Another Frontier Online

Demon Sword Destruction

Hayat thinks about the woman in front of him, Samurai Simon.

Evan and Lunaria's Excalibur and Arondite are said to be holy and magical swords.Some versions of the sword are called famous swords or demon swords.

Originally there was a difference between swords and swords, but the sacred sword and demon sword were made by God and the devil, while the famous sword and demon sword were made by man.

Simon asked for the demon sword to be destroyed, but Hayato is a little suspicious here.

Any equipment has a durability value.It breaks when it reaches 0.Special armor like Aron Dite becomes an item called "Broken Aron Dite", which can be repaired from there, but usually breaks without a doubt.

"If the only purpose is to destroy it, you can use it normally to reduce its durability.

"You don't have to be polite before that.My age hasn't changed, so I'm asking you.My back gets itchy when I talk like that. "

"Well, then, why don't we fight to reduce the durability of the demon sword?

"Mmm, that's fine.That's true, but the Sword has self-healing abilities and heals to Durability when it deals damage with the effect of a Bloodweapon.If we meet for about three days and three nights, we might be able to destroy it, but no one's going to try. "

That's another troublesome performance.

Bloodweapon heals HP when it deals damage, but it also heals Durability.It is said that we cannot make weapons with this capability, only special equipment.

Ash's double-handed sword "Dragon Eater" fits that, but it's a rare performance with only a few more.

"That's why I want to ask a good blacksmith who can destroy the demonic sword.There are many good blacksmiths, but after a lot of research, Hayato didn't have white feather arrows. "

"May I ask why?

"What are you going to say when you're in fifth place in Clan War?Besides, I heard that the demon king's sword was restored to Arondito.And you broke the Hero's Excalibur with that sword.Definitely a good blacksmith. "

I don't have much to do with it.

All we need is 100 materials and blacksmith skills to repair the Alondite.And the fact that the Excalibur broke is influenced by the damage that Ash was doing on the third floor here a few days ago.

In other words, if you had 100 blacksmithing skills, you wouldn't have to be Hayato.It's no mistake that Hayato was active in the Clan War, but it wasn't Hayato who fought it.

"It just so happens. That's not what happened with my blacksmithing skills.Even during the Clan War, each member had his own armor, so it's not a good blacksmith. "

"I don't know if it's humble or degrading, but it doesn't matter.I want you to destroy the Demon Sword.I'm talking about whether you're going to accept it. "

Simon said it wasn't about how Hayato felt about himself, but whether he would accept a request or not.Indeed, Hayato's self-assessment is irrelevant.

I'm interested in Hayato's case, but I'm full of other things now.Perhaps if you take this, you will go to the eastern country.

You can't go to the eastern country with a King's Landing transporter.We have to use the ship to cross the sea.There are regular flights and I don't need to own a boat, but it will definitely take some time.

If you can travel between the base and the eastern country in an instant, it won't be a problem, but you can only use the Transfer Ring to return to your base.It takes time to go to the eastern country, and it may take time to destroy the demon sword, so I can't take it now.

Nevertheless, it is regrettable not to stick your neck into something that seems interesting.

Hayato thought so and decided to hear a little more about it.

"Can you tell me a little more about it?Actually, I have an important case right now, and I can't leave the base.But I'm interested. "

"That doesn't make any sense. All right, I'll tell you something, but let me tell you something-- can I get another cup of tea?

Hayato prepares tea and plum dried.

Simon drank tea after eating plum dried with joy.Then she took a breath and stared at Hayato.

"As I said before, I want to ask you to destroy the demon sword.The name of the demonic sword is "Hario Amatsubame."I'm used to naming birds after swords and demons, and that's what they call them. "

"Well, by the way, can you tell me why you're destroying it?

"Because it's not a demon sword.I do evil on my own.Manipulate the owner of the equipment and slash whoever cares.I decided to destroy it to avoid any more evil. "

(Since the Demon Sword is set to be equipped with a curse, I wonder if it will have that kind of bud status....)

