Another Frontier Online

Dissolution of the party

A few days after Mist woke up, some of the members who were staying at the base left because their work was over.

The brave Ivan is supposed to go to another dungeon and won't be able to help for a while.

Only Hayato and Rose came to see Ivan off early in the morning.

"It was fun. It was usually fresh because it was solo.Sometimes it's not bad to attack a dungeon at a party. "

"It would be helpful if you thought so, but brave men are busy.I wanted to entertain you a little more. "

"Enough. The Excalibur and armor were maintained and are looking just like new.Besides, I got a lot of medicine and cooking, so the dungeon strategy goes ahead. "

"Come whenever you need help with your production skills.I just got help. "

"I'll let you do that.Just don't give a shit when Simon's around.Take your time when you're not in the dungeon. "

Ivan has been asked to make arrangements quite frequently while at this base.

She was headed by Simon Samurai, but Maid Rose and Dark Knight Gil also played mock games with Ivan quite frequently.

This was not the case when we were attacking the Necropolis dungeon, but it is no exaggeration to say that we fought almost all day long after the attack.There will be no physical fatigue, but there will be considerable mental fatigue.I don't like it enough to think I'm going to the dungeon.

(I should have told you a little more.I did something bad to Ivan.....)

I didn't make it up to you, but I maintained Ivan's equipment for free and gave him plenty of food and medicine.I don't know if I'm getting along, but Ivan is happy, so I think Hayato will be fine.

Hayat said he'd see you out, but Ivan said, "Don't, don't light me up." He waved his right hand slightly behind his back and left the base so there was nothing special.

It was Hayato who had only the impression of being somehow Ivan, but it was effective for Rose who was there.

"Master Ivan, you look good... you did a mock fight with me, and I got your autograph.This will be a family heirloom. "

"Oh, yeah. Are you a fan?

"Yes, I've been a fan since before Ivan became a brave man.When I tell Esha, she sees a monster whose existence is mysterious for some reason. "

"Esha was one of Ivan's clans.Not only good things, but also bad things... work, work. "

Hayato says something like that and rolls it into smoke.Rose is usually good, but talking about Ivan doesn't stop him.

"That's right. Earn more today.Ah, I need to check before I go to work. "

"What is it?

"Is it time for Gil to go home?

"I haven't heard from Gil in particular, and I haven't heard from Lunaria.Should I ask you something?

Gil, one of the Ten Knights of Darkness, was originally in the castle of the Devil King.In addition to all this, I have a request from Lunaria, the demon king, and now I live as a guest in Hayato's base.

Now, in Demon King Castle, ten black roses and ten dark knights of the Gothlori group are fighting, and when Gil returns, his balance of power will collapse.For that adjustment.

It has been a long time since Hayato heard the story.It's about time Hayato decided to send a voice chat to Lunaria.

"Mr. Lunaria, can I talk to you for a second?

"Long time no see, Mr. Hayato.I just wanted to talk to you. "

"That's right.I wonder if that's the same story.I'm Gil... "

"I quit the Demon King and became a fashion model.I have my résumé, so please tell me where the model office is.Or an exclusive model of an armoury store.Put on any armor and show it.I can write autographs, so I want to appeal to my immediate strength. "

"Very deja vu. Maybe Mr. Rosalier and the others put you under house arrest this time?

Lunaria the Demon King was previously under house arrest by the Dark Ten Knights as punishment for the invasion of the world, making cookies all the time.I was forced to quit the Demon King and become a cookie shop.

And now he said he would be a fashion model.Hayato wonders what a demon king is.

"I'm not under house arrest, but I wear different dresses and armor every day.I realized that I could listen to the world with a model.Lie down on my beauty. "

"That perception is wrong."

"... is that so?I was a little bit aware of it, but I was a little mistaken because everyone was praising it.About 50%. "

"Fifty percent is serious?Well, I'm glad you're still rational.Last time I was at a cookie shop, I felt pretty serious.And Lunaria is better off playing Demon King than a model. "

"Fufu, it's illuminating."

