Another Frontier Online

I'm worried about the black rose.

A week has passed since Hayato began his gold policy.

Over the past few days, Len and I have put unused items in the warehouse up for auction, but this has sold quite a bit.It is an event reward item that has no effect, but it can't be reclaimed, so it is sold at a fairly strong price.

They were sold instantly without waiting for the auction deadline of three days, so I caught the price every time I checked it, but it still sold instantly in less than two days.It was sold so much that I thought maybe the initial price setting was wrong.

And in the store, I sold a lot of charge-based accessories and accessories to improve my skills a little.

This is also good sales.

Especially since the transfer ring is essential for people with skills other than the wizard system, some people buy it in bulk.

It's not that profitable considering the cost of materials and the selling price, but it's just one thing to think about.If we can produce and sell in large quantities, the profits are considerable.

Rose, who was in charge of the shop, showed Hayato the sales with a flashy face.

"You're selling pretty well.I think it will be quite a sum when combined with the sales at the auction. "

"That's right. I wonder if I have gone for about 1st memory G.I think we can afford the next expedition.Regardless of Ash's gear, everyone else needs maintenance on their gear. "

Ash's equipment recovers Durability with Dragon Eater's Bloodweapon effect, so no maintenance is required.However, the durability is reduced because other members are different.Maintenance is required to prevent breakage.

Of course, maintenance is not free and you need to use the same materials as your equipment to restore durability.

The equipment Ivan and Gil used was made of Adamantite, so they needed Adamantite for maintenance.I would go to pick materials if I had time, but I bought them at an auction because I couldn't afford them last time.

Especially if Gil was performing daily maintenance as a shield, it would be quite a scatter.Still, it was financially safe because there were treasures in the floating islands.

Gil said he was sorry, but it was only natural for a good shield player, and thanks to that, he was able to attack Necropolis safely.

(I could have collected the ingredients if Ney and the others were there, but they said they were busy over there... but they said it was time to come back, so I'll rely on them a lot.)

Nay and the others finally finished coping with the reality and said at the coffee shop that it was time to log in.Hayato is delighted to be busy again in a few days.

When Hayato thought about making charge-based accessories today, he heard a knock on the base door.

Hayato opens the door without any particular danger.

It was Rosalie who was outside the door.

He is the leader of the Gothlori group called the Black Rose Ten Saints and the leader of the Demon King Army.Using giant sickles as a weapon, the NPC would have attacked at Demon King Castle.That said, he is also a person who has lost the memory of reality.

The rosary rarely came alone.

I usually come with Lunaria or Ney, the Demon King, but today I'm alone.Hayato felt a little uncomfortable.

"Mr. Rosalie, it's been a while.Please, come in. I'll serve you some coffee. "

"It's been a long time.Then I'll be in your way. "

Hayato advises Rosalie to sit on the chair in the dining room, then sits in front of her with a table.And I served coffee.

"Uh, what is it today?

"Lunaria asked me to give Hayato a gift of gratitude, so I brought it.Please give it to me. "

"Oh, about Gil.- Cookies and autographs?Could this be a thank you?

"Are you unhappy?... I'm just kidding.But take that.That's why Lunaria-sama prepared it.Of course there are others.First of all, the money is 10 million G.This includes the cost of a bed. "

Wow, you gave me money.

"It's Lunaria's maiden heart that says she doesn't want the Demon King to think she's a jerk."

(A maiden heart...?

I stayed at this base temporarily when I rescued Lunaria, but at that time I prepared a bed for all the members of Lunaria and Black Rose.

Lunaria's beds are of the highest quality with canopies and are quite luxurious and spacious.She also seems to be a regular user of Demon King Castle.

And now I put a lot of ingots on the table.This is Adamantite's ingot, and it's all I have.

"And this is from Gil.Adamantite, isn't it? I was told that this would not be enough because I had my armor maintained like every day, so please don't hesitate to take it. "

"From Gil? I appreciate that.I'm glad I didn't have to worry because I was saved in exploration... can you tell me how much you appreciate it?

