Another Frontier Online

The singing princess is serious.

In front of Noat's room, Hayato, Esha, and Rose were each speaking.

"Mr. Noat, can you just listen to me?

"Unlock it or I'll shoot Belzeve."

"There are no reinforcements in the cage, and I don't think we have enough food in the first place.Let's stop this wasteful resistance, Lord Noat. "

"I don't work until I run out of money.I won't work until it's gone. "

It was a question of the three of us, but it didn't seem to work very well for Noat.Instead, I feel a strong will to never work.It's unclear what she's going to do, but Hayato thought it was going to fall off.

Nevertheless, I don't have time for this.I want to make products to put in store, and I want to buy ingredients for Asha and store number for Rose.

And Esha says "three" and counts down.If I get irritated three more times, I feel like I'm going to shoot Belzeve.

"Then, Mr. Noat, could you tell me the terms of your visit to the dungeon?If you can, you can make it happen. "

"I don't work under any conditions.I don't have a problem because I have Ivan.I think they'll break through the dungeon while I'm asleep.My motto is, "Sleep and wait."


Esha set up Belzeve.As expected, Decepticons can't destroy houses, but Hayato is uncomfortable.

"I don't know why you refuse with such a strong will, but please.I want to attack Necropolis as soon as possible.If you're going to boost the party's firepower, it's best if Noat, a support job, gets in. "

"I can say that, but I don't know why I'm rushing the offensive in the first place.I think we should tackle it slowly. "

Hayat leaned his neck at the words, but remembered that he had not explained to Noat why he was attacking Necropolis.

"I didn't explain. Actually, Mr. Mist fell asleep in an irregular state called immortal sleep.It seems that Necropolis has an item to restore that condition anomaly, and I want it as soon as possible. "

"... Mr. Mist?Vampire? "

"Yes, you sang at Mr. Mist's Mansion night club before you came here.I was sleeping in a room upstairs in the first place. Don't you know that?

At the Stampede event, a nightclub was held in Mist's Mansion in the magical world, but the organizers at that time were of course Mists, and it was Noat who performed a song at the nightclub.

There was no response from Noat, and the silence lasted for a few seconds.

"Uh, Mr. Noat?You're listening, aren't you?

When Hayato asked, he heard a lock opening from the door of the room, and a noat in a light pink pyjama appeared.However, I am wearing a futon from my head and my eyes are half-eyed and I feel sleepy.

"... I can't help it.Only this time, I'll take my hands off the donut castle. "

"Really? I appreciate that, but what kind of blowjob is that?

"Mr. Mist is a fan of my songs.Fans need to take care of themselves.And I want Hayato to have all my adventurer gear.Now all I have to do is sing dresses and pyjamas. "

"If that's all, I'll get it ready right away.Anything else?

"Nothing in particular so far.But it's been a long time, so I'm a little sober.I want you to have someone I can fight to get my guess back. "

Hayato and Rose were surprised to hear such words from Noat.Because I really thought the contents might be different from my usual behavior.

However, only Esha didn't seem so surprised.She stares at Noat with a slightly stunned face.

Unusual, have you really taken it seriously?Tomorrow it will be dusty. "

"Well, sometimes.Besides, Mr. Mist will be punished if I don't repay him for everything he has done for me.But I don't give up donut castles, so I want you to make them. "

"You're in charge.But you can fight..... "

Hayato is fine.Meet me. "


Hayato has previously heard from Rose that Noat has defeated Simon the Ten Swords of the Holy Magic.

It wasn't a one-on-one battle, but a battle with Gil, who was trapped here at the time, and a battle with Simon's imagination, Rose said enthusiastically.

Hayato was in a hurry because of Noat's nomination.

"I don't think it means anything.In general, my skills are in the production job structure, and I can't move my feet very well, so I don't think it will help anything. "

"That's enough. Even if I say I will fight, I will only focus on attacking.Besides, if Hayato hits, the damage would be minimal. "

"Just poke it?

"Of course, I'm a support position.I won't attack, and I don't really need the shield because I have a neighbor, Gil, but I'll make sure it's in the best possible condition when I tell you to.So please. "

"Well, then. But attacking women is a bit distracting."

It doesn't hurt even if it hits, but I still feel comfortable attacking a woman.Simple games mean virtual reality.Apart from Hayato, there are many other male players who think so.

"Don't worry if it hits you with a single shot.I don't think we're going to be able to hit Noat. "

"It's not provocation, it's really impossible, right?

"Yeah, that's right.Noat doesn't usually move, but he has a sense of rhythm, so I think it's hard to hit Ivan if he's serious. "

"I was a little touched that Asha praised me.You've grown up..... "

"As I said before, Noat is probably younger.Why would oneesan do that? "

Hayato decided to make preparations while the exchange between Asha and Noat continued.We first created the Noat Adventurer gear, then we made a lot of donuts.I also have potions to prepare for when I'm damaged.

Esha and Rose also wanted to see how things were going, so everyone moved to the third floor hall.

Noat was wearing adventurer clothes - light brown fabric long-sleeved clothes and black shorts with shins - and moving his body from side to side.

Are you sure this metronome-like behavior is going to stop the attack?

Hayato held a wooden knife with such doubt that he would attack properly.

A wooden knife is a weapon that can be equipped with critical equipment even in Hayato.However, it is weak for training.Hayato doesn't have combat skills, so he doesn't have Attack Correction and only deals minimal damage if he shakes.

Nevertheless, Hayato is hesitant because she waves her sword to a woman.

"Are you sure you're okay?

"Come seriously because there's no problem.I want to be able to move quickly if I'm going to join tomorrow. "

Hayato is worried about Noat, who is motivated differently than usual, although he should be delighted.I don't know what got Noat that far, but there's a strange switch on.

Hayato attacked Noat with a wooden knife he held.Even if the amateur sees it, it's a bad attack, but if nothing happens, it definitely hits Noat.

But the wooden knife cut through the sky and hit the floor.

Noat backstepped Hayato's attack.

Until now, Noat was just swaying leftwards and rightwards, but now he's moving lightly as he sings a nose song.

Noat smiled at Hayato, who was surprised.

"Actually, you can go dancing as well as singing.I will support everyone as an artist who can sing and dance, so let me handle the Necropolis strategy.Instead, I'd like gorgeous dishes and donut castles.Plus, get the best beds.I'll get plenty of sleep after this job. "

"If I could do that, I wish I'd been serious all the time."

"Sometimes it's okay because you're tired.When this is over, we'll have a few more years to live.Take care of me all the time. "

"Haven't you been asking more and more?

"That's what asking me for a job means.Come on, come on.Ah, yes, after a while, you can attack both Asha and Rose.I think it would be better to get my guess back. "

"I see. Absolutely."

"Looks like we could really attack.Noat, be prepared. "

Esha and Rose stood up with their weapons.

Thus began the battle to recapture Noat's conjecture.