Another Frontier Online

God's Thoughts

Diete says the medicine is not on Earth, but only in the spaceship Aphrodite.

Hayato stared at Diete to find out what it meant in detail.

"Diete-chan, could you tell me a little more?

Diete nods at Hayato's words.

"There are many ways to make a medicine, but rare medicinal plants are needed to make it.We need to remove the active ingredient from the plant and formulate it.Unfortunately, the plant is already extinct.It was a little over a hundred years ago, but now it's nowhere to be found. "

"Then why is it in Aphrodite?

"I think I've told you before that this Aphrodite is Noah's Ark.It's not just people.There are plants and animals, and now there's lost technology, loss technology.It's no exaggeration to say that all of Earth's history up to a hundred years ago exists in this Aphrodite. "

As for Hayato, the scale was too large to follow his head.The story is that Aphrodite has everything on earth.Hayato asks further questions.

"I've never seen an Aphrodite spaceship, but is it that big?You mean all the plants and animals on Earth are in Aphrodite?

"I don't have the actual product.It's just genetic information.With that information alone, extinct animals and plants can be regenerated.Well, on condition that we have complete genetic information.That's why there are things that you can't regenerate. "

Hayato remembers the colony "Zu".In a colony called a zoo, all animals are protected, but once extinct, they are also regenerated.

Nevertheless, there is talk of whether it is ethical, and I have heard that it is often discussed at foundation councils.

"Mr. Diete, is it possible to pass the plant on to the Earth's healthcare provider?

"I thought that's what the doctor Mist would say.But Aphrodite can't produce large quantities.This could lead to war.Aphrodite could even be targeted.Now an organization called the foundation manages the world, and I think it's okay because Aphrodite has a trusted foundation behind it.Well, let's think about that later.Let's start with gathering knowledge in this virtual reality. "

Diet also drinks coffee made of hayato.

"This is something Infinity did on its own, but it seems to reflect Mr. Mist's request."

"What do you mean?

"Mr. Mist wanted to cure everyone's illness on his own.So when you go into immortal sleep, the disease progresses faster than everyone else.Are you sure that's what you're asking?

"Yes, that's what I wanted."

"I just checked and found out, and I asked Infinity to do the same, but Infinity interpreted the content strangely.Infinity thought about reality and virtual reality together.It seems that Mr. Mist interpreted his desire to cure his illness as a virtual reality rather than a reality.So we're thinking together about creating therapeutics and virtual reality events. "


"Hayato, please don't look so stupid.Because I am reflecting on the fact that my method of solicitation was wrong.I should have sent you a more solid request.And one more thing. Mr. Mist, it looks like you've been used as a test bench to see if it actually works. "

"The test bench... think of a better way"

"... what should I say about the trial?

"No, no problem.If you heard that there is a possibility of saving everyone, you can do it because you volunteered.But is that so?So you're saying that I was able to take the medicine while I was trapped and couldn't get out?

"... I see.It's not easy to say that you can make plants that are the ingredients of medicine.I suppose he tried and mistakenly regenerated the perfect plant again and again.So it's finally done. "

Hayato didn't miss a bit of what Diete said.I don't know what that means, but I wondered a little.Nevertheless, it doesn't seem to make sense to ask questions here, so I won't say anything.

The question is whether there is actually an event that gathers knowledge in virtual reality.

Diete-chan, do you have all that medicine for your patients?Ruth, for you. "

"As far as I can tell, we all have a minute.You can take it at any time. "

"Then I want you to administer it right away without an event called gathering knowledge."

Diete looked alternately at Hayato and Mist before lowering her head.

"I'm sorry. It's hard.This setting itself was created by Infinity a hundred years ago.And it's hard to fix the program that Cold Sleep pods affect.Anyway, if it's a new setting, it's pretty good to fix.It will take time to fix even if you make a request with the highest priority from now on.It's faster in time to have a knowledge-gathering event... laugh at me for being an incompetent manager. "

"No, you can't chase down a depressed person.Uh, Mr. Mist, what do you want to do?It would take a while to fix the program. "

"Of course I gather knowledge.Even if you have time to spare in cold sleep, you don't know when it will happen.I should cure you at an early stage. "

Mist smiles when he says so.

