A few days later, Nay returned to the game.

All the members of the Black Dragon who were helping Ney in reality were logged in, and they all came to the base.And Hayat tells Nay about Rosalie.

Hearing that, Nay was shaking her shoulders down.

"Oh, hey, Ney, are you okay?

Nay raised her face with Hayato's voice.A blinding smile would say this.

"Rosalie worried about me!We need to get in touch!

Nay moves away from Hayato by the wall and talks happily.Hayato and the members of the Black Dragon looked at it with a smile as if they were talking to Rosalie in a voice chat.

Nay is a member of the organization that governs the world of foundations.Many of you will be worried, but there is a big reason for that because you are a member of the foundation.

It is precious and difficult for Nai to be worried about her.

Before Hayato and the others found out about Nay, I was worried about what happened on the day she didn't log in, but I remember Nay's joy at that time was quite great.

Everyone was watching it with the same feeling as a parent, whether they were equally happy or not.

Enough time has passed before Nay finally returns smiling.

"It's been a long time since I talked to Rosalie!So, not just the Rosary, but all the Black Roses and the dungeons in the Devil's Land have been attacked.I need yarns and cloth for everything I can wear to Lunaria. "

Arachne thread, maybe.

Arakne is a monster with a female upper body attached to the spider's torso.The arachne yarn has the ability to enhance the ability of fabric equipment made.Also, some high-performance robes are quite expensive with yarns that are treated as essential materials.

"Oh, that's what you said.Regardless, Arakne is not a very difficult dungeon, so there will be no problem.That's why I'm going to Demon King Castle!

"Ah, now?

"I can't stay, I can't stay!Voice chat is not enough.I'm planning to storm Demon King Castle to see Rosalie in person.Surprise!

"Why attack?Sure you'll be surprised, but you're gonna get mad at me.

"Speaking of anger, I have a message from Rosalie to Hayato. I don't think I'm lonely."Remember that later."

"... it would be helpful if you kept me in the mood as much as possible.Uh, is everybody okay?

Nay is motivated, but Hayato looks at the other members.

But I knew it with my face without asking for answers.Everyone seems motivated.I guess I'm stressed because I haven't been able to play games until now.Rather, it looked like Hayato was going to do it.

"It's been a long time, so don't overdo it.And be prepared to be angry.Though it's a surprise, we're going to storm Demon King Castle. "

That's what Hayat said and sent them out.

That night, a voice chat arrived from Lunaria, the demon king, to Hayato.

"I intercepted Nay and the others as they boarded in to get Rosalie out.I don't think Ney can be a brave man to send out a demon king.By the way, is that Mr. Hayato's idea?I would like to confirm it as a demon king.Depending on the answer, it's going to be a big deal that you can't say. "

"No, no, that's not true.Nay just went to see Rosalie.So, Lunaria was there to intercept Ney and the others?

"Yes, I was attacked by the Demon King Castle with that momentum, and Rosalie and the others had fun intercepting it.It is not obvious to participate in such a thing.Instead, it's not good to be out of line. "

"Did you intercept it because you were having fun?Or have we all fought together... well, fine, but are they still at the Demon King Castle?

It looks like I'm staying at the Demon King Castle today.It's like playing a card game, so I can show you my power as a demon king. "

"As always, Demon King Castle looks peaceful and reassuring."

"Really? But after this, it's still too early to be reassured because I'm going to slap you in the depths of fear."

"... in a card game?

"The Demon King Rule is activated when playing card games in Demon King Castle.That's why the Demon King can't lose.I think you should be afraid of your helplessness. "

"That's scary.Give him a little trouble.The Demon King is better off showing enough room to lose. "

"That's a good idea.Reviewed. "

"That's why I'm being reviewed... what did you think of me before I did that? - Cut it off."

Hayato started making products for sale in the store tomorrow.

A few more days later, Mist contacted us to protect all the immortals in the Mansion.And I was once again asked to cooperate to gather knowledge of medicine in earnest.

Hayato naturally accepts it.Rather, they were preparing for it, so there was no alternative.Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Hayato's motivation has increased since I was asked to do it again.

