Esha and the others came back before Hayato logged out.

It's been about two hours since Esha and the others left the base.There is also travel time, so you will have been fighting for about an hour.Because it is virtual reality, there is no physical fatigue, but it is probably mental fatigue.The returning members saw fatigue.

But that face is a smile.You don't have to ask about the results.

Hayato welcomes everyone to the base with a smile.We also provided beds in the hall on the third floor so everyone could rest, and Maris and the maid captain, who were not based here, could also rest.

But some people don't rest.It's Damien and Ruth from here on out.

Damien showed Hayato the item "Panakea" to wake him from his immortal sleep.

A slightly blue liquid in a round flask is written in the item description to cure any illness with a universal cure in the name of God.

The description of the item itself is not much different from that of Elixir or Dragon Blood, but Elixir is a creation made by God and Dragon Blood is positioned as a creation made by the Devil.

However, "Panakea" did not appear to be either of them, and regardless of God or the devil, it was positioned as a creation made by man.There are classes like the Holy Sword and the Magic Sword, the Famous Sword and the Demon Sword.

As Hayato, I am interested in the manufacturing method of Panacaia, but this time I gave up thinking that the item itself is not the item with the manufacturing method written on it.

"Let's give Mr. Mist a drink first.If God's story is true, Mr. Mist will wake up. "

I see. If you don't mind, see Hayato and Ruth.I don't think it's a problem, but I'm a little scared to be alone. "

"Of course. But it's okay.Mr. Mist will definitely wake up because of God's information. "

"... I see.I don't believe in God, but I'll admit it when Mist wakes up.And that's what Ruth brought me. "

Loose nodded with a little light.

"I'm sure it's the information you got for God's favor.But Damien is amazing to have an eye on God. "

"That's what I want to say when I live long.Well, that's good.Let's go to Mist's room right away. "

Nodding at Damian's words, they all moved to Mist's room.

The room where Mist lives is no different than usual.In the open coffin, Mist laid his fingers on his stomach alternately.

Damien nodded only once and gave the Mist a drink of Panakea.

Blurred mist brightens up and down the chest.

Vampires are undead, but in the first place they are normal people.It is unclear what the situation was, but Hayato thinks that even in reality, she took a big breath.

And Mist's eyes slowly opened.Then the eyeballs move around and fix their gaze toward Hayato.And I smiled.

"Good morning. I overslept a bit."

Ruth jumped into Mist's chest when Mist said so.And my shoulders are trembling.

Damien took a big deep breath with his arms around him.Her expression hasn't changed that much, but she's probably happy because she has a smile on her mouth.

Of course, Hayato was also happy, but he was proud to think that if he was more happy than Damien or Ruth, his joy would be halved.Considering that some people are exploding emotions more than themselves, they are calming down instead.

Mist slowly woke up after stroking Ruth's head.

"Is this Hayato's base?

"Yes. I was with Damien and the others in the Necropolis dungeon, so I think we should stay at this base.Mr. Mist's mansion... "

"I contacted you about that.Rest assured that the servants over there will be okay with Hayato's base. "

Hayat leaned his neck against Damian's words.I wondered why I was receiving such an evaluation, but I was willing to convince myself that the night club at Stampede was being influenced.

"You've caused a lot of trouble.And Ruth helped you?

"Yeah, just in case. But when it comes to demon extermination today, it was hardly helpful.I mean, we all started the tagging festival, and I don't have the firepower, and I don't think I've changed, either. "

"That's the maid's fault.Gil seemed to be laughing, but I didn't think it would make sense to act as a shield without being able to manage the weight.So I eventually ignored the tags and beat them all up.I wonder, why is the maid captain and Esha doing the maid?

"I think there's something the world has to know."

"... that's not such a big deal, but I know what I'm trying to say."

When Damien said that, everyone here laughed.

After laughing all the way, Hayat looked at Mist.

"By the way, Mr. Mist, how are you feeling?I wondered if it would suddenly move. "

"Yeah, no problem.I think it will be able to move properly in a little bit of a way that makes it difficult to move whether my body is sober or not. "

Mist stood up slowly and went out of the coffin.The movement is slightly slow, but there seems to be no problem.

"That's good.Actually, I plan to celebrate the winning party and Mr. Mist's pleasure at night, but is it okay to participate?

"Of course. We're excited to join you."

Mist said that with a smile and then looked alternately at Damien and Ruth.

"Are you both tired of the Necropolis offensive today?I'm fine now, so please rest for the night.I don't think it was physically exhausting, but I think it was mentally difficult. "

I see. A vampire is an undead, but fine work comes spiritually. "

"Yeah. I'm pretty spiritually exhausted in the second half of the battle with that Duke demon... mostly on my side."

