Another Frontier Online

Market research

Hayato and Len split up and started selling items.

Basically, the instant price is the highest price in the sales history.However, I set a slightly stronger price for products that had no other listings and had no sales history for a while.

Listing period is 3 days.Many players say they can't wait three days to get the item, so they buy it instantly.And there is the idea of raising the winning price a little in three days.

After listing all the items, I decided to see recent trends, as Rose told me.

Review your listings, prices, stock levels, history, and what's been sold recently.

In the auction, unlike sales in stores, there are 100 history items left at the time of winning the bid.Since information such as when and how much it sold remains, it is easy to understand the sales trend.

Hayato checks the history.Basically, it's a thin product with a lot of transactions.

Treasure hunting events also continue, with recent deals mostly involving chest keys and treasure maps.They continue to be expensive because they are also a means to obtain treasure coins.

But as for Hayato, there is no point in knowing that it is a good seller.Because it makes no sense to go to the dungeon to get the keys and make money.And Hayato is a producer.I want to make money with production items, not drop items.

Looking at keys and non-map histories, it seemed like cheap beginner's equipment was selling.It's a so-called molded item, a piece of equipment that can't be used on the front lines.

The tendency I heard from Rose made it a little difficult to make money with low-performing equipment.It's cheap, so if you don't make it in bulk, it won't be a big profit.

Hayato is highly skilled and therefore unable to produce large quantities of low-quality equipment.Because they only sell unsuccessful work at a low price in the store after aiming for high quality, there is no such profit in terms of material costs.

Since cheap food and medicines were good, Rose's suggestion was helpful, and in terms of attracting new customers, it could be considered an investment for the future, but now it is a future that is closer than the distant future.

Thinking about what Hayato had done, Len pinged his right hand next to him.

"Uh, what's wrong?

"It looks like the accessories are selling well.Equipment that can use the magic of transfer rings and charging systems.Looks like they're selling wood. "

"A charge-based item...?Oh, yeah, it's a must for beginners.You may not have 100 skills yet, and your stats are low.I wonder how many people substitute magic for items. "

A charge-based item is an item that has been used a certain number of times and can be used regardless of skill.

The "Transformation Ring" that Hayato often uses is an item that can use Teleport magic, but it can be used even without magic skills like Hayato, so it is a must for people who do not have magic skills.

However, it can be used without magic skills, but its power and success rate depends on the user's status and skills.Hayato's use of the fireball attack magic is not powerful.If defeated, the opponent's Magic Defense will not even cause damage.

Skills are said to be easy to improve up to 90, because they know how to improve efficiently.It is now difficult to know the information that was previously confirmed on the web.Beginner players are likely to have a lot of difficulty.

Hayato thought that there would be demand for charge-based accessories for some time.

"If it's a charge-based item, it's easy for beginners to buy it because it doesn't cost that much just because the number of charges increases even if the quality goes up.Plus, I think I can sell equipment to improve my skills.Thanks, Ren-chan. "

Is it going to sell?You can thank me with a pudding.

"I'll see you when I get home. Um, is the wood still for sale?I wonder if it's a ship or an airship... "

You'll need a lot of wood to build a ship or airship.Some people will go to the woods to harvest wood, but many people buy it because it is not efficient without cutting skills.

Woodworking skills are unexpected compared to blacksmithing skills, so it can be said that logging skills are also unexpected due to their influence.

Rare wood such as the Magic Tree is ideal for making wands that increase magical power, so there is a lot of demand, but it is usually more expensive to defeat monsters when considering the effort.Buying wood with that money doesn't have to improve your extra skills.

Combined, there is a tendency for fewer people to have logging skills.

(When I say logging skills, I'm Mr. Mist, but I'm busy now.If I sell the timber of the world tree, it will be money, but I want to keep it for something, and selling it as a material is unacceptable... I have a troublesome personality too)

Mist increased his felling skills to 100 to build his own coffin.However, the woodworking skill of collecting wood was raised, but the woodworking skill of making coffins was thrown along the way.Raising production skills to 100 is quite painful.

The timber of the world trees is to be received regularly from elves and dwarves in the Spirit Land.This is the reward for defending the World Tree in the Stampede event.

Selling it would be a lot of money.But the artisanal part of Hayato refuses to leave the material behind.Nevertheless, machining does not make it suitable for beginners.I concluded that I had to keep it in the warehouse until I knew how to use it.

Len peeked down at Hayato who was thinking a lot.

"Wow, I'm surprised.What's the matter with you?

"Speaking of which, you went to an island that floats in the sky a while ago, right?Esha doesn't seem to have participated, but she took a vacation in the lake. "

"Sounds like it. The men didn't get close, though.I guess it was pretty fun because Ney smiled when he came back.Well, he said that someone's swimsuit was aggressive.I have to take Maris next time, so why don't you come with me? "

"Absolutely. So, it's wood, but I thought about it.Could it be the building materials for the base?I think the first thing I want to do when a beginner saves up money is to build a house for the base. "

I see, there is one too.Speaking of which, Nay said she needed help rebuilding the base.... "

Ney and the Black Dragon are based near the town of Grand Belle.

When Hayat was evicted before, it was a newly built base, but it was somehow the perimeter.Thanks to that, there is still a lot of land where it is possible to build a house.The Grand Belle also has plenty of facilities on the perimeter, so it can be regarded as a target.

(I think it's time for Nay and the others to log in. What do you think?Next time I come to the coffee shop, let's ask... now that I know what's going to sell, is it time to go back?)

Almost got it, let's go home today.

"Yes, let's go home and eat pudding!

Hayato used the ring of transition, and Len used the magic of teleportation.

Shortly after returning to the base in an instant, Hayato and the others heard the metal meeting.

When I thought about it, Ash and Simon were fighting.The two stopped fighting when they noticed the Hayats.

Hayato, Len, you're back.

"Uh, what are you doing?Simon didn't attack you because you stopped the attack, did he?

"Simon came when I was training on the third floor.I was doing a mock fight because I was told that I would fight a warrior if I trained.But no, it's been a long time, so my body is slow to react.We need a little more till we're ready. "

"You're slow to react even though you can't get a hit.That's what Genesis Dragon said.But Hayato is also bad.If you have so many strong men, you can say a word. "

"Ash and Ren-chan left the base a little bit because of everything that happened to Stampede.You came home yesterday. "

"You said that at yesterday's farewell party.But you're lucky.I thought Ivan and Gil were a little bored because they left, but I didn't think we could fight Ash instead. "

"Will Simon call me a strong man?Looks like I'm stronger than I was back then.Okay, Hayato. We're still going to have a mock fight..... "

"Oh, yeah, good luck.But don't overdo it. "

"Niisan, don't lose a mock fight!

"Whoa, leave it to me. All right, Simon, let's go."

"Then don't hesitate to let me go!

Simon said that, and the sound of the metal meeting echoed around him.

Ash is using Dragon Eater to take Simon's sword.From Hayato's point of view, it seems to be reacting quite quickly, but as for Ash, it's still there.

Hayat sees the battle and thinks.

(I wonder if it would be better to build an arena in the basement like a maid's guild.It stands out when you're fighting outside....)

I don't know if I could do that, but next time I wanted to talk to Dite, Hayato and Len entered the base together.