Another Frontier Online

Samurai in the East

Having arrived at the thirty-first tier portal, Ivan and the others resumed their search for Necropolis.

Regardless of whether it was an envisaged formal procedure or not, even if it was a backdoor strategy, it was.If we have to go to the bottom in a limited amount of time, we have to choose that.

Since Ruth, a fellow Mist and Damian, also participates from the thirty-first tier, the party's fighting power is naturally increasing.The lower the level, the stronger the monster will be, but there is no problem.

However, as for the Duke demons who may be at the bottom, we don't know if we can win with our current strength.Because there's no healer at the party right now.

Some of Hayato's acquaintances are healing players and NPCs, but all of them are busy with something else.The timing of the exploration did not meet my expectations.

When the coffee shop was ready to open, Hayato consulted with Esha.

"So, what should I do?

"After all, my former clan, Blackjack's clan, also had a healer, but now I'm role-playing the Archbishop in King's Landing."

"What kind of person is that?

"There you are.A party without a healer is too fragile.It's like a curry without curry. "

"That's not curry in the first place, is it?

That's what I said, but Hayato knows somehow.That's all that matters.

(Since the party is consolidated with NPC, we can't ask ordinary players, and Diete-chan and all the people who are recovering at NPC are busy.I think we still have time to get to the bottom, but I'd like to hurry and find out... what's going on?)

As Hayat put his arms together and thought about various things, Esha opened her mouth.

"Don't you have to focus on the healers?

"What do you mean?

"Instead, I think it would be an ant that would make it an attack specialization party.It's like giving up the curry and turning it into meat jaga. "

"For example, if you're not particularly good at it - that's great, Mr. Esha.So don't hold the knife. "

"Aside from jokes, it's one of the choices to do before they do.In the first place, I think Ivan and the maid chief would be the firepower of the party, and I think Hayato's potion would help me recover. "

"I see. Besides, when I think about it, Esha's firepower is the most powerful class.I'll ask Asha to fight at the bottom. "

"Well, that's fine.I'll get a reward.In reality. "

"... real rewards are soft.Oops, it's time.Let's do our best today. "

Esha nodded in Hayat's words and tightened her apron again.

Esha goes out and flips the sign hanging from the entrance door so that she can see "OPEN".And I put up a stand sign with today's lunch menu.

Most of these days are 3D video signs, but the coffee shop crown uses retro items that are rarely seen elsewhere.It must be the result of Hayato's dedication.

Although the taste of coffee has improved little by little, so it has become to the extent that I drink it for free.Hayato had a temper to work hard for us.

The next day, Hayato logged in and left his room, and a noisy voice was heard from the cafeteria.

One is Rose, but the other one doesn't sound familiar.Hayato quickly moved to the cafeteria to see if there were any troublesome guests.

There was Rose and another woman, quite a light dress.Lightweight is also a somewhat understated expression, and may seem exposed to ordinary people.

But I know Hayat's knowledge.It's a slightly wrong Samurai outfit.

Her upper body was just a salad, her feet were wasted on barefoot, and she had a sword in a red chestnut, which was exactly what she called a female samurai.Although it was slightly blurry, the black hair that could be said to be black was bundled behind it, so the appearance and the feeling of samurai increased.

Hayato comes with a pin.I heard that one of the Ten Swords of the Holy Magic came here when I was on an island in the sky from Rose.That means that one of them is here again.

Rose and the woman in dispute saw Hayato coming down the stairs.

"Oh, you're Hayato?

"Hayato, please run upstairs!

Rose hurriedly moved in front of Hayato.I took out the cane and got into a combat position.

"Like I said, we're just talking.Besides, Hayato doesn't look strong in any way.There's no reason to attack. "

It was a little sad, but Hayato decided to hear about it.

Previously, when I heard that the maid chief was targeting me, it was said that I might be abducted to make some kind of sword, but it has been a long time since then, and there is also talk about whether I can abduct them in the first place.

I have a transfer ring so I can return to this base from anywhere.

"Mr. Rose, let's talk about this guy first."

"But, Hayato, I can protect you....."

"It's okay, it's okay. And if you get caught, come get me.I won't be able to pay Mr. Rose. "

Though I didn't think that would actually happen, Hayato tried to calm the scene down by saying it like a joke.

Rose turned his eyebrows into eight characters in the words, but he exhaled heavily.

"I see. And when I thought about it, there was a lot of strong people staying here.No matter what happens, there will be no problem. "

The brave Ivan, the Immortal Damian, and the Dark Ten Knight Gil are some of the clan members who did well in the previous Clan War.Samurai, the woman in front of her, is also a top clan member, but she is unlikely to win in numbers.

Rose gave permission based on the situation.

"Has the story been settled?Don't worry, I'm not trying to force you to take me. "

"Yes, I trust you.And don't get mad here.The furniture here is a specialty, and I don't want it broken. "

"Huh? I'm not worried about myself, I'm worried about the furniture.That's what they call craftsmanship. "

"I'm glad to hear that.Now, have a seat.Can I get you something to drink? Green tea?And plum dried?

"I'm glad. I'd love it."

Please wait a moment.

That's what this game cooks.Many players role-play Samurai and Ninja, and many people buy such dishes, so Hayato also has a variety of items in the warehouse.

Hayato takes the ingredients needed for cooking from the warehouse upstairs and makes tea and plum raisins.Of course, it is the highest quality of the five stars.

I came back to the cafeteria with it again.Then I put it in front of the woman Samurai.

"Go ahead. I hope it suits your mouth."

"Unbelievable - what a star five.I can't say it so easily in my hometown, but... let's make it impossible. "

The woman Samurai carries the plum raisins on a small plate into her mouth.Then I had tea after I looked sour.And when he took a breath, he smiled and looked at Hayato.

"That's great. There's nothing to complain about if it's alcohol here."

"I don't drink in the morning."

That's true too.Well, I'd like to talk to you right away... "

"May I ask your name first?

"Oops.Sure, that's first.His name is Simon Mutsuka.I don't mind Simon. "

"I see. As you know, I am Hayato.This is Rose. "

Hayato introduced me and Rose lowered her head.

"You're a maid who fought before.It was quite strong, but the battle was incomplete.I don't want you to make up again. "

"If you want."

I don't know about Hayato, but Rose didn't seem to have much of a feeling for Simon.I heard that there were no hands or feet, but I am willing to convince myself that it is regrettable.

"Please do that later.So what's the story with me?

"What, it's not a simple story.I want you to destroy a demonic sword in the eastern country.If you're a skilled blacksmith, it's easy to get back to the materials, isn't it?

(Sure, it's easy to put it back into the material, but I've never put a cursed item back into the material...)

Hayato was a little overwhelmed because it was different from the expected request, but I was only a little interested in this story.