Hayato smiled and nodded.

"I see. If that's the case, I'll make a full backup.Ask everyone else to help you.I don't know if everyone who helped me this time can afford it, but I think some of them will help me.Diete-chan will help you, won't she?

"Of course. Apparently, God knows where the infinity knows.I will help you when you attack there.That should help us get to the knowledge sooner. "

"Thank you."

"I don't want to thank you.It is my responsibility to have such trouble in the first place.I've lost a lot of confidence as an administrator lately.... "

Having seen Dite so depressed, Hayato became a little miserable.

There are certainly many problems, but I don't think Diete is intentionally doing much.It is a troublesome story because life is at stake only this time, but when I heard about it, it seemed that Dite had nothing to do with it.

Hayato opens his mouth to regain a little energy.

"I'm surprised you're so confident."

Hayato said so as to sound like a joke.

"I think that's terrible.No, well, Hayato, I'm showing you something pretty bad. "

"No, I'm kidding, so don't take it seriously.Rather, it's because that kind of doggy administrator feels more like it. "

"Dodger administrator... why aren't you so happy to be liked?

Mist, who was watching such an exchange, shook his shoulders and laughed.

"You two are very close.And Mr. Dieter really looks like a human being.Isn't there someone inside, like us?They just erase their memories and think they're AI. "

"That's an interesting hypothesis, but it's not.It's hard to prove yourself, and I don't have any proof that I can show you... Mist, maybe the AI is planting memories.Can you prove that you're absolutely human?

"I see. There should be a body in the pod, but I can't prove it myself."

"Sometimes I wonder if I'm human.But sometimes I think it's because I'm not human.I wonder if it's the dilemma of AI... oops, it's stinging.Hayato, isn't it time for you to work at the coffee shop?

"That's right.It's time to log out.What about Mr. Mist...?

"I think I'll move my body a little bit.Are you asleep a lot, or is it because the disease of the main unit has healed? It seems that there is a deviation in consciousness and this body, so I'm doing a rehab. "

"I see. But don't push it."

"Of course."

Hayato saw Dite next.

"I'm celebrating Mist's pleasure tonight, but Diete-chan needs to come too.Let's all have fun. I've prepared a lot of food. "

"Thank you for inviting me. I guess I'll just take my word for it.There are a lot of things I need to look into, but I think it will be okay for a little while.I'll come back once, but I'll come back at night. "

Yeah, I'll see you tonight.

As a result, Hayat went back to his room and logged out.

The deepest part of Demon King Castle. Diete enters the room closest to reality.

Unlike the smile when I was in Mist's room, I am now faceless.Rather angry.And when he came to the center of the room, he looked up at the room with nothing.

"Infinity. What are you doing?

Diete said so, but there is no one to respond to it.

"You were covering up some of the information so I wouldn't find out?And what about this event?You're the one who gave you the information and lured Mist into Necropolis, aren't you?And you're the one who trapped the transfer.Why are you doing this?

Infinity will not answer the question.Infinity is an autonomous program that builds virtual reality and doesn't have personality like Diete.However, Diete's questions have definitely reached Infinity.

Diete knows about it and knows there's no reaction.Diete took a big, deep breath after saying what she wanted to say.

"Infinity, you should have known.You can't tell virtual reality from reality, can you?I apologize for my dissatisfaction with you for fulfilling my request.But you have to understand.I am the manager of this virtual reality.It's a shame I don't know - Hayato, don't make me feel ashamed in front of you. "

Diete takes a deep breath after saying that.

"This may have been an event you thought about 100 years ago, but it's too bad.I might have done it at the time.However, this virtual reality is meant to protect the people on the spaceship.We're just supporting it, so don't make life an event in the game.Well, I can't say I fully understand life either.Let's learn about humans from each other - I'll think about it in my favorite place for a while. "

Diete left the room closest to reality.

The room is nothing but empty space.But there was a small voice in the empty space.

"That's not true, Dite.This virtual reality is for you.Someday I can understand not only life, but all humans.I'll do anything for that.... "

An inorganic voice, neither male nor female, occurred without anyone asking and disappeared.