Another Frontier Online

Boss, before the war,

Members of the base are preparing to go to the bottom of Necropolis.

We're already at the bottom, so today we just have to take down the last boss.The portal allows you to reach the bottom, so you don't have to consider fighting regular monsters.

The Duke demon is expected to appear.Though it would not be like attacking a few people, it is a firepower specialist configuration on top of a party composed of the top people in the old clan war.There are few elements to lose.

Hayato, looking at the members preparing, fixed his gaze on Esha and the others.

The brave Ivan, Noat to help with songs and dances, and Esha, one of the most powerful Destroys in the game, are members of an old clan that won clan wars.

"Hey, Esha. Don't get me mixed up in Destroy this time.Even with the Phoenix feathers, I don't want to use them if possible. "

"Isn't it Ivan's plan to get involved in the Clan War?It's okay because we've only intentionally got involved five times, even if we include it. "

"No, a lot, right?You can get involved once, but you can't get involved four times without permission. "

"I think it's still small.I was more targeted than involved.It has to be this much longer. "

"Why does Noat say with his chest up?Don't worry. I'm not aiming for it because it seems solid these days. "

"But it's time to run out of energy, so it's dangerous.So let's finish today.When this is over, I'll live...!

"Hey, Noat, don't build a weird flag."

(Those three are as usual.I'm not particularly upset and I'm sure it'll be okay.What bothers me is that Esha earns her Hate Value in Destroy.That's where Gil will have to work hard to get rid of her....)

Tagging refers to a target.

Simple AI monsters don't choose targets for attacks on their own will, they choose targets based on values calculated from various behaviors.Dealing a lot of damage and performing healing actions earns a value of Hate, but that's how monsters attack their highest-ranking opponents.

Esha's Destroy is a super-fired attack, so he gains a lot of Hate as well.They'll be under attack for a while.It is the Dark Knight Gil who acts as a shield to do something about it.

Shielding and swordsmanship skills also include Weapon Skills that earn Hate.Shields use it to protect their allies.Earn Hate and Tag monsters.That's what Gil does.

The Gil was talking to the maid chief.

"The opponent seems pretty strong this time, so I think it's better to be careful with Made to Order.Attack is eye-catching, but defense is low!

"Yes, be careful not to target monsters"

"Hmm. If you take the target, hide behind me.I will protect you!

"... I will definitely target you."

"I asked you not to take it, but the Made Madam is interesting!

(I don't think Esha will run wild this time, but I'm somehow worried... and Simon is also likely to be targeted.Gil seems to be very careful.)

Simon the Samurai woman from the eastern kingdom.He's been helping me with a lot of things, but he's a bit of a fighter, and he's a common sense person there.Now I'm talking to my pet Lancelot rather than Tamer's Maris.

"Lancelot is strong.Why don't you fight him?Can I have a dragon steak later?

"Hey, Simon, don't try to fight my kid.Lancelot says he doesn't like it either. "

"What, a mock fight?Don't worry, there's no real killing.Or is that it? Would vegetables be better than meat?Daikon radishes from the eastern countries are delicious, right?

"I'm not talking about food... eh?Do you want a wife?Because I'm responsible for finding it. "

(Lancelot was brought here to transport Mr. Noat, but Mr. Noat was quite motivated, so he didn't need it.But thankfully, the bottom layer seems to be wide, so Maris and Lancelot will be able to demonstrate their natural strength.And then...)

Hayat turned to Damien and Ruth.

The other members are quite prepared, but only these two are quite serious.I'm a little overwhelmed by the feeling of being able to help my fellow Mist with a little more.

"Ruth, can you stay here?Doesn't make up that much of a combat skill, does it?

"Yes, but even if I'm here, I just get more worried.Then we'd better fight together.And Hayato gave me the items I needed for pharmaceuticals, so I think I can make a lot of things on the spot. "

Pharmaceuticals in the field.Hayato is making it more than necessary, but we may need to deal with it on an ad hoc basis, as long as we don't have a healer... okay.But don't push it.Even if you say you're a vampire, it's not universal. "

"Yeah, be careful.If it's time, we'll atomize it and attack. "

Damien is a balance between sword and magic, and Ruth is a production job, so it's not like Noat, but it's also a support job.However, since there is no healer this time, Ruth may be said to be a substantial healer.

Hayato has plenty of Healing Items, but unlike Magic, items are limited by their weight.Given its weight limitation, it is much more useful to bring materials into the field and make them.

I also thought that Hayato would follow, but since there was no guarantee that the Duke demon would be the only one, and weak demons might emerge at the same time, Hayato would not go without any combat power.Instead, Ruth produces on site.

And Hayato has something to do.

Damien saw Hayat.

Well then, I'll go.I'm celebrating Mist's pleasure today, so please prepare some delicious food. "

"I've been entrusted with it.I'll make sure it's okay to make noise all day long. "

"I'm looking forward to it - thank you, Hayato.In the first place, Necropolis could not be fought by me and Mist alone, but Hayato's messenger is likely to help. "

"I didn't do anything.Besides, thank you very soon.Please do that when Mr. Mist wakes up. "

"That's right... okay, let's go"

Damien took them all out of the base.

All that remains is Hayato and Maid Rose.

"Well, Mr. Rose.We have a battle ahead of us, so let's take a break from the shop today and prepare for a happy celebration.You don't have to keep an eye on the money.That's what I've earned so far, so let's use it. "

"Yes, let's start by buying ingredients.I buy what I sell from one end. "

"Nice to meet you. After that, I'll ask you to cook as well.There will also be some maids coming from the maid guild after this, so please summarize them.It's a half-cooked meal because I have shampoo, so I'll finish eating immediately. Thank you in large quantities. "

"I understand.I don't think Esha will eat so flashy because she has a maid director... but if the customer is dissatisfied with the hospitality, the maid's name is famous.We will prepare dishes that satisfy you!

Yeah, let's do our best.

Hayat was scarcely worried that Damien and the others would lose.If you have that many members and lose, it's a game balance issue.

It would have been right to fight on a scale of dozens, but most of the members this time are on a one-thousand scale.Hayato sees that he has about thirty players.

(Believe in victory and prepare for a happy celebration.Diete-chan's story is that the fifty floors are definitely the lowest, and if you defeat the demon that comes out, you should get an item to wake Mr. Mist from sleep... because cooking at a banquet like that won't cheer the poor minister up.Let's make it good)

Hayato was so determined that he began cooking with the ingredients at his base.