"You can't bring it here, as you can see from that.Even if you put it in an item bag without gear, you can't deny it's bad.If something like that happens in another country, it's not. "

"But isn't it dangerous for me?If I'm going to destroy it with my blacksmith skills, I think I need to put it in my bag. "

"There's another reason I chose you."

"Is there another reason why you chose?What are you talking about all of a sudden?

"It means you can easily seize it even if it gets violent.A lot of people have blacksmithing skills, but mostly in combat.If they were manipulated, the damage would be too great. "

(You mean I'm weak.That's right, but it's kind of sad.I was told not to attack because it seems weak just now.Ask Gil how to muscle efficiently....)

Pure production jobs like Hayato are unusual in this game.Generally, it is mainstream to include one productive skill in the structure that can be used in combat.If you play a game that doesn't have a second character or another account, it will reduce the range of play dramatically.

In that case, if the demonic sword could manipulate you, it would not be wrong to choose a defenseless Hayato.

(I have a lot to say, but after thinking about it, you want to ask me.But if we're going to do it, we have to go to the eastern country.Besides, if it's just destruction, it's definitely easy, but it's a demonic sword.It seems impossible without a lot of preparation.I guess I'll have to spend some time... which means I can't accept requests.)

I am interested in the contents, but the Necropolis strategy is now a priority.I am also worried about the trouble with mist.

"Simon, I'm sorry, but I can't accept that request.I can't go to the east country right now. "

"Then I ask, is this just now, and it's possible if time passes?

"Well, that's right.But I don't know when. "

"May I ask what you're doing?

"Well, I'm not hiding it, but I'm attacking a dungeon called Necropolis right now.I'm not going directly, but I have a member who's asking me.I should say that I support everyone. "

There are many things to do, such as cooking, medicine, and maintenance of equipment.Also, since it takes money to make them, it is necessary to make products that are also placed in stores to make that money.

Damian is supposed to reward you for your success, but not now.In order to send Ivan and the others out to Necropolis every day, we need to be prepared to make money.

It is also necessary to consider the devil's strategy, which is said to be at the bottom.I can't afford to go to the eastern country.

"Hmm. So if Hayato helps with the attack, the day Hayat destroys the demonic sword will be quicker?


"Will Hayat be able to leave his stronghold once Necropolis and his assault are over?Then you just need to help me with the attack. "

"Is that... is that so?

It is unclear whether we can go to the eastern country immediately after the Necropolis offensive, but at least Mist will wake up.You will continue to be worried, but you will be able to spare some.

"Hayato, isn't that dangerous?

Rose, who had been silent until now, opened her mouth.

"We keep our promise to just talk, but we don't always keep it.And Master Ivan, if anything happens to your party... "

"Ivan! Whoa! The brave man is attacking us!I'd love to come with you!

"It's kind of noisy, but you called me?Oh, Hayato, make me a hamburger for breakfast today.Put on your eyeballs.semi-ripe "

Ivan came down the stairs.

The situation is chaotic, but Hayat was thinking about Simon.

(Speaking of Samurai, I have heard that they will abandon their defenses and engage in battles focused on attacking and dodging.A weapon with high attack power but low durability from a sword in the first place.It may be the best member in terms of increasing the firepower that Esha said)

Ivan, Rose and Simon seemed to be talking, but Hayato talked anyway.

"Ivan, is it okay if Simon enters the party?

"This Samurai girl?It doesn't matter.I didn't really collaborate with the party at the moment.Like Damien and Ruth?

I see. Then is Simon okay?If you help me, I'll see if I can destroy the demon sword. "

"It doesn't matter.So you have a deal?

"Wait a minute. Mr. Rose."

"Eh, ah, yes, what is it?

"There's a lot to think about, but can I put Simon in the Necropolis party?

"... I don't think it's a problem if Ivan-sama doesn't mind.Personally, I'm worried, but I think it's quite something in terms of combat power alone. "

"Okay. Simon, I need your help.However, if there is a problem, the contract will be discarded.I want you to go back to the eastern country alone. "

Very well. I just want to get permission to do a mock fight. "

"Negotiate it individually.Thank you very much. "

So Simon joined the Necropolis Tactical Party.