Another Frontier Online

Medicine ingredients

Hayato's contact led Dite to the base.

Because we need to scrutinize the information Mist gave us.An item to awaken the sleep of immortality "Panakaea".It seems to be an item to cure real-world diseases.

It's just a story Mist heard from the god of the world, probably the Infinity, who in the first place has heard that Infinity is a program that automatically creates this world.

Sometimes security actions are taken, such as locking Hypnos in some space, who is trying to destroy the world, but Hayato thinks that he will not move autonomously just by fulfilling Diete's request.

The idea that Diete wanted it to be in the present situation was glittering in Hayato's head.

Diete's character or thoughts are different from those of a hundred years ago.At the time, I might have thought of people as things like Hypnos.

This case was probably conceived a hundred years ago, and it is likely that Diete set it up without thinking about anything in particular at that time.

However, that should allow Diete to change the settings.You don't have to gather knowledge, you don't have to make an item called Panakaea, you just need to pour the medicine into the cold sleep pod.

With that expectation, Hayat waited for Mist and Dite.

Enough Dite came to the base.

When I called, I didn't explain what Mist told me, and I just said I wanted to talk because something went wrong.Diete had something to do, but she hurried here to see if something serious had happened to Hayato's serious voice.

Diete was guided to his maid Rose and went to Mist's room.

"Hello, mister.Looks like you woke up.I'm glad you're safe. "

"Yes, thanks to Hayato and others, I was able to wake up safely."

"So Hayato told me there's something wrong, right?Can I ask you something?

Hayato looked at Diete's attitude and decided he knew nothing.However, the possibility of forgetting is still undeniable.I stared at Dite again.

Rose returned to the cafeteria without entering the room, and Diete sat on the chair in the room.It is a round table with three people.

Mist chuckled at Dite and opened his mouth.

"Simply put, I recovered my memory while I was asleep.Besides, it seems that the disease has been cured. Could you check it?

"... hah!?

Diete does the same surprise as Hayato.Hayato thought that this place looked like a human, but if this was Diete's act, she would definitely be the starring actress.

Although it was a short time, Diete, who stared at the mist and did not move slightly, slowly moved her head to see Hayato.

"Hayato, what does this mean?

"That's what I want to hear.Mr. Mist, can you tell Diete-chan what you explained to me again?Diete-chan is the administrator. "

"That's what I heard earlier, but it's an incredible reaction.Diete is no different from a human.Anyway, when you lost your real memory, even if you took it back, Diete doesn't think it's AI. "

"... I'll take that as a compliment.But first, let me talk to you.I want you to know exactly what happened to Mr. Mist. "

"Yes, let me explain when you were asleep."

Diete was listening to Mist with a serious face.

When Mist's story was over, Diete asked Hayato for coffee.Hayato makes coffee on the spot.And I made mist and my own.

Hayato has been so upset that he has never been able to provide such hospitality before.

The three of you enjoy the scent and taste of coffee without saying anything to calm your mind first.

Diete opened her mouth after having a cup of coffee.

"I spoke to Hayato last night, but my memory consists of two areas: memory and thought.That's why there's a difference between what I actually did and what I think I remember. "

"You heard me."

"This case is not stored at least in the storage area.I can't show you the memory space, but believe me. "

"Okay. I believe you."

Diete and Mist look surprised at Hayato's words.I don't have any particular evidence, but I have no doubt about Diete.

"Uh, thank you.I'm glad you believe me.But shouldn't you be a little suspicious?

"Diete-chan won't lie about that.That's all I can say with confidence. "

Diete rounded her eyes, but turned away and had a wild cough.Then take a big deep breath and stare at Hayato.

"Hayato, please don't say that much.There's a bug coming up. "

"That's important. What do you mean?

"No, well, that doesn't matter.First of all, Mr. Mist. "

Diete explained how Mist's body was doing.He was looking into it while he was listening to Mist.

Within the cold sleep pod, the body body of NPCs is carefully managed.

In the headgear equipped with Hayato players, there is a mechanism to check the status of the main unit by checking the electroencephalography and forcibly log out.Cold Sleep pods do more than that and always create a comfortable environment for humans.

As far as I can see, Mist is definitely cured of his illness.

"It's just healed, but it's not about using an item called Panacea to heal it."

"What do you mean?

"It's just that Mr. Mist was treated with medication while he was asleep.Panacea didn't mean that the medicine was injected and it worked like a special effect. "

Mist stuck on Dite with a serious face.

"It doesn't matter.So you have a cure, right?

"Of course I do. Mist, your body is proving it."

"Really... I'm glad I entrusted hope to the future.It was a time of resource depletion, but medicine was developing.It's amazing. "

"... that's a little different."

It doesn't seem difficult to say, but it looks like you have a little trouble.

"Dite, what does it mean to be different?

"Infinity has been working on this information for hundreds of years.However, it seems that the resources - the raw materials - were insufficient to make enough medicine.It seemed like there was no cure for the war. "

"... I see.However, the results remain the same.And it might have been assertiveness.Before I was born, there was often a war over the seizure of resources.But now you have enough ingredients to make medicine, right?

Diete did not answer Mist's question for some reason.It's hard to say again.

"Mr. Dieter?

"I'll tell you one day because you'll find out.We still don't have the ingredients to make that medicine on Earth. "


"Dite, wait a minute.Didn't you just say Mr. Mist's body is healed?I mean, you have medicine, right?What do you mean you still don't have the ingredients for your medicine?It's inconsistent, isn't it?

"I said it's not on Earth.And there's no colonies or other planets.Only in the spaceship Aphrodite. "

Having received the explanation, Hayato was not sure.I know what you're saying, but I don't understand the situation.The mist is the same and his expression is hardened.

Hayat stepped out at the table again to learn more.