Another Frontier Online

drop-off and cage castle

The next day, Hayato was waiting for his maid and Simon at the base.

To give Simon a white kimono, a red scarf, and a sword.

Kimonos and tampons are not so-called protective equipment, they are classified as clothing and have no defense.It is a fashion-only equipment with no special performance and no durability.

However, Hayato prepared it with five stars due to his artisanal dedication.It doesn't particularly change the appearance when it is of the highest quality, but it is because of the fame of the craftsman and the Hayato who thinks like that that that it can be made with the star 5 and doesn't give it.

As far as the sword is concerned, of course it is five stars.The higher the quality, the better the performance.It was overwhelming to give him Adamantite, but he didn't have the money and time to make something that strong, so it was made of iron as Simon wanted.

In addition, they prepare medicines such as potions and dishes designed to improve their abilities.As for everyone's armor, repairs have already been completed and we're almost ready.

(If I send everybody out today, I'll convince Mr. Noat... he'll need a lot of doughnuts.)

It was decided in yesterday's discussion to ask Noat for help, but I haven't spoken to him yet.Last night was too late for Noat.

So I am going to persuade Noat today.I was asked to log in to Asha in the morning as the assistant.

"I think I should take Noat without telling her.That's what I used to do.I was always waiting to go to the dungeon. "

"I'm sorry I had to take you.And you want to convince him in a way that motivates him.I don't think it's helpful to take them. "

"I don't need to know.By the way, do you know how to motivate me?

"Can I have a chocolate parfait?And melon juice. "

"One more time."

"... real yakiniku with ice cream"

"I will bury whoever is at the bottom of Necropolis.For your husband. "

"I'm glad you hired a lovely maid."

Hayato and Esha were talking like a joke, and the maid captain and Simon came.Both of them greeted Hayato and Esha, but Hayato stopped thinking a little.

Simon's outfit is strange.It wasn't strange, it was a costume with only discomfort.

"Uh, good morning.What's wrong with that?

"I'd like you to stop looking at me like that.Sparkling clothes are more uncomfortable than just salads.If my fellow countrymen see me dressed like this, I'm not hungry. "

Simon was somehow wearing a maid's clothes.The design is the same as that of Asha and Rose.I think it is quite unintentional because there are wrinkles between the eyebrows.

The maid captain, who seemed to know the situation, corrected the position of the glasses and saw Hayato.

"In fact, I didn't know if I could prepare my kimono by morning, so I put on a made to order dress with less exposure."

"Oh, that's right.But Simon said yes. "

It's not that I wear it in Norinori, but the atmosphere of wearing it that I hate a lot comes out of Simon.Hayato didn't know Simon that well, but he thought he would never do anything unwelcome.

"Hayato would have said that if something went wrong, the contract would be discarded.And yesterday, I fought the maid captain in an arena in the basement of the maid guild.I can't say no more than I've lost. "

"I took it pretty seriously."

"I'm curious about the battle, but I'm more curious about who designed the maid's guild basement.Demons? "

There are courtroom spaces, sandbags, and even the arena.Even if it is rumored that it may be connected to the demonic world like Necropolis, it is a convincing level.

"By the way, do you have what you asked for?As long as it's there, you can take this off. "

"Of course I made it.This one. "

Hayato gave Simon a white kimono and a red scarf.

"Ooh, that's so cool! Let's get dressed now!

Dress somewhere else in the real world, but this is virtual reality.Switching gear for a moment.Simon's costume changed from that of a maid to that of an eastern country.

The appearance of a red kimono and a white kimono hanging on a red kimono would have been much less exposed than before.

"What a kimono of the highest quality.I'm glad the princess might resent me. "

Simon moves his hands and feet to check for movement.Hayato was a little worried about that.

"Who's the princess?

"Of course, not the princess in the eastern country.He is not one of the ten swords that serve the Princess, the ten swords of the Holy Magic. "

"Is there such a person in the East?

"I think it's quite famous, but I wonder if it isn't.Hayato will come to the eastern country, I'm sure he will see us sometimes.That's fine, but this kimono is great.This won't stop you from moving. "

"I'm glad you're happy.Besides, I've prepared five bottles for you.I wonder if you can rotate it in a way that won't break.It's easier to repair. "

The sword I created this time is a general sword made with production skills, so if it breaks, it will be enough.Like some unique items, it does not become an item like a broken sword and disappears.

It's much easier to repair than to make the highest-quality sword, so Hayato asked me to use it to keep it from breaking.

When Hayat tried to give him the sword, Simon shut up and laughed.

After laughing for a while, Hayato's shoulders were pounding out of breath.Hayato's HP dropped slightly.

"I was amazed at the five stars of kimono, but I didn't expect to have five of the highest quality swords.I smiled through the daze.Why don't we open a shop in the eastern country?There's no doubt about prosperity.

"I think this is a good place for convenience."

"Shaken?Very well. I'll tell you all about the charm of the Eastern Country later, so be prepared... Let me use my sword carefully so you don't break it.Kimono and sword. Thank you, Hayato. "

Simon said so and received a sword from Hayato.How much do you like it? I'm looking at the sword to eat it.I was looking at the sword for about ten seconds, but I turned to Esha.

"I was wondering, is that Esha Crown?

"Good to meet you, Simon.As you can imagine, this is a beautiful maid named Esha Crown. "

The maid's eyebrows were twitching, but the situation that Gil might be nearby made the maid's head hesitate.Esha also knows and is likely to say so.Hayato felt that way and sympathized a little with the maid chief.

"Instead of such a title, the Goddess of Doom or the woman who defeated the Demon King would be better suited?

"That's what I was told.But now I'm just a maid of beauty to serve your husband. "

"... Hayato, you're really strong, aren't you?I am convinced that Esha will serve you, even if she says that the production job is temporary.I want you to make arrangements for me once. "

"Trust your first impression instinct.The first time you looked at me, you thought I was weak.Because that's right. "

When I was talking about it, Ivan and Maris gathered.

Yesterday, Damien, who was showing difficulty in dressing up as Simon, looked up at Simon's dress and asked Ruth for permission to do so.

While waiting for it, Ivan approached Hayat and Esha.

"Then don't ask for Noat's persuasion.I think it's tough. "

"Huh? Oh, yeah.I'll do my best. "

For some reason, Ivan put her hand on Hayato's shoulder with a tired face.I feel encouraged, but Hayato wonders if that's all.

"It's pretty hard to convince Noat.Rather, it would be easier not to take him.I don't know how many times I tried to shoot you with Belzeve.I shot him once every five times. "

"I respect Mr. Noat a little bit.It's really just a little bit. "

Everyone checks items and more after Ruth shows up.And everyone who was ready told Hayato that they were coming, and then left the base.

Having dropped it off, Hayat and Esha headed to Noat's room upstairs.

Well then, let's persuade Mr. Noat.There's plenty of doughnuts. You'll be fine. "

"I wouldn't have to struggle with something like that."

I felt a little anxious about Esha's negative words, but I went to Noat's room to see if it would be okay.

There was Rose, knocking on the door of the room.

"Is something wrong, Mr. Rose?

"... Master Noat has enclosed the castle in his room.When I told him a little bit about Necropolis, he said he didn't want to work... I'm sorry. "

"Do you want to shoot with Belzeve?The MP is full, so you can go anytime.

Hang in there four more times.

Hayato looked at the door of the room where Noat was, and began to wonder what was going on.