Another Frontier Online

Drop-off and warehousing

The morning after the farewell party, Hayato was logged in early in the morning to see him off.

Gil went back to the Devil's Land pretty soon, so he matched it.There is only Rose outside Hayato, and it is a little lonely, but the sun is still on the horizon, so there is no choice.

"Yesterday, I told you I didn't want to see you off, but Lord Hayato and Lord Rose are being polite."

"I can't send you home without seeing you off."

Rose nodded in Hayato's words.

Gil was an unimaginable gentleman from his strong face, although there were some behaviors that were a little problematic when he appealed to his muscles and recommended muscle tres for each occasion.It is impossible for Hayato to return such a person without seeing him off.

"Well, thank you.Besides, I had a difficult experience here.I had a party with a brave man, but it was fresh not to be afraid of this face. "

"I feel compelled to go out with you on an expedition, but it would be helpful if you could say so."

"Mm-hmm. Let's get going.Yes, I would like you to tell Lord Rose and Lord Maid that I am grateful for all the help you have given me. "

"Well, it would be helpful if you could say that directly."

Rose looked behind Gil as she said so.Gil also noticed the signs behind him, so he turned slowly back.

"Oh, Mademoiselle, you've come to see me off.It's pretty early in the morning, so don't be afraid. "

"No, maids, early in the morning, of course."

(Asha is also a maid, but she is weak in the morning.You used to wake up before you wake up, right?

Gil and the maid chief were talking about Hayato's irrelevant questions.

"Mademoiselle, it was a wonderful experience to fight with you.The strength of that demon is still burning in my eyes. "

"As long as I'm ashamed to show my face."

While saying that, there was a faint smile on the maid's face.Besides, it was only Hayato's subjectivity, but my cheeks also felt slightly red.It's just the impression that virtual reality is amazing.

"There is no doubt.Strong women are beautiful.Good evening, Mademoiselle. I took care of it a lot.Thank you. Let's party and explore if we get another chance. "

"Yes, definitely one day.And I'll write you a letter. "

"Uhh... um, the characters are dirty, so they smell a little smelly, but at least I can read them, so please say hello at that time... Now, let's go back to the Demon King Castle.I don't want to go home like this anymore.Well, Lord Hayato, thank you for looking after me. "

No, thank you very much.

And Gil lowered his head lightly unto each of the three, and waved his hand, and walked toward the king's city.We'll use the transporter to reach the Devil's Landing and then walk back home.

The three dropped it off, but Hayato and Rose were afraid to look towards the maid.

Because I don't know what kind of situation the maid director will be in.Is it going to be like hitting a sandbag like before, or is there something else?

The maid chief opened his mouth to two people who could not move.

You're gone.

In addition to their thoughts, Hayato and Rose stroked their chest down to a calm maid length.At yesterday's farewell party, it seemed likely that Gil would follow him to the Magic Royal Castle.

"Um, are you okay?

"I caused Hayato a lot of trouble.Don't worry, it's okay now.However, there are many lovely men in the world, such as Relic and Gil.I'm sorry I didn't realize that. "

"Ha, ha, right.They're both gentlemen from my point of view, and I want to be like that in the future. "

"Yes, I would love Hayato to be a lovely man like you two.Now, let me strive to be a wonderful woman to match Relic and Gil - first of all, Lunaria. "

"... yes?

"As Jill said earlier,Strong women are beautiful.In other words, the strongest woman is the most beautiful.I wonder if we should defeat Lunaria-sama, the demon king, in order to achieve that goal. "

(It seems like the direction of refinement is different, but I don't think I should say anything...)

It seems like a little problem remains, but the maid chief seems to be more calm than before.Rather, I wanted to think so.

After that, when the three of them were having a chat, the mists came.

After an exchange of greetings, Mist lowers his head toward Hayato.Together, Damien and Ruth lowered their heads.

"Mr. Hayato, thank you for everything.That said, I will continue to take care of you. "

"No, I told you yesterday not to worry.Please don't hesitate to say anything. "

"Yes, thank you.Let's go back to the Mansion.I'll be in touch if anything happens. "

Then the Mists lowered their heads to the maid captain and Rose as well, and went to King's Landing as Gil did.

After I dropped off the mists, the maid captain and I went back to the maid's guild and said, "Well, excuse me too."

When I entered the base, Rose saw Hayato.

"What are you going to do now, Hayato?I think there are a lot of things to do, but I wondered what to do with it. "

"That's right. I think I'll make money first.We need money to do anything.That's why I need to organize the warehouse today.I'm going to auction some unused equipment. "

"Don't they sell in stores?

"I decide to sell it at the store because I made it myself.Unique gear and rare drop items are on auction.It's not like there's a difference in sales, but it's obsession or something. "

This is just Hayato's obsession.It was decided that the only thing to sell in the store was what I had created.It is not sold in stores without processing metals or medicinal herbs obtained from mining or mining.I think it lost as a craftsman.

In the case of auctions, it will take time to sell if not instantly and a fee will be charged.It won't sell instantly unless it's such a rare item.

There were a few rare items from the floating islands and Necropolis.I've been busy lately, so I don't sell them at auctions, so I'm getting fat in the warehouse.

The result was that we thought that we could switch to money in the meantime and make effective use of it for future exploration.

"I understand.If that's the case, please leave it to the store.We're going to sell out all the products and we're going to put them in the store. "

"Nice to meet you. I wonder if you could take a look at recent trends.I was able to sell a lot of equipment and medicine for beginners. "

When Hayato says so, Rose smiles.You must have been happy to be praised.

"I understand that as well.If you don't mind, will Hayato also check the sales trend at the auction?I think there is demand for sold-out items. "

"That's right. If you have to go out, I'll see about that.Nevertheless, the first step is to organize the warehouse.I'm in the warehouse room upstairs, so if you need anything, I'll be happy to help you. "

I was afraid.

Rose went to the store and Hayato went to the warehouse room on the second floor.

The warehouse room is the deepest room on the second floor, next to Hayato.In front of the warehouse room is a room in the indoor garden, where you grow what you need for cooking and medicine.

Recently, Rose has given me water every day, so Hayato has only been in it for as long as the harvest shows his cultivation skills.Next time, Hayato entered the warehouse room thinking about expanding the garden.

The warehouse room contains a large number of boxes for storing items, but they are not particularly classified.Unless it's such a rare item, I'm just throwing it in properly.

Well, let's sort out the items.

Hayat opened a box near him after giving him a gesture.