(The world feels more peaceful.In the virtual reality world)

Lunaria is a trick as a Demon King, but due to its strength and beauty, it is quite admired in the Demonic Kingdom.

Sometimes they act in a rough way, but the surroundings are pretty decent, so I do something about it.It would be respectful of you to run away with me once in a while.

"By the way, what can I do for you?I hear everything because I feel good.Who am I supposed to kill?

"Don't let the Demon King say that.Because it won't be stylish.I'm talking about Gil. "


"... maybe you forgot?

"I tried to recall them right after the battle between the Black Rose and the Black Knight was over, but Rosalie and the others caught me and kept measuring, so I was late.Tell her to come back because it's okay.I think Gil will calm down Rosalie and the others. "

"Measurement...? Yeah, that's right.Then I'll tell you--no, maybe you should tell me this from Lunaria as the Devil King. "

"Indeed. Then I'll tell her.And I'll thank Hayato later, so look forward to it. "

"I'm looking forward to it."

Voice chat expires.

Hayato explained the story, and Rose frowned.

"What shall I explain to the maid?

"... did that happen..."

The maid captain is in love with Gil.

Immediately after Necropolis' attack, he said, "Do you have a strategy for a dungeon where you can go alone?It would be great if I stayed. "

I said there was no such thing, but recently I come to the base every day to make lunch.The nominal check is to see if Rose and Esha are doing properly as maids, but Gil is the only one who believes that lie.

And I don't know what will happen if Gil leaves this base.It is highly likely that the maid's long fist, called Oniki, Shura, and Rakusha, will turn towards us.

"Does the maid captain ever chase Gil to the Magic Royal Castle?


"It's expensive. I don't mind if I do, but I think something's coming for me.They're going to ask me to rent an airship. "

Thinking about Hayato and Rose, I heard a sound coming down the stairs from the second floor.The footsteps sound metallic.You must be Gil, who usually wears armor.

The prediction is medium. Gil came down from upstairs with the helm on.

"Lord Hayato, Lord Rose, I just heard from Lunaria.He wanted me to come back to the Demon King Castle. "

"Yes, I spoke to Lunaria earlier.Thank you for everything you've done for Gil. "

"What, you took care of me here.Not only Hayato, but also Rose.It was thanks to you two that we were able to spend the entire stay without any inconvenience.Thank you. "

That's how Gil lowered his head.

"No, I'm sorry I made you look like you were imprisoned at first."

"That was done by the black rose ladies, and it was my fault that I was forced to board the airship.It's not something Hayato cares about. "

(I don't know... why did Gil let Lunaria make cookies?You like cookies?Or is Mr. Gill not touching it?

Hayato thought about it and Rose stepped out a step ago.

"Um, I'm asking you, will Gil return to the Devil's Land soon?

"I'm thinking of going back today, but is there something wrong?

"Um, um, what do you think?

Rose glanced toward Hayato.

I thought it would be better to shake the conversation and pass it here, but I realized it was difficult to say because it was about the maid manager, and Hayato opened his mouth.

"Um, everyone wants to say hello to Gil, right?It's temporary, but we fought together, and suddenly we'll all miss each other. "

"I see. I didn't realize that because I didn't have that experience.Then I'll leave tomorrow and say hello today.By the way, Lord Rose, is the maid here today?

"Yes, I think you'll be here around noon."

"That's good.I wanted to say hello to the maid master because he took care of me a lot.Let's say hello to everyone upstairs!

Gil said so and went up the stairs.

Hayato and Rose are left in the cafeteria.

"Uh, Mr. Rose.Could you get in touch with the maid?Same guild, same boss, right?I think it's better than what I say. "

"No, I think Hayato-san should contact me.It's a maid's guess. "

The exchange between Hayato and Rose continued, and it was decided that Hayato would contact the maid manager.