From now on, Mist gathered members who were going to participate in the event to discuss the details.

Esha, Ash, Ren, Maris, and Dite.Diete knew more about the situation than Mist, so he didn't have to listen, but he joined as a member of the same "Daedalus".

In addition to the clan members, Simon also came.

Simon is not so aggressive as he is only helping to take Hayat to the eastern country, rather than helping Mist.However, it seems to be fun as there is a chance to fight strong monsters in exploration.

And Mist, Damian, and Ruth naturally join the quest.

Ney and the others are going to join us, but for a while, we're going to do something else to get our heads back together.Besides, I had an appointment with Rosalie, so that was my priority.

All but Nay and the others are at the table, and the women are eating their favorite desserts.

The mist opened his mouth after seeing such a group of women smile.

"Thank you very much for your cooperation.I want to talk more about it. "

Mist explained the situation.However, it is only a circumstance within the virtual reality, and it is not natural to talk about reality.Because some of the members here don't know the truth.

Ultimately, Damien and Ruth will need to get their memories back, but not now.Mist talked so as not to irritate the memory of reality.

"- That's why we need to find a way to make Panakea, a medicine to wake you from your immortal sleep.I've already heard of that place from God, so I'm going to explain. "

Panacea is only a game item, but it is also a medicine to cure incurable diseases in reality.This medicine is used in-game to inject medicine into real cold sleep pods.

Mist learns about the medicine and is able to build on that knowledge to create a panacea.

It's just to learn how to create, not Panakaea itself, but the infinity that is building this game has interpreted Diete's request in a strange way, and this is what happened.

However, when it comes to gaming, you can't just make medicine that affects reality.It is a disease that cannot be cured on earth or colonies because it requires the use of rare plant ingredients that are only found in Aphrodites in the first place.

"There are three places where knowledge is needed.First of all, "Skyscraper Babel."It's a giant tower in the Magic Land. "

"It's hard to fight in a building."

When Esha said so, Maris shook her neck vertically.Because neither Esha nor Maris will be able to do their best in narrow spaces.

"Yes, so I would like to go there with members other than Esha and Maris.I'm counting on you because you two have a place where you can do more.That's Spirit Peak Takamaga Hara.I think Simon knows more about this. "

"It's the tallest mountain in the East.There are a few people who have been to the summit, but there is no sign of them.Well, if you say you're going there, it's not possible to show you around. "

"Thank you. And finally," Underwater Temple Atlantis. "I don't even know where this is.I think it's somewhere in the ocean. "

(Atlantis. There's a colony with that name, but it doesn't matter, does it?

Hayato was thinking about that, and Diete, who was drinking coffee, raised her right hand slightly.

"Mr. Dieter? Do you have any questions?

"It's not a question, it's an answer.Underwater Temple Atlantis is the bottom of the ocean further east of the eastern country.In the eastern part of the country, it's called "Ryugu."Simon, I think you know exactly where you are.

What is a submarine temple?I know where it is, but I've never been.I thought it was just a tourist attraction. "

(It's a tourist attraction...?Well, I wonder if you can tell by going there.)

Mist slightly lowered his head and opened his mouth to Dite and Simon.

"I didn't know where Atlantis was, so I thought it would take some time, but thanks to Diete and Simon, it was easy to find out.Does that mean it would be more efficient to attack Babel first and then go to the eastern country?

Diete shook her neck to the side of Mist's question.

"No, I think we should attack Takamagara and Ryugu in the eastern country.And like Necropolis, Babel can teleport through the portal.If possible, Ney, I think it would be more efficient for you to attack. "

"Actually, Nay and the others want to go to the eastern country.I might have a little problem leaving it behind. "

"I see. I thought it would be a good idea to attack in parallel with Babel, but that seems difficult."

"Does anyone care to attack?

Suddenly Ash said such a thing and Diete nodded to the question.

"Of course it doesn't matter to anyone.If anyone on the portal has ever been there, everyone can teleport. "

"Then I'll ask my dads.He said he'd finally get some time. "

Ash then drank Hayato's coffee so that nothing could happen.