Another Frontier Online

Favorite songs

When Hayato and Esha logged in at night, the banquet had already begun.

The table in the dining room is lined with lavish dishes, served by maids hired from the maid's guild for today.It seems like the army is acting with Rose as its leader.

It's a standing party, so there's no need to deal with it so accurately, but it's been working so hard that there's no gap between cleaning up the empty dishes and replenishing the dishes that are missing.

When Esha was late, she greeted everyone there and started eating at the table.I should have eaten dinner in reality already, but I don't mind eating it from one end.

When you see such a sight, you think it's just wild to say nothing.

The maid captain, who seems to be drinking the shampoo, is talking to Gil alone.The conversation is playing, so I don't suppose you're too worried about Asha.

"Excellent work today, Mr. Gill.It's a great shield. "

"It's a pleasure to be praised by the maid master.The maid captain was great too.In the second half, I couldn't get rid of the opponent at all!

"As long as you're embarrassed.I'm a little freaked out. "

"I don't know what made me nervous, but it would be a good idea to earn enough weight to beat Evan and Simon.Next time, I'd like you to join me in combat training. "

"... do you want me to go out with you... on the assumption of marriage?

"Mademoiselle is funny!

If you interrupt these two conversations, it is likely that the maid will resent you.Rather, it is certainly hated.Hayat thought so and looked around to move to another group.

I should have gone to Mist, who was originally the lead actor, but apparently I was talking to other members, so I decided to turn around later.

Looking further into the cafeteria, Hayat approached Gil's conversation earlier, as it seemed that Ivan and Simon were talking.

"How about we both cook?

"Hey, you're up.It's a waste to be asleep while the party is starting.Well, I suppose Hayato is tired because I've prepared this magnificent dish... of course it's delicious.I have to go to the dungeon again for a while, so I'm going to eat it up. "

"I think it's delicious, too.There are also dishes from the eastern countries.I'm not satisfied because I can't eat anything like this in the East. "

"That's good.By the way, is Ivan going to some dungeon again?

"Wow, I need to give God the information about the dungeon.I get angry when I scratch it.Well, I have information on Necropolis this time, so I'll be fine for a while. "

"Give God the information about the dungeon...?

"I'm reporting and submitting all kinds of information about the dungeon, whether the monsters are strong or weak.It's not easy for a brave man. "

(Could it be like a test play?

"I'm doing something interesting.Then why don't we fight the dungeon before we go?I don't think there's a chance to fight you.How about tomorrow?

"Well, that's fine.I wonder why there aren't any ordinary women around me - no, not around Hayato. "

"That's not true... I can't tell you who's normal."

"Even though there is one of those women in front of me, Hayato is also terrible.Fine. I'll change the story, but I've kept my promise, so why don't you come to the eastern country?

"May I ask you to wait a little longer?Actually, I can do it again. "

"We don't have that much room, but there's no other way.Nevertheless, I can't go back to the eastern country alone.I'll be in trouble again for a while, but I'll just be taken care of by the maid guild. "

"I'll ask the maid."

After the conversation, Hayat moved to another group.

Now it's Maris, Siegfried, and Noat.

Sieg is lying on the floor and Maris and Noat are stroking each other.For some reason, Noat's face is different from his usual sleepy face, with his eyes open and he strokes harder.

"What are you both doing?I know you're stroking Sieg. "

"I think Siegfried's hairstyle is great.I want to sleep with you for a while, so I'm negotiating it.Whatever makes me mellow. "

"Is that a challenge to me, Tamer?Stand up for me!Sieg! What's better for me!?

From Hayato's point of view, Sieg hates it, but it's still acceptable.I leave it to the two of you.

"Well, thank you both for your tactics on Necropolis.Thanks to the two of you, I was able to attack early. "

Why did they stop looking at Hayato?And Sieg is relieved a little.

"Donuts are fine as a thank you.Or feed them forever. "

"Now, please make me a nekoma deluxe forever."

"Your eternity is a little too light.I'll take care of both if you have the money. "

When Hayato said that in a daze, Noat smiled loudly.

"I actually got a lot of items and money when I attacked Necropolis.This will be safe for a while.Closing into the room accelerates.I can't let any of you get in my sleep...!

"I got a lot of them, too.I'll turn this to the cost of rebuilding the King Dam. "

"... I don't know what you're talking about, but good luck to both of you.And Sieg. "

Sieg lay still and raised her left forefoot slightly.You know what the word is? It's like replying to Hayato's word.Noat and Maris resumed caressing Sieg because the pose was cute.

And Hayat headed for Mist, who is also the star of the day.

Mist seems to be chatting with Damien and Ruth and his face is always smiling.

The three of them smiled as if they had noticed Hayato approaching.

