Another Frontier Online

Intimacy and farewell party

Hayato logged out because he had a job at a coffee shop.

After that, all I did was reconfirm my strength and create equipment and dishes for sale in the store.

I lost a lot of money in the Necropolis offensive, but I received a lot of drop items from the offensive members at that time, so I didn't have that much deficit.

Nevertheless, we need to support Mist from now on.

Hayat thought about raising money and looking for Explorers while the Mists didn't need much help gathering their friends into the Mansion.

I have checked with the Mist on the quest to gather knowledge, but there seems to be a lot on some peaks and fields, so there are no restrictions on members in particular.The only question is whether your hands are free when exploring.

Hayato was cutting the ingredients for lunch, wondering what was going on.

About an hour before the store opened, Ash and Len arrived.Asha, who was cleaning outside, also came in with her.

After an exchange of greetings, Ash and the others changed into business clothes.

I think of Hayato every time. Ash, Len, and Esha.The presence of these three has increased the number of guests.There are also customers who come to see Vers and Relics, who are regular customers.

Thankfully, I'm a little sad that there aren't any customers coming for coffee.When I told Asha about it before, it came back like this.

"You're not a genius, and it won't all work out from the beginning.You can drink a little bit now, so please try not to rot.Or would you be a talented chocolate parfait?

That's true, but sometimes thinking can't help being negative.Hayat began to prepare again, telling him that perhaps he was asking too soon for the results.

Lunchtime is over and all the guests are gone.All four take a lunch break.

"Hey, Hayato, I heard from Esha that Mist's memory is back?

"Ah, didn't I tell you?That's right. "

"Don't you want to log out?

"I have to do an event that is linked to the reality of gathering knowledge of medicine in virtual reality.I don't think I'll be logged out for a while. "

"Knowledge of medicine?

Hayat told Ash and Len about the situation.

Mist and Damien are doctors.The rest of the Immortal Ten are patients.The mist was also invaded by an incurable disease.There are medicine ingredients in Aphrodite.Knowledge must be gathered in virtual reality to inject medicine into cold sleep pods.All of that was explained.

Ash and Len looked at each other.

Well, Mist was sick, too.

"It's healed now... and Mr. Mist?

"The incurable disease is with my mother.Regardless of whether it is the same disease or not, I somehow feel intimacy. "

Len nodded well in Ash's words.And he raised his right hand vigorously.

"Only in the morning, can you help me explore?My brother and I are finished shooting, so we have some room.I can't leave him alone personally. "

"Really? That would help."

The brave Ivan, the shielding Gil, and the overwhelming maid captain of the attacker, these three do not participate in the quest to gather knowledge.

Ash is an attacker and a shield.And Len is good at helping with curse magic and weakness magic.It compensates too much for the reduced combat power.

And Ash and Len have real memories.He understands the complexity of Mist's situation and helps me, so he is a hopeless member of Hayato.

Well, that's a deal.I'll log in tonight.It's been a long time, so I need to get used to it a little early. "

"My curse will explode for the first time in a long time!

"We're both looking forward to it.Ah, of course I'm expecting Esha. "

"Don't tell me to catch you.I'm only as effective against the boss as I am against the boss, so just call me that.Or when you can eat all you want. "

When Esha, who was eating late lunch, said so, Len put a chair next to Esha with a smile.

"Asha-san occasionally goes outside of the boss fight!

Well, if it's a big place, it's easy to shoot Belzeve.

"It's settled!

When Len nodded with a smile, she saw Hayato this time.

"Let's go with Hayato!It's not funny just making items at the base, is it?

"Huh? It's really funny, though?

"... Hayato-san was right.However, I think Hayato's strategy will be faster because he will maintain more power together. "

"Well, depending on the place, it might be.I'll make and store the items I put in the store, and maybe I'll join in this time... "

(And Mr. Mist said that one of his knowledge is in the eastern country.It would be convenient for me to go with Simon when I go there.Will I actively participate in the exploration this time?)

Hayato did his best on the thirty and thirty-one levels of Necropolis, but he didn't participate in the exploration.I suppose that's because there was only one reason for that.

If I had done it with more than one person, I would have felt like I had done it, but I actually made a map by myself, and I only ran away in the end.Hayato would not have been able to attack without it, but he wanted a sense of accomplishment that would please everyone a little more.

Afterwards, when I was talking about other people's love, the break was over.

In the second half of the battle, Hayato and the others started working in the coffee shop again.

The situation changed when Hayato logged in at night.

Gil and the maid chief were supposed to write as Hayato suggested.The maid said it was more interesting than voice chat.

The maid director also suggested whether to hire a maid at Demon King Castle, but rather than hiring a maid at Demon King Castle, it seems that there is a dedicated maid, and the proposal was declined.

Gil said, "Mademoiselle is enthusiastic about his work," a lot duller, but Mademoiselle said, "That's good.Rather, it's good. "

Rose, who gave me the report, felt tired, so Hayato gave me an extra chocolate parfait separate from today's snack.

The mists bought various souvenirs so that they could return to the Mansion at any time.

Damien and Ruth thanked me many times for what I had done, but on the contrary, they said they were afraid.

Tomorrow, Mist and Gil will leave the base, so today we offered a slightly luxurious meal as a farewell party.Maris, the maid captain, and Simon were also called, and Noat came because they were caught in a fun atmosphere.

Ash, Len, and Esha also joined there, so I've seen them for a long time, and they're showing a lot of excitement.

In such an uplift, Mist and Ash and Hayat stood by the wall and talked to each other.

I see.Ash and the others are back in their memories. "

"Oh, and Escha and Relics too.Relic was too busy to come today. "

"It feels strange.I didn't think this would happen when we met at Blackjack's base. "

"This is the edge of something.We'll join you in the quest for knowledge. "

"Thank you very much. I will talk about it a little bit further, but please be kind at that time.And thank you, Hayato.You've been busy working in real life, but you've done a lot for me. "

"I've been told many times to thank you, so I'm full.Aren't you from the same clan?And thanks to Mist and the others, I started a coffee shop.It's in return. "

"I see. I'll take care of that.Yes, let me have coffee at the coffee shop someday.Ash told me that everything tastes unforgettable.

"... I'll make it taste better when Mr. Mist drinks it.And, Ash, I have something to tell you. "

Ash laughed, "It's a joke," and Mist smiled and said, "I'm looking forward to it."

The night is still long. The farewell party was even more exciting.