"Well, that's fine.Recently, I stopped talking about muscles, so I got better.Besides, I asked you to tell me how to write beautiful letters. What the hell did you do?

"... so many things?By the way, does Mr. Gill take off his helmet?I've been getting undressed here for a long time. "

Gil is tough. The members of the Black Rose had a bad reputation and told me to keep my helmet on.However, the members who were at this base had no particular problems, so I took them off all the time, but I wondered what they were doing at Demon King Castle.

Speaking of which, I've been taking them off since I got back.Some of our members are weak, so I want you to equip them. "

"Is Rosalie okay with that?

"Nothing bright.However, since Demon King Castle is often dark with Lunaria-sama's performance, I scream when I meet her - is that why you look so gloomy?You don't think I have to scream?

"No, no, that's not it.Don't take the sickle out. "

Rosalie usually talks like a lady, but sometimes she gets out of the ground or her mouth gets bad.Knowing that, I thought it was more likely to chop it with a sickle before screaming.

And for some reason, I felt that Rosalie was very fond today.It is likely that there is no one to sway Rosalie, such as Lunaria or Ney, but after that, I feel very impressed today.

"Um, is that all?

"Not enough?

"That's not what I meant, I've finished my coffee, and usually I'll be home as soon as I'm out of use, so I wonder if there's anything else."

"Nothing in particular.But can I have another cup of coffee?

"Yes, of course."

Hayato serves coffee before Rosalie.Rosalie sipped it and breathed out after holding the cup.But Rosalie didn't say anything in particular, and silence flowed.

Hayato can't stand the silence.There is no common topic in the first place.It's basically a business lake relationship, so it's not a time to chat.

Hayato thinks Rosalie thinks the same, but for some reason she's not going back to the Demon King Castle today and is drinking coffee slowly.

"Um, do you have anything to do with me?

"No, that's not it.By the way, this is a chat. "

"Huh? Chatting?

"Yeah, well, what do you think? Hayato would know, but how is Nay?

Hayato finally notices there.Nay hasn't logged in lately.I'm busy with reality, but of course I didn't tell Rosalie.

From Rosalie's point of view, there won't be any interaction with Nay for days.I mean, it's kind of a lonely situation.

"Ah, Nay is exploring a little further now.He said it was time to come back.Look, Rosalie was busy fighting the Ten Knights of Darkness and letting Renaria do fashion models.I guess Ney didn't call because he thought it was a bad idea to bother you. "

I'll leave it to you, but I'll say something like that.Because Rosalie doesn't know what it means to talk about reality being busy in the first place.

"It doesn't seem like I can take that into account.Well, it's just a little bit, it's really just a little bit on my chest, so I'm relieved I'm fine. "

That's what Rosalie said, but she had a little smile on her face.It's not a bit much at all.

"I'll tell Nay.Rosalie was feeling lonely. "

"I don't think I'm gonna miss you.Nay just got a little worried because she's been sick for days on an island floating in the sky.I don't mind if you're fine.It was peaceful without noise. "

When Nay was on an island floating in the sky, he was logged out for a few days to join the council.I was using it as a reason for my illness, but Rosalie is saying it.

(Too much tundelion. I think I'd be happy to tell Ney.Leave the reality alone and login here)

"In the meantime, Nay will be back soon, so could you hold on a second?I think he'll send a voice chat when he gets back. "

"I'm not waiting for anything else.But I'm a little sober, so you can go on an adventure with me. "

"That's what I'll do."

"I remember getting caught in the way you say it, but I'm here to thank you, so I won't let you get mad.Thank you for your coffee. I've given you my thanks, so I'm leaving now. "

"Thank you very much. Say hello to Lunaria and the others."

"Say hello to Lunaria, the demon king, because that's what I'm going to tell him.I don't want to see you off.Good afternoon. "

Rosalie stood up from her chair and left the base.

(I would be delighted if I told Nay about this.But then I told you that Rosalie was going to kill me.)

Hayato wondered what was going on, but first he went to his room to create an item to sell in the store.