Another Frontier Online

Sorting and suspicious games

(What is this item...?

Hayat was sorting the items in the warehouse room to see if they were for auction.

Some items can be judged in an instant, others are worried about why they were left behind, and the warehouse is not so well organized.

Hayato is a type that can't throw things away in the first place.I have the feeling that I will use it someday, so I can't dispose of it.I can sell as many items as I make myself, but I feel like I can make them at any time.

In the end, I often didn't use the unique equipment that I left behind.There are some items left in the collection, but just because two or more are not needed, several of them were thinking of selling it to the opportunity.

(I think I'll limit myself to just a few things today.Too much trouble and inefficiency.I feel like I can sell items I haven't used in over a year....)

When I was putting the item I was selling in another box, I heard a knock on the warehouse door.

"Mr. Hayato? Are you there?

"Ren-chan? Yes, but what's the matter?

The door opened slightly and Len's face peered inside.Then I checked Hayato and smiled and came in.

He said Mr. Rose was here.

"That's right.Are you sure you want to log in this morning?

"It's okay. My brother logged in for combat training, so I came with him."

"Really?Does Ash train on the third floor?

"That's right. I'm a magical subject, so I don't need any training.By the way, what is Hayato doing?

"Warehouse organization. I thought I'd turn what I don't need into money at the auction.But it's not going very well.It's hard to throw away any of them. "

"I understand. I can't sell the cursed item either... um, can I help you?

"Oh, really? If I had the same item, could you put it in this box?I'm thinking of selling more than one thing. "

"I understand."

Hayato and Len put the warehouse items in a box.I put in multiple items mechanically, so the work started to get easier than before.

Nevertheless, there are various items in this warehouse.Find the mysterious item and Len will be there.

"This is a limited-time event reward item, right?Why are there so many?

What Len has is a wooden figurine.The wood carving takes the form of a kimilla.

Kimira is a monster of snakes with a lion's head and dragon's neck on the goat's body and a tail.The wooden statuette has no special effect like any other piece of furniture and is just a souvenir item.

It was an event reward in the early days of the game, when Hayato didn't have 100 skills.Still, I went to the event with Nay and the others to get the reward.

"That item is a random reward.Complete the event with Nay and the others many times during the event to claim your rewards.Ultimately, I got the item I was looking for, but only Kimila figurines were received in an unusual way.It must have been a high probability. "

"Hee, is that what you're looking for?

"It was definitely glasses.It's a fashion item with no performance, but it's unusual for equipment and has no durability.It was popular at the time as a head gear that would never break.I don't think they are used very much because they are top-compatible glasses now.However, with those glasses, you might be able to be a bit proud of yourself as an old player. "

Having items that you can't get right now is just a kind of status.

Glasses and figurines have not been redistributed at new events, so I can only boast that I've been playing the game since then.

"Speaking of which, there were times when there were more people wearing glasses.Speaking of glasses, it's my Randa, "I'm the chairman of the committee with glasses and three braids!".Mr. Suien said he understood, but I wasn't sure.Is that a role to play too...?

Randa is one of the Genesis Dragons and one of Ash's actors.Using sacred magic in a priestly fashion, in the battle against Agresberion, it was an incredibly annoying existence with healing magic on its back.

Suien was one of the Genesis Dragons in the same way, and he was outraged as Suien Mikazuki of Phantom Dragon in the world tree of Spirit Kingdom.From the wrong perception that Hayato and Esha are playing together, Hayato is still uncomfortable with the modest performance of a horror movie climbing the world tree.

Randa and Suien.You come to the coffee shop once in a while, but how are the other Genesis Dragons?I used to come to the coffee shop a lot, but lately I've been a little worried because they only come here occasionally. "

"I'm busy shooting and editing movies, so I don't seem to have time.But everyone's fine.And Suien and Randa started cooking together so we could eat at home. "

"Really?But are you okay with the food?Well, a hundred years ago, it was mostly nutrient intake from energy tubes, right?Haven't you ever cooked before?

In Hayato's time, it was an energy tube used as a medical nutritional supplement, but in the era of depletion of resources a hundred years ago, it was a staple food, so there was no need to cook.Because the taste is terrible, most people cheat and eat taste with pseudo-signals to the brain.

It is difficult for Randa and Suien, who lived around that time, to cook.Esha can now make chocolate parfait well, but otherwise, she can only handle bacon eggs.

"What a sandwich.Ah, curry and stew are also delicious.There's not much else..... "

I see. Can you tell me when you're finished filming and you can afford to cook?

"I'll let you know.Ah, yes. Please teach me how to make pudding.I make bucket pudding in real life. "

"Well, I won't stop you, but be careful.Unlike virtual reality, there are limits to how much you can get into your stomach. "

Hayato and Len sorted out the warehouse items while talking like that.

After sorting, Hayato and Len packed the item in a bag full of items.I'm going to the auction facility in King's Landing to sell it.This is still part of it and there is still something to sell.This time, it's the first time.

After informing Ash on the third floor and Rose on the shop, Hayato and Len leave the base.

Hayato was previously targeted by various organizations, but so far everything has been resolved.

The Assassin Alliance sent Alliance Master Zach Orten, but Hayato's plan now seems to be building colloquial objects, so there has been no contact since then.

With regard to the bandit "Flaming Serpent of Greed", the head van himself is logged out recalling real-world memories, and all members are in jail.

And Simon came alone with the Ten Swords of the Holy Magic, and he was to go to the land of the east afterwards, so he would not be taken.

From these things, it was determined that Ash and Rose did not need an escort, so Len and I went alone.

Walking through King's Landing, Len spoke to Hayat.

"I've never been out alone with Hayato."

"Was it?Well, there was always Ash.What about virtual reality, by the way?I don't think it's been a long time since I've been outside the base. "

Len looks around at Hayato's question.And I took a big deep breath.

"I feel like I miss it.I feel like I'm back.But did you get more people?It's a weekday morning, and there's a lot of people?

"I think a lot of people have started new.Look, didn't you explain it a while ago?

"Oh, I remember.Because Ney became an investor.But I was a little shocked by what I used to think was a suspicious game.I think it's a good game. "

"It seemed like a game for a company that was doing something bad because there would be a suspicious amount of money in reality.Besides, the virtual reality reproduction rate is too high, so I was often told that it might cause brain abnormalities immediately after the game started. "

Historically, entertainment dealing with virtual reality has existed, but the reproduction rate is low.Most of them aren't full dives, they're just watching virtual reality.

In the meantime, only this game was abnormally realistic, so such absurd stories as being abducted while sleeping or being transferred to another space were annoying the news at the start of the game.

And if you don't know where the company made it, you should hesitate.

"I'm glad Hayato-san didn't bother about that.Thanks to Hayato, we have now. "

"Can you think like that?I'm glad I'm playing this game because I saw Ren-chan too. "

"Shouldn't I say it's good to see Mr. Esha there?

"Why? Why would I tell Ren-chan that when she's not here?

"Then why don't you call Mr. Esha and tell him?

"I won't tell you if I'm there.On the contrary, I don't know what they're going to say. "

"When are you going to say that?!

"What's the premise?

Hayato and Len went to the auction facility with that conversation.