Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: Un-dead

"Mist, did you see the e-mail?

Damien in white came into Mist's room saying that.

This is the largest medical facility on the planet.And this room is Mist's room and lab.Mist finally finished a job, didn't take off his white coat, and was resting in a chair with his back down.

Mist looked a little dissatisfied with Damien, who came in without knocking, even though he enjoyed playing his favorite song.

Turn your back back back and turn the rotating chair toward the entrance and exit.

"Damien, you're always telling me to knock when you come in, right?

"You don't react to knocks when you're immersed in research, do you?Most of the time, my biometrics opened the door because I was working on it until you fell down.If you want me to knock, I swear I won't study until I fall. "

Previously, Mist had fallen down doing research in this lab without drinking or eating.

The room was locked for biometric verification by clamping the palm of the hand, and there was a history that rescue was difficult because only mists could be opened.

Since then, Damian biometrics have been added to Mist's room.

"I see.Damien is free to enter without knocking. "

"Why is that?"

"Because I can't promise.It's a habit to be immersed in research.Is that a good email?I just came back to my room and I didn't see anything. "

"Check it out.My e-mail said something about Mist.I don't think it's a prank, but I'm having trouble deciding if I can swallow it. "

Mist checks the emails he receives while thinking they are unusual for Damian.I manipulated the stereoscopic keyboard and opened the email.

Then check the last email you received.

"The Answer Frontier Project?

"That's the email. It has arrived to me, but please read the contents."

Mist reads the e-mail.

Simply put, "Enjoy another life in virtual reality that is not different from reality."

I know the frontier plan.Plans to relocate to a planet other than Earth.But I've never heard the name Answer Frontier Project.I think Mist is right to think that it stinks.

And I looked at Damien and looked stunned.

"Did you get caught in an email like this?Isn't it spam anyway?I think it's pretty rare that you actually get an email like this. "

"That's what I thought at first.But read it to the end. "

Mist keeps reading the e-mail with his face down.

It listed the meeting place, time, and twenty digit ID.

I thought it was a pretty elaborate email, so I read through it, but it wrote something that I couldn't ignore as a mist.

"Why is there so much information about me and everyone Damien is seeing...?

"I was surprised too.And does it say "with Damien" here?My e-mail said you were with Miss Mist.Only a very small number of people in the hospital know this information.I don't think the director would do this, and there's no hacking?

"I can't say it's not possible, but it's creepy.But Damien, me, and everyone else together..... "

"Read it after that.I don't believe it, but the spaceship Aphrodite also has a high-performance cold sleep device.They're using it to make virtual reality happen. "

"A spaceship built for planetary relocation?Indeed, there seems to be an up-to-date device. "

We have been flying drones into space for planetary exploration for decades, but we still haven't found any planets that can migrate.I mean, there's no place to go in decades.

You can build places like colonies where you can live in space, but it's better to say that it's made up of the Earth's resources.Colonies alone cannot live.

Of course, a spaceship alone cannot lead a life.If humans are in space for a long time, cold sleep is essential to minimize activity as much as possible.

"What do you think?

Damien asks Mist.

But I wasn't sure what the question was to Mist.

"What do you mean?

"That's what this e-mail is about, but it means we have the latest equipment.If that's true, we can extend everyone's life, right?

"... are you asking me to sleep until I know how to treat you?"

"Exactly. It is impossible to completely stop the movement of the body, but it can be delayed.The progression of the disease can be delayed indefinitely.I'm not interested in virtual reality, but I'm interested in the device. "

"You mean there's room for reflection... yes.It may not be possible, but let's go.So far, my research is stuck, and I want to change my mind. "

"It's settled. I can't expect it to be just a scam, but if you two were tricked, the wounds would still be light, wouldn't they?

"So you got me involved?You have a good personality.You can't cure me if I'm a good doctor. "

"I can't cure a guy who's overconfident enough to call himself a good doctor."

Mist and Damien stopped talking for a moment, but laughed the next moment.

Damien said, "Get ready," and left the room.

And Mist reads the email again.

I kept it invisible to Damien, but later in the e-mail it said something more problematic.

(I don't suppose you even know that I am infected with that disease.I haven't told anyone, but how did the sender of this email know about it?Is it still hacking?My information is only in this lab, and Damien can't see it.As far as I'm concerned...)

While thinking so, Mist closed his eyes after knocking down the back of the chair again.

Mist and Damien exchanged e-mails with the sender until embarkation day.

The emails you receive include contact information on this matter and answers questions in advance.Basically e-mails, but also voice conversation questions.

According to it, while Mist and Damian were virtual reality test players, there were also aspects that were selected as medical staff.

