Another Frontier Online

New Party Discussion

On the night Samurai Simon joined the party, Hayato logged in again, and everyone except Ruth was gathered in the cafeteria to discuss.

"Good work, everybody. How was your expedition today?

"The search is going well, but Simon's costume is problematic."

Damien turned his gaze from Hayat to Simon.

"It's not good for a young woman to expose her skin.It's bad for Ruth's education in the first place.Weave something over your upper body to reduce exposure. "

"It becomes difficult to move.Samurai's life depends on speed.Besides, I can't feel the wind on my skin when I wear clothes.Avoidance may be sweeter. "

"If your strength gets a little weaker, it doesn't matter.Ruth's future is more important than that.If you say so, I'll surround you with a lot of skeletons.Then Ruth won't be able to see it. "

I hate that.

Hayato sees Simon's costume.

Indeed, there is a lot of exposure.In the first place, I only wrapped my upper body around a salad and my arms around a bandage.She is exposing her stomach, which is broken by her shoulders and abs.

I was very worried when I saw the abs.

Dark Knight Gil likes muscle.And I hear you prefer muscular women.It is the maid who likes such a gill.I don't want to touch it much, but Hayato saw the maid head.

(Shit, it's a shampoo face, but I'm obviously afraid of my eyes.She's complaining with her eyes that she wants to be one of them....)

Gil opened his mouth as soon as he tried to make something to weave.

"I agree with Lord Damien.Simon has good muscles, but it's not common for women to expose their skin.You should have Hayato make something light and easy to move. "

"I agree.That's a gentleman, Mr. Gill. "

The maid captain rides on Gil's words.And don't forget to praise Gil as a gentleman.Hayato was impressed that this kind of stack was important.

"I have a bad reputation.Nevertheless, we can't get into trouble now.Well, Hayato, I'm sorry. Can you make me something?

"Of course. Do you have a request?

It's not a kimono. Even if you hide your shoulders, you can't hide your abdomen in the haori.I wonder if a white kimono would make a witchy samurai.Then I want you to prepare a red scarf.The sleeves aren't in the way. "

"White kimono and red scarlet.I'll make it by tomorrow. "

"Don't miss it. And, please, make me four or five swords.It doesn't matter if it's made of iron. "

"I wonder if the sword you have isn't enough.That sword is a unique item, isn't it?

Simon's sword is in a different shape than a forged sword.I haven't looked at it in detail, but it seemed like a sword with some kind of unique name.

Simon placed the sword on the table so that it could be seen by Hayato.

"This is not a famous sword.The durability of the product is low.Today I figured out that Necropolis has a lot of demons.I want to keep this against strong enemies.It would be better to deal with ordinary enemies with ordinary swords. "

If that's the case, I understand.I'll make some by tomorrow.So, can everybody tell us what we need?I'll make it by tomorrow. "

Hayat said so and asked for it from everyone.Write it down in a note.Having heard one request, Hayat once again checked with everyone.

"Is there anything else wrong?Anything. "

Simon raised his right hand slightly.

"I'd rather ask you a question than a problem?

"Of course. What?

"When I used to come here, there was a singing princess, but he wouldn't let me explore?If we're going to need combat power, we should definitely go to the party. "

"Singing princess means Noat, right?What do you think? I feel like I'd say no even if I asked. "

Ivan nodded strongly.

"I don't think he's going to go out unless it's too much.You can take him out by force, but maybe someone needs to piss him off.I don't like it. "

Ivan's remarks, which used to be from the same clan, are persuasive.I've probably pissed off before.

"Then I'll take a piss.I have to protect you as a shield. "

"No, I envy Gil-san so much - on the contrary, I think it's dangerous.Then I'll give it to you. "

"Hahaha, I wonder if the maid's back could be swinging and falling right away!

Then let Skeleton take a piss.It might be a little chill, but it's not a problem. "

(I don't think I like being mugged by bones... but I'd like to ask Mr. Noat to join me.I need a support position to boost the firepower of the party)

The support of songs is quite effective.There is only one type of effect from singing skills, but the triggering effect is almost risk-free. If you can use songs according to the battle situation, you will work for more than one fighter.

Some players have a neck because they need to sing in the first place, but there are many people who can do it with a nose song, so there is no particular problem.Incidentally, there are fierce people who do three types of support: singing, musical instruments, and dancing by themselves.

"Well, if that's the case, I have Lancelot-Grifon in my pet, so why don't we both take Mr. Noat on board?Excellent riding comfort.And the fur is the best. "

Maris said such a thing with her hands raised modestly.I raise my hand modestly, but I feel confident about Lancelot.

Riding skills are required to ride a riding pet, but now you can ride two.If one rides, the other rides without riding skills.

But there is also a problem. Hayato decided to check with Maris.

"Can I take Lancelot to the Necropolis dungeon?

"I can take you with me, but fighting with mobility is too narrow.However, since most of the avant-garde defeats me, I don't think it's a problem because I have a lot of shields. "

Maris has a spear called Lance and a round shield so she can fight, but she's more defensive than attacking.It is a style in which the opponent receives an attack with a shield while being controlled by a spear.

There is Gil as the shield, but it is mainly designed to cover members of the avant-garde, and it is Maris' role to protect the rear guard, such as Damien and Ruth.

Then shall we go with that?It would be a waste to let good people play.Besides, I think the more fights the party has, the faster it will be exploring, so I think we can get to the bottom quickly. "

Everyone nodded, but Rose raised her right hand slightly.

"I don't think you have permission from Noat himself....."

"... please make me a donut castle again.Maybe. Anything else?

"Can I have another one?It's not a question, it's a request. "

"Of course. Simon started exploring today, so there's a lot more to it.Say anything. "

"Can you let me live in this hub?I came here directly from the harbor, so I didn't get a place to stay. "

Of course, Hayato thought about renting a room upstairs.

It's about allocating rooms upstairs.

There are twelve rooms in all, but one is a warehouse and one is an indoor vegetable garden, and there are only ten rooms with beds.

Hayato, Esha, Ash, Ren and Rose each use one room at a time, and Noat, Gil, Ivan, Damien, Root and Mist use them as guests.Mist has one room, but Damien and Root use one room alone.

In other words, there was no room available.

Ash and Len can't afford to log in, but the room is already filled with personal items, so I can't rent it, and I naturally use Esha and Rose regularly so I can't rent it.

When I wondered what was going on, the maid chief nodded looking at Hayato.

Hayato, you don't have a room, do you?In that case, I will lend you the dormitory of the maid guild.There are a few available, so if Simon is the only one, there is no problem. "

Hayato decided to ride on the maid's proposal.Because I felt my life was in danger if I didn't get on.

Hayato's guess is that the Maid Commander doesn't want muscular Simon to live in Gil's hub.There is also a way to provide a bed in the large hall on the third floor, but I decided to take the maid's suggestion here.

"Is Simon all right?

"It doesn't matter where you are.I don't mind staying in a wild inn in the first place. "

"You're wild. But that's not how it works.Thank you very much, Mr. Maid. "

I was afraid.

At the end of the discussion, it was dissolved.

Hayato dropped everyone off and then went back to his room to maintain his armor and create the necessary items.