Another Frontier Online

Reconfirm Strength

Hayato contacted the maid in a voice chat and in a few minutes the maid came to the base.

Simon, who is usually in the Maid Alliance, comes with him, but when he sees that Simon is missing, he must have been contacted and jumped out.

"Good morning, Hayato.This is a suggestion, but since Gil is one of the Demon King's armies, let's keep him hostage for the sake of dispersing the power of the Demon Kingdom.What can I say for world peace? "

"What are you talking about all of a sudden?I know how you feel, but don't lie to anyone who knows that. "

"It has long been said that it is a lovely man to pretend to be unaware of a maiden's lies, even if he knows them."

It's my first time hearing that.

If Gil returns to Demon King Castle, he may be afraid he won't be able to easily meet, but he can't keep Gil at his base for that reason.

Hayato has no reason to go that far in the first place.

"Made-to-measure, I don't think it's a good idea to get along with Gil slowly.E-mail communication. "

Are you a correspondent? Oh, you're sending it along with the matrimonial papers to appeal, right?

"I'm scared. What are you going to do to appeal to psychopaths?"

(Or does this virtual reality also have a marriage notification?I know you have a marriage system.)

"I learned about the last time.Love is a prerequisite.Falls without giving the opponent a chance to counterattack.It's the basics of battle. "

(Not for the first time.Ren-chan said something similar.Is it just common sense that I don't know...?But I think it's like suggesting surrender before declaring war.)

Hayat is in reality attending a feminine study group hosted by Len with Ash.So Len said something similar to the maid.

After the study group, I always drink a subtle cup of coffee with Ash, saying, "I don't know what the girl's heart is."

"I know the maid's feelings are real.Nevertheless, we can't pretend to be binding, so try to make progress on your own.I will cooperate as much as I can. "

"I understand.Now, I'd like to ask for an architecture once the two of you have decided on a house to live in. "

"Sometimes the process is more important than the outcome.How far are you thinking... "

"Are you even thinking about being surrounded by your grandchildren?

(I thought the maid chief was a more common sense person, but he was a bad person.At the very least, I want you to be a bad person for romantic relationships....)

He took the maid captain upstairs, where Gil was, and Hayato sat on the chair with a tired face.And drink coffee. I threw the maid chief out of my head and thought about the future.

In the future, Hayato will support the exploration of the Mist - the search for ways to manufacture Panacea.

Panacea is an item that awakens from the "sleep of immortality" in the game, but it is also an item that cures disease in the real world.

This is how Infinity, the god of the world, perceived the demands of the administrator, Diete.

Even though it is a disease that can be cured immediately, we need to find the knowledge of the medicine in virtual reality, and Mist needs to build on that knowledge to create a way of creating panacea.

In this virtual reality, human knowledge called NPC can create new items.That's the same reasoning that Esha used to create the AI Killer.

The mist also gathers knowledge to create a panacea.This is what we need to save our people.

What matters is the ability to attack a place that already has knowledge, as it is known by information from Infinity.

I was focusing on the members of the Necropolis invasion, but the NPCs work or play a role in this virtual reality.We can't hold Hayato hostage more than we think of virtual reality as reality.

Ivan was originally listening, so I assumed that Gil would lose a lot of power.

Gil's strength is the same, but the maid captain will inevitably not participate if the Gil is loose.You'll lose power at once, so you'll need to ask someone to make up for it.

Hayato was thinking a lot about who to turn to.

Mist, Damien, and Ruth came down from upstairs.After an exchange of greetings, the three arrive at the table in the same manner as Hayato.

Hayato serves Mist and Damien coffee and Ruth orange juice.

Mist, a vampire but in good health, smiled and saw Hayato.

"I'm going shopping in King's Landing today.I was wondering if everyone in the Mansion needed a souvenir. "

I see.Do you want sunscreen?

"No, I'm not fighting, so it's okay to weaken it.Actually, I also thanked Mr. Noat for inviting him, but he refused.I was told that donuts are good souvenirs. "

"Mr. Noat is mostly asleep.Even if that happens, I don't think it's going to be easy to get him out. "

Noat gave Hayato all the money and items he had acquired during the Necropolis offensive.Accommodation costs nearly a year in total.That would mean occupying the room with three lunches and naps.

Hayato does not think of Noat as a force of war.He's as whimsical as a cat.Hayato is not so familiar with cats either, but the word whimsical looks good on videos and so on.

Esha said, that's the cat's charm.And obedient dogs were struggling to throw it away.When I asked why, I said I couldn't hold it.

It is a support position that will certainly boost the fighting power of the party, but I feel so lucky if you help me, and I have decided not to expect too much.

In the first place, he was at a level that worried about how to get out of the room before fighting.It is more reckless to expect it.

"That's also Noat's charm.When I was singing, there was a gap... I was glad that Mr. Noat came to the bottom of Necropolis for me.Necropolis will be punished if you don't thank Noato properly. "

"I think that's good.But we all know that Mr. Mist is going to be busy, so I hope it's all over. "

"Yes, I will thank you again when everything is done - yes.We will also relocate our base to the Mansion in the Magic Land tomorrow.We need to bring some dungeon-based buddies to the Mansion for a while. "

Mist's fellow Immortal Twelve members are each based in a dungeon, the deepest of which is the sleep of immortality.

Before we could find a way to create Panakea, Hayato said he was going to gather the members in the Mist Mansion, but only the three Mists were going there.

"That's what you said.I've heard that before, don't you need the strength to fight there?I heard that Mr. Mist, Mr. Damien, and Ruth alone are enough. "

"Yes, no problem.Damien told me that everyone is not in a difficult place like Necropolis, so it's okay for all three of us.We can't be based in a dungeon that's very difficult. "

"Indeed. I can't sleep in a dangerous place."

"I would like to borrow Mr. Hayato's connections to gather Panakaea knowledge.The place I've heard from God is probably quite difficult. "

"I see. Talk to your acquaintance.Please tell me the place later.I'll gather information too... ah, that's right.The story has changed, but I got a stick for stretching my scapula.It's just a stick. "

"Thank you! Hey, I've been looking forward to it!

Mist's health goods lovers have been around for a long time, and Hayato says it was his favorite time to listen to Noat's songs and use a variety of health goods.

However, since I couldn't take up much time in reality, my feelings exploded when I started living in virtual reality.And it's spreading to vampire buddies.

Stretching in virtual reality doesn't make any sense, but I'm sure you're curious about it.Mist began stretching quickly.

Damien and Ruth look at Mist stretching with a stupid face, but that face also includes a smile.

The mist who tried all the health goods nodded with a smile whether he was satisfied or not. He said that the three of them would go shopping and left the base.

Having dropped off, Hayato drank his second cup of coffee and began to think about what to do first.