Another Frontier Online

sneaking mission

Hayat is carefully following the thirty-first level of Necropolis.

I don't see any monster-like opponents so far, but the aisle is getting a little more complicated, and sometimes it's going to be a dead end.Since there is no mapping skill, Hayato draws a map by hand on the paper he had.

This is because Hayat himself is not lost, and for the time being.If they are defeated, they may try again.Let the information on where it happened come into play next.

(I'm glad you brought paper and pen.But I don't like this kind of thing.I want to make a perfect map artisanally)

I don't mean directional tone, but I want to stick to it.It would be a good practice for some people in ordinary games, etc.I am driven by the desire to perfect the map, even though there is nothing in particular.

Or if there is a branch in the dungeon of the game, it may be somewhat closer to being at the stop than the way to the back.

Hayato's feelings are similar, driven by the desire to draw a map that covers all of this dungeon rather than finding a portal.

Hayato is a type of craftsmanship or attachment.I create details that don't matter from other people's perspective.Even if I find the portal on the way this time, I want to draw a map of this hierarchy to the end.

(Because maps like this do not exist on the web, it seems like they can be sold at a fairly high price.It may not be good because it will be worthless if it is copied)

Hayat proceeded with that in mind.

Walking through several aisles, I saw a monster.Returning to the corner of the aisle and checking from there, it looked like a child with dark purple skin was growing bat feathers.There is no hair and the clothes are just wrapped around cloth.

It is the lowest demon known as Imp and attacks with magic.There may be many other things, but Hayato had only that much knowledge.

Hayato leaves the scene unaware and now proceeds to the passageway that has not yet progressed.

It's the last resort to get through where the monsters are.In the meantime, I was going to go where there were no monsters and break through if it didn't work.

Since it is a space without sound or smell from the thirty-first floor, we can almost tell where the monsters are.The sound of footsteps and talking is faint.

However, since it is something that can be said to Hayato, he walks without making a loud noise.When they noticed, they were going to use Invisible, but Hayato was in a bit of trouble now.

(I can deceive you with the item, and I hope the sound doesn't move, but I smell... Should I have brought the item from Deottrant?)

There are several types of monsters that the player will notice.

The most common is gaze.As you step into the realm of the monster's gaze, the belligerent monsters attack.

Next, make a loud noise and the monsters will gather there.This is a common practice when hunting monsters efficiently.

However, some animals may have a better sense of smell than others and may be perceived by smell even if they are invisible.It is often said that monsters have attacked us quite far away in the jungle and so on.

You may be attacked under special conditions, such as being attacked by sensing magic or being attacked if you have a specific item.

Hayat walked around the thirty-first level of Necropolis with all his care.

The map is almost complete.

The only place left is the hall where the Imps were.In Hayato's opinion, there is a portal at the front of the hall.

Hayato exhaled at the corner of the corridor, which was invisible to Imps.

(Now, what is it?Even though Imp is the weakest demon, I can do it right away.Normal fighters won't lose, but I can't.We'll have to rush through after we get here.)

Once he took a deep breath, Hayato walked until Imps noticed.Then bang on the corridor wall and make a sound.

Imps noticed the sound and Hayato's appearance.Then they headed towards Hayat.That looks like the children who found the toys.From Hayato's point of view, it's not something that has accumulated.

Hayato immediately runs out and returns to the corner of the aisle.I then stopped by the wall and used the vanishing item "Invisible".

Semi-transparent from Hayato, but completely invisible from others.

I thought I heard footsteps, but Imps came running down the aisle.Hayato was just around the corner of the Incourse, so the Imps ran further down the aisle without hitting it.

Hayato starts acting immediately after seeing the footsteps go far away.I thought about going through the room before Imps came back.

Hayato's appearance is visualized the moment he moves.Then he ran towards the hall where the Imps were.

But there was a hellhound at the corner of the aisle.

Hayato notices. Hellhound is a demon, but a dog.He has a good sense of smell.The smell of Hayato was nearby, so I was wandering nearby.

Hayato quickly switched between the ring and the bracelet.

Attacks that temporarily increase the combat skills used in the fight against Dite and use Low Kick.Hayat fired a roakick before being attacked by Hellhound.

Although it was a lousy kick, Hayato's Low Kick hit the Hellhound.

Hellhound is stunned.But Hayato ran toward the back hall before confirming that.I chose to go one step further because I couldn't help but see if the Hellhound was stunned.

It's virtual reality so I won't get tired, but if I don't move my legs well due to the fear of being injured, I'll fall.I ran to avoid it, telling myself to "calm down."

After a short run, I heard a hellhound roar from behind.And Hayato's ears heard footsteps from behind.


If we catch up here, we'll definitely be defeated.And Hayato's speed of travel definitely caught up with him.

I don't know if Hayato will make it, but I made a bet.I sprinkled meat from the item bag to make regular dishes.There was also bony dragon meat inside, but it did not get lost.

Monsters attack when they have specific items.I was thinking of stopping the Hellhound by discarding the item.I don't know if I could actually do it, but I was realistic that dogs would want meat.

Hayato keeps running without turning around.I don't know if it will work, so I'm thinking about going one step further.But the footsteps of the Hellhound disappeared from behind.

(All right, I literally ate it!Right now!

There was no one in the hall, and behind it was a door.

Hayato opens the back door and jumps in without checking inside, closing the door.And exhale loudly.Because it's a virtual reality, it's not particularly hard to breathe, it's deep breathing to regain mental calm.

Looking at the surroundings calmly, there was a cylindrical portal in the middle of the room, about five meters in diameter and about two meters in height.

This is a safe area free of monsters, but Hayato immediately touched the portal.

Hayat now has access to this portal.

(In the meantime, this is the end of the mission.But it was tough. That's not what we do in the production job... well, no, we have to bring everybody here first)

Hayat was transferring it to the entrance via the portal.