so, the maid chief whispered, "It's lovely...!And I said, I pretend to hear Hayato but not to hear him.

"Whatever, Made Madam was strong!And of course everyone else!

"What a waste of words....!

(I hope the maid director doesn't waste time when we break up the party....)

Hayato and the others made sure that there were no monsters around before moving on to the church where Doppelganger was.

Hayat broke out of the party at the entrance to the church.

Doppelganger will only show up for that number of people if they stay at the party.

Ivan puts his hand on Hayato's shoulder.

"Thank you very much.As far as I can tell, the Doppelganger crusade itself seems easy, but I don't know how to get to the portal beyond that, so be careful. "

"Maybe there's another way.Well, if you touch the portal, it looks like you can transfer it, so even if I die, I'll touch it. "

"Oh, please.But don't worry.I don't care if I fail.Then we'll be back soon.I'm on the portal at the Necropolis entrance, so come back later. "

"Roger that. I'll be right there."

Hayat waved lightly to all before stepping into the church.

After the same performance as yesterday, a pure white hayato appears because of the blood.Then they attacked Hayat.

Nevertheless, there is considerable distance and there is no need to panic.Hayato used "Magic Bomb" normally.

There was no countdown in particular, and the item immediately activated, causing it to wrap around and explode.

Hayato and Doppelganger lose 0 HP and fall to the floor at the same time.Shortly afterwards, Hayato fell to the floor with spotlight-like light and feathers fell from the ceiling.

When that feather hits Hayato, Hayato's HP is restored.Hayato, who was able to move, stood up slowly.

Looks like you're okay.

Again, it was not a situation of fighting Doppelganger, but a victory.I was a little worried because it was possible to fight again in this way.The sadness disappeared, so Hayat moved on to action.

When Hayato tried to find the stairs, there was something unusual about the blood on the floor.A cloud of blood disappeared so that it could be sucked under the floor.And black holes remain.

(You mean you fell into this hole instead of the stairs?That's a little scary... but I have to do it.)

Hayat jumped into the hole.Land after a little floating feeling.

It was not a place like a 30-story town, but an artificial dungeon made of seamless white stone.The light source is only a candle on the wall, and there is no sound or smell of wind.

It was like a trail, and we had no choice but to move on.

(I don't think there's a portal nearby... maybe it's not a proper attack.I can't help it. Don't let the monsters find you.)

Hayato walked away with the disappearing item "Invisible" in his bag ready for use at any time.