"Mr. Mist, is your body okay?

"Yes, of course. Rehabilitation has worked, but I'm feeling a lot better now.And I'm glad you're feeling better, so maybe that's why. "

"Even though I'm undead, I feel a little bit different about being healthy."

"Damien cares too much about the details.Sometimes even vampires are healthy, Mist. "

"That's right. Hayato and everyone made me feel better.Thank you very much. "

When Mist lowered his head, Damien said, "No thanks," and Ruth smiled.

From Mist's point of view, Damien is a colleague and Ruth is a patient.Although they don't have real memories, Hayato thinks that what they admire so much was a similar relationship in real life.

Hayato seemed to think that Mist was a good doctor because there was no memory of Ash being planted like he hated his father.

After that, I don't know what Mist is going to do with Damien's memories, but at least Ruth and his patients will gather the knowledge they have in virtual reality to treat.Hayato wondered if Damien and the others could help.

"Mr. Mist, about when you were asleep...."

"Yeah, I talked to both of you.I'm going to ask you to join me in an exploration to gather knowledge. "

Damian nodded.

"You're looking for a way to make panacea, right?Of course I'm going to help. There are other members who are in immortal sleep, and Ruth and I will one day fall asleep.I want to avoid that. "

"That's right.I will help you as much as I can. "

"Thanks. Oh, yeah.The Mist has woken up, and we intend to turn our base into Mist's Mansion in the future.Other members are now asleep in their respective dungeons, but I intend to gather and manage them in the Mist Mansion. "

"Well, I'm going to miss Damien and Ruth a little bit."

There were plenty of people filling the upstairs room, and I prepared lunch and dinner in the morning, but for Hayato, it was quite fun to remember being with the members of the Black Dragon.

Ivan also appears to be heading to some dungeon in a few days, with Damien and Ruth and Mist returning to the Mansion.It felt a little lonely to lose four people at once.

"It's sad that I won't be able to eat Star Five breakfast either, but I've been taking care of it forever - yes, it's a reward, but take the money and items you dropped when you defeated the Duke Demon at the bottom of Necropolis.This won't be enough, but I'll give it to you from the mist later. "

"Ah! I'll give you mine too, so please take it!

"Well, let's talk about that later.I'm celebrating Mr. Mist's recovery now.I actually have some wine for Mr. Mist, so please try it. "

Mist looked a little surprised, but soon smiled.

"I'm looking forward to the wine.I actually like wine and I've had a lot of conversations with Relic. "

"That was pretty good.I want to buy it regularly. "

"I can't drink wine."

Mist gently laughed at Ruth's dissatisfied face.And stroke your head.

"It's okay. You will be able to drink it when you get older.Then I'll show you how to like it. "

"I promise!

Hayato thinks. Mist said he could grow up to be Ruth.Ruth may not remember his illness, but Mist is implicitly saying he can overcome it.

Did you notice Hayato's gaze? Mist nodded lightly to Hayato.You must have found out what Hayato was thinking.I saw a determination to prepare medicine there.

I thought I had to support this, and the dining room became a little noisy.There seems to be a lot of excitement, and the members who are talking have changed.

It seemed that Esha was talking to the maid director at some point.

"Asha, don't you eat a little too much?The maid must always respond calmly.

"I don't want to be told by the maid director today.You interrupted the second Destroy, didn't you?You think that's a cool response?

"Calm down. I thought it would be reasonable to interrupt, as it would soon defeat the devil."

"I wonder if it would prolong the battle because Jill wants us to protect him."

"It's bad for Esha to earn too much weight.In the end, I never had Jill protect me.I thought about defeating Esha first, but I stopped.You could say it was cool. "

"I think it's different to be calm."

Hayato was a little surprised that he did such a thing, but I don't particularly care because he didn't lose.

I was just about to grab a cup of coffee, and Dite came.

"Hi, Hayato.I'm a little late, but you seem a lot more excited, don't you?

"Welcome, I'm delighted for the hospitality.Do you want something to eat?Shall I bring it?

"No, I'll pinch you gently later.And look, something's starting to happen. "

Diete told Hayato to move his gaze.

Noat somehow put Sieg on his head to get attention.And before long, there was something like a stage in the cafeteria.Perhaps Rose prepared it with the maids.

"I feel good today, so I sing for free.If there's a request, I'll ask. What do you want?

Various people make requests for the words, but Mist says some song name.

"What do you think? It's my favorite song, so I'd like to ask."

Everyone tilted their necks to the name of Mist's song, but only Noat smiled.

"That's my fan.I didn't know you knew my origin song.Well, that's it at first. It's a long time, but listen to me until the end. "

"Yeah, I'm going to finish now."

Noat tilted his neck slightly to Mist's words, but he began singing without care.