Another Frontier Online

Storage and thought areas

Noat is going to the party, and the Necropolis tactics are rapidly accelerating.

The support of the song varied, but there was a song called the "hymn" that lowered the ability of demons and undead, which was quite effective.Damien and Ruth, the vampires, are also weakened by the song, respectfully, but more than that.

In addition, it has a supportive effect by dancing, and the strategy is being pursued.

As a result, the party set foot in what seemed to be the lowest level in just three days.

The lowest floor is the fifty basement levels.The floor is a huge space with a huge magical formation in the middle.There was an altar where the devil could be summoned and a book left open.

On the page I opened, something like a spell was written on it, and I wondered if it would be a mechanism that would summon the devil if I read it. At that time, I came back without doing anything.

Tomorrow, I will call the demon and defeat him.

(I'm sure there's an item at the bottom that unlocks Immortality Sleep, but I guess we need to defeat that demon.Esha also participates in the final battle.It is a fairly large space, and there will be no problem in terms of combat power.)

Today's dinner was quite luxurious.Everything everyone wants to eat is made, and desserts are all-you-can-eat.

Everyone was noisy with Wye, but it was not good to be too hasty for tomorrow, and time was dissolved there.When Mist woke up, everyone promised to have a banquet again and returned to their rooms and dwellings.

And there's only one Hayato in the cafeteria.I had a cup of coffee and waited for Dite.

Hayato was contacted when he came here this morning.She wants to talk because she has learned a lot.

(I'm not saying it sounds serious, but I feel like it's a little hard to say... what do you know?

Diete was confirming that Mist had fallen asleep.I was also investigating why there was an item to cancel the sleep.

It's possible that Hypnos, who was the backup of Diete, did it first.But if you believe what Ruth said, it's something you've been thinking about since before you started Hypnos.

Hupnos said Diete was injured - the program should have been damaged before moving on, but Ruth had received information from God before that.In other words, it is not a situation in which Hypnos can intervene.

The other is the possibility that someone created the item with a reward from God.This refers to the same mechanism created by Esha as "AI Killer".

The top 8 clans in the previous Clan War are rewarded by Dite, but they can create items with the performance they like.

However, this item needs to be remembered.It was because I was a programmer, Esha, that I was able to create an "AI Kill" method, so even a brave man, for example, could not create an "AI Kill" in Ivan.

With regard to the item that clears the state anomaly of immortal sleep, it is possible that it was made using that mechanism, but there is the question of who made it, and the information from God that lies at the bottom of Necropolis is also unlikely.

Hayato had his thoughts spinning while drinking coffee, but nothing came out.

I was wondering if Diete would bring me some kind of answer, and the door to the base was knocked.

And Diete came in.

"Hey, Hayato, you kept me waiting."

"It's okay. By the way, can I talk to you for a second?Please have a cup of coffee first. "

Diete sits opposite Hayato at a table.Then I took a sip of coffee and smiled.

"Thank you. Let's talk about it.I just don't know where I started... yes, first of all, that's why Mist fell asleep.Simply put, it was the result from the beginning. "

"Was it from the beginning?

"Mist, if your disease progresses to some extent, you go to sleep.It was originally contracted, but the setting was faster than I thought. "

"... is that the usual accident?

"I'm troubled to hear that, but I remember definitely going to sleep a little bit earlier.It's just that my memory and values are off track.Something strange happens. "

"Um, does that happen?There's no way Diete-chan's memory and values are different, right?

Hayato is not familiar with AI programs, but Diete's thoughts and actions are a stack of content in the storage area, and I think it is strange that there is a discrepancy between what she remembers and what she actually sets.

"It's hard to explain, but I have memory and thought areas.Humans forget a lot, don't they?But I just don't remember.I'm the same, I have all my memories, but it's separate from my thinking.This time, my area of thought was just misremembered. "

Hayato leans his neck.I'm saying the most obvious thing, but I wonder if that's really possible.

I remember things I don't remember by mistake.Because it is implemented to Diete's imagination.

"Well, there's a memory area in that thought area, too?That's what you remember by mistake, right?

"I'm sure that's what you think.My memory is vast.The information is constantly updated.You don't have real-time access to everything.I would say that the frequent information is placed in the thought area so that it can be retrieved immediately.Moreover, the area there is different from the original memory area and reflects my subjectivity.That subjective memory was wrong this time. "

It felt strange, but Hayato stopped pursuing it any further.Dite has a lot of accidents in the first place.I was convinced that the accident triggered again this time.

"Hayato, are you sad to see me?

"Don't worry, it's my fault.I understand the situation, but do you know why there are items at the bottom of Necropolis and who gave that information to Ruth?

"You'll have to apologize.I didn't have that kind of information in my subjective memory, but I did in my original memory.I'm really sorry. "

"Diete-chan did it herself?

"That's what happens. After washing all the information in the past, it seems that I was instructing Infinity.Looks like I taught you too, Ruth.I don't remember, but it was definitely recorded in the storage area. "

"Does that mean there's no particular problem?

"That's what happens. However, I have no idea why I gave such instructions to Infinity.It's a little uncomfortable not knowing what I think and how I acted. "

Hayato was a little concerned there.

Ruth said he heard something shortly after the Clan War.I came up with the possibility that Hayato destroyed part of Diete's memory with the AI killing in a timely manner.

Diete-chan, is AI killing influenced?Maybe I destroyed Diete-chan's memory or thought space.... "

"That's not possible.If any memory or thought areas were destroyed, I'd be worse off.That could make it impossible to get back together. "

"Unfortunately, I wonder if I was about to do something pretty bad...?

When Hayato said so, Diete smiled like an evil smile.

"That's right. Pretty bad.Hayato is about to get badly wounded - no, you did.That's how much you have to take care of for the rest of your life.How am I supposed to make it up to you?


Diete, who saw Hayato's confused face, had a smiling face, but finally laughed.

"I'm kidding. That was because I tried to lock Hayato up in this world in the first place.You deserve it, and don't worry about any serious injuries.I have experienced various inconveniences, but there is no problem.Besides, it's still an important memory for me now.But if you care, I'd like you to log in to this game and talk to me as much as you can. "

Well, that's it.

"I've got the quality.Let's keep this memory.I'll always remember this. "

"I'm a little scared... Now, if we can spare some time after the investigation, shall we?

"I'm busy because I have a little more research from tomorrow, but I'm fine now, so I'll talk to you slowly.Yes, well done on clearing 30 levels of Necropolis.I was hoping I'd hear from you, but I'm surprised you could attack normally.Len, did you give me some advice?

"To Ren-chan? Why would you do that?

"Yeah? Weren't you armed with a cursed armor?The Doppelgangers over there imitate their equipment, so it's easier to equip and challenge them with cursed equipment.It's quickest to equip yourself with equipment that gradually reduces your HP without a healer. "

"Is that how it works?I went there alone.You defeated him with a combo of suicide bombing and resurrection. "

"... that's it again.But you can't go to the portal on your own on the 31st floor, can you?

"You survived with items and legs.I thought I'd die if Hellhound chased me... "

"That's a shame.If I'd known, I'd have recorded it. "

"If you do that, you'll have less time to log in.

After that, Hayato and Diete talked a lot until late.