The Analyzer Frontier Project has been a large-scale project for several years, and its contents are classified as highly confidential.

There was nothing strictly confidential about sending such a vague e-mail, but in the name of it, he wanted to gather the best possible talent and minimize the number of staff.

There are also experimental parts of Mist and Damian patients that are not well said.He wanted to find out if it was possible to act in the virtual reality of full dive even in a condition where the body gradually becomes immobile.

For that reason Mist felt a little angry, but in return he offered a cold sleep device.

In the end, I accepted it after obtaining their permission.

Mist's hospital was one of the best in the world, but it wasn't enough to provide a cold sleep device for his patients.However, in the spaceship Aphrodite, not only the equipment, but also all the medicines were provided free of charge.

I was surprised to be able to do so in an era of resource depletion, but when I listened carefully, the plan received support from many countries for the planetary project.

You lie if you deceive people.Because no one believes in absurd lies.

I thought this would give Mist credibility on the contrary.And from the situation that I also knew about my disease, I went there with a lot of expectation even though I thought it was sexy.

Mist and Damien were surprised.

A virtual reality created by the spaceship Aphrodite.It was such a space as to be mistaken for reality.

"I can only say this is... amazing."

"What a surprise to reproduce the five senses so far.And is this image being shown directly through the optic nerve, not through the eyes?What kind of technology would that be?

"I heard a genius neuroscientist disappeared from the front stage a dozen years ago, but maybe he was making this."

"You did have that news.Scholars in all fields disappeared at once.It seems highly probable.... "

"Well, that doesn't matter.The important thing is that this place was real.Besides, did you see the pod where we came in?It's a Cold Sleep device that's been going on for generations, rather than the latest.This will allow us to sleep for hundreds of years. "

"I didn't know that much about it, but if Damien said so, I'm sure he would.But hundreds of years?Speaking of which, I don't think a spaceship would have it. "

"I think it's some kind of metal, but I don't know anything about it either.But at least this spaceship can endure in space for nearly a hundred years.It's likely to live at least a hundred years from now. "

"Would you entrust the cure to the world in a hundred years?After all, my research didn't find a cure. "

"Don't be shy.We're good at surgery in the first place, but aren't we good at finding a cure?

"I'm not saying I won't do it because I'm not good at it, but I'm not mistaken.Then it's settled, right?

"Oh, I see.Let's officially sign the contract and get everybody here.I don't know why, but the director is quite aggressive about this.I think they gave me a lot of money. "

"I thought you were a good surgeon, but it's sad that you can easily let go with money."

"Me too. But the director had more to offer than we did.Well, that's good.It's about everybody more than that.I think I can enjoy it because I like games. "

"Sure, I can move my body here... let's get back to the hospital and get ready."

"Mist, Damian! Wow, here!

"Ruth, if you go too far, you'll fall."

"It doesn't hurt even if I fall, so it's okay.Besides, it's been a long time since I've been able to move my body.It's so fresh because I was always in the infirmary!

Ruth smiled and nodded with a smile, as did everyone in the hospital who was ill.

Disease progression varies from one disease to another, but everyone thinks of each other as their peers because they have the same disease.Ruth and the others met for the first time, but they got along easily.

Explain the precautions and one day you will sleep on a cold sleep device, but also explain that it is only a sleep to leave hope for the future.Mist said it was never a burn story.

Both sexes and ages are different, and there is a difference in the positions of doctors and patients. From now on, Mist nodded that everyone is a companion or family member.

"Yes, in this game, we can have a team called Clan.Shall we form a clan?

"Ah, that's how it works.Well, that's fine.I feel like I'm one of them. "

Everyone nods at Damian's words.Then Ruth raised his hand.

"What about the clan's name?

"Actually, it's decided.Clan name is "Undead."

Everyone frowned except for the mist with a smile.

"Whoa, mister, is that waiting for you?Undead are zombies and vampires, right?You're a famous doctor, but you don't have a taste in naming?

"I don't think it has anything to do with leading doctors.I'm not mistaken in that sense, but I'm not.Please take that as a sign of not dying.No one dies. It means a clan living with hope so that one day we can overcome disease and live not in virtual reality, but in reality. "

Everyone was gloomy, but Mist's thoughts must have been conveyed.Everyone laughed and agreed.

"Then let's all do the magic of the Dead Ghost!It seems like there's magic in being a vampire, so it's good that everyone will be!

"Oh, Ruth, that's a good idea.Vampire Clan "Undead".Looks good.All right, let's get dressed like that. "

Everyone is excited.

Mist looked at it with a smile.

The smiles of everyone I couldn't see in the hospital.

I don't know if this was the right choice, but Mist thought it wasn't a mistake just to see this smile.