Hayato looked at their fairly tired faces and wondered what had happened, but he thought there was something the world should not know and decided not to ask.

"Let me and Ruth rest in the next room.The mist just happened, so don't push it.See you at night. "

"Yes, I'll see you at night."

When Mist said that with a smile, Damien and Ruth left the room.

Hayato decided to leave the room thinking Mist would care if he stayed here.

"Then I'll go back to my room, too.Ah, is there anything you need before that?I'll get you some food and drinks. "

"No, I'm fine.I just wanted to talk to you a little bit.Please sit down first. It might be a little longer. "

"To me?What are you talking about?

Hayato sat in front of the mist at a round wooden table.

Mist just woke up, but he wants to talk.Hayato thought it might be a thank you, but Mist's face is pretty serious.The eyes are serious and the atmosphere is unimaginable from the air up until now.

However, Mist is hard to open his mouth as to whether he is reviewing what he is saying or whether he is lost.


"... it's better to be straightforward.Hayato, I'm getting my real memory back.I also know that this is virtual reality, not real. "

"... what?

"Hayato, can you understand what happened to me with these words?

"Eh, ah, no, that's right...."

Hayat can't keep his mind together.Mist is retrieving his memory.When, why, and how, so many questions arise that they cannot be sorted out.

"I'm sorry for the sudden. In fact, I met the god of this world during my immortal sleep in this world.I only heard the words rather than the exact fact that I met them, but I was explained a lot at that time. "

Hayato wonders if it is Dite.But at least Diete didn't say that last night.

Diete may have different memories than what she actually did due to the storage space.However, the question arises as to whether things are so conveniently forgotten or mistaken.

Hayat stopped thinking for a moment.That's because you can ask Diete later.First, I took a deep breath to calm my mind in order to listen to Mist.

"I understand the situation.But is it a secret from Damien and Ruth that you only told me that?

"Yeah, I told you the damiens wouldn't know anything.You may get your memory back, but there are some things you need to do before you do it. "

"What do I have to do?

"Before I do, does Hayato know about us in real life?

"Actually, I only know a little bit.Mr Mist and Mr Damien were doctors, and Mr Ruth - that is, the top ten members of the Immortality - were patients.And Mr. Mist has the same illness as the patient.As the disease progresses, you fall asleep in immortality to stop it from progressing. "

"You're familiar with it.God was right.Hayato said he should have the information because he was loved by the administrator. "

Hayato erupted despite virtual reality.

I can only speculate, but the manager is Diete.I have been told that I am favored, but it is exquisitely embarrassing to be told that I am loved in a similar sense as a word.

But there's something I know.Mist says there is a god.Speaking of the gods of this world, Infinity is a program that has the power to trap even Hypnos during stampede events.

But now I've decided to hear from Mist that I have no choice but to think about it.

"Um, excuse me, may I have a word with you?"

"Yes, God said he hid information to cure the disease in this virtual reality.I want Hayato to gather that knowledge so that I can manufacture Panakaea.It's going to be a cure. "

Hayato leans his neck.Mist's story is a mix of reality and virtual reality.

"Well, it's not about reality, it's about virtual reality, right?I think Panakaea is a medicine to wake you from your immortal sleep. "

"We're also talking about reality.It is a panacea medicine to wake up the sleep of immortality in virtual reality, but it is also a medicine to cure the disease in reality.You hid your knowledge in virtual reality to cure real-world diseases... and you used an item called Panakea on me, didn't you?

"Yeah, yeah. I did use it.So Mr. Mist woke up. "

"Not only did I wake up in virtual reality, but I should be cured in reality."

"... hah!?

"I didn't check my body properly, but God tells me that Panakea is being used, and at the same time, it is pouring medicine into me to treat the disease through a cold sleep pod."

"No, no, no, it's an incurable disease in the first place, right?

"Yes, but it's been almost a hundred years since we were here, right?Could it be cured?

"That's true, but why do we have to do it in this virtual reality?If it can be cured, it is better to cure it immediately.There's no need to gather knowledge. "

If there is a cure, you should treat it normally.You don't have to do that in virtual reality.

"I wonder if this is a game from God.It's a game. "

"That's stupid. People's lives are at stake.Sleeping in cold sleep may slow the progression of the disease, but one day it will die.I know there's plenty of time, but I should cure you right now. "

"I agree with you, but it seems to be the rule of the gods of this world, so we have to follow it."

Hayato is confused, but there is only one way to solve everything.

Hayat decided to call Diet.