Another Frontier Online

Tower Attack Request

The discussion ended after it was decided to leave for the eastern country in three days.

The next day, Hayato was waiting for Ash and Len's father, Ver, on the coffee shop crown.I am going to come to the coffee shop today.

Ash said he should leave the attack on the skyscraper Babel to his father.

Ash and Len had been back, and I thought the movie was somewhat far-sighted, but even if it was, I didn't think Vale and the others would ever log into the game again.

Hayato is thankful, but I don't think Ash is talking to Vel just because he says so.I asked Ash to bring me in to see if I was okay.

Ash and the others came as they were preparing the coffee shop with Esha.Ash, Len, and Vel.

Hayato, I brought my father.

"Thank you, Mr. Vale. I'm sorry if you're busy."

"Never mind.The production of the movie is almost over.All we have to do is publish it online. "

I see.Ah, please use that table seat.Would you like some coffee... or something else?

"No, I haven't had Hayato's coffee in a while.Ash said it tasted better, so I was looking forward to it. "

"I see. Is that okay with Ash?

"Oh, I don't mind.I drink it like every day, so if I don't drink it on the contrary, I can't calm down. "

I don't think it contains any strange ingredients, but Hayato decided to make three cups of coffee with his own.

Next door, Esha makes two chocolate parfaits.

Well, Renn-san and I are talking about girls at the counter.

"Counters look like adults, don't they?It's not a girls' talk, it's an adult women's talk!Ah, I'll be at your big chocolate parfait, please!

"There's more strawberry toppings from here.Are you sure?

"Don't tell me, do you have a lot of strawberries on you...?

"I'm looking forward to it.However, you should only remember that there are more cherry blossoms. "


I thought what I was doing was a girl rather than an adult woman, but Hayato didn't say anything because they both seemed to have fun.Then bring the coffee to the table.

Ver smiled and said, "Thank you," and just had a cup of coffee.And I opened my eyes a little before I smiled.

"Surprised. The taste has gotten much better."

"I'm trying and making mistakes, but I'm proud it's better than before."

"Think it's built on my sacrifice?

"Thank you, Ash."

Having told such a loving story, Hayat cut out his true story.

"Mr. Vale, Ash said yesterday that you could help me with virtual reality."

"Oh, I heard that last night, too, but I don't mind.Like I said, the movie is finished, so we just have to publish it online.It was a movie played by actors who didn't use CG, so it was a hot topic. It felt so good when I played the trailer.And then there's the timing. "

Hayato also saw the trailer.I wonder if I, Esha, and the coffee shop are themed, but if there are no handsome people or beautiful women like this, the opinions are divided between CG and the real world, and it is quite exciting.

This time, it's just about making money and raising the profile, and there's no sponsor to invest in it.Published using a video distribution site where you can get paid depending on how many views you have and how long you play.

I also hope that if this becomes a good reputation, investors will make a name for themselves.Actually, there were some stories that Nay and Dite would sponsor it, but they refused to decide after seeing the movie first.

We haven't decided when to publish it, but we want to publish it together with some timing to get the conversation going.No matter how good a work is, it will be treated differently at the time of publication, so I am thinking carefully.

"I want to get information not only online, but also in virtual reality.I was told to log in to the game and collect information. "


"The game is just the right thing to do to find out when it's going public and to find out what the next movie is about.Besides, the first day of the game and the first day of the movie are likely to be lost together?It makes sense to avoid that. "


Members of the Black Dragon also like movies and look forward to this movie.However, he said he would probably take the game if the release date and the first day of the event overlapped.

(I think Diete-chan will adjust it around here, but I guess I'd like to do it in a way that I can't rely on as much as possible...)

So Ash asked me if I could attack a tower called the skyscraper Babel?

"Yes, that's right. Ultimately, however, Mr. Mist has to go to the top floor, so it's enough to go to the top floor or a portal close to it."

"There must be a boss in those places, but we don't have to take it down.They just want to open the portal to the top floor. "

"It would be even more helpful if you could defeat the boss and give me the information in advance."

"Okay. Then let's take it down.I don't know how high the tower is, so I don't know if I can get there. "

"Yes, there is no need to impose, please go wherever you can."

Hayato thinks we can't dragonize in the tower.

I've never done it, but the dragonization is quite huge, so it's likely that the tower has restrictions.It will take a lot of time, because we will continue to attack as human beings.

Nevertheless, it takes too long to come back from the eastern country and attack from the ground.I would appreciate it if you could attack me in parallel, even if it was on a lower level.

"In the meantime, I'll aim for a breakthrough.But the tower..... "

"Is there a problem?

"No, Agnes and Suien... they said they don't want to go high because they fell out of the world trees at that stampede event."

"... I'm sorry."

"No, Hayato doesn't have to apologize.Unlike a long time ago, I don't have a stuntman right now, so I need to get used to it.I'm going to take you this time, even if you cry. "

"Sometimes my father is tough."

"Not occasionally.It's always tough. If I don't, I won't catch up with my mother for long. "

That word will work for Ash.I nodded deeply after tightening my face.

I was a little jealous of Hayato, who had no parents or brothers, but it was a pretty helpful situation.

Although there is no time limit, it is not a mist that can leave a curable disease forever.Even from Hayato's point of view, I feel a lot of anxiety, so I want you to be ready to make medicine as soon as possible.

"Well then, Mr. Vale, thank you for your strategy on Babel."

"Hayato, raise your head.Ash told me what happened.I'm not familiar with Mist, but I'd like to help you with your illness.And when it came to Stampede, I raided the Mansion to catch the singer.There is also reparation. "

"Something like that happened.It seems like a long time ago. "

It was only a few months ago, but as for Hayato, it seems to be a few years ago.The density of each day is strong.

"It certainly sounds a long time ago.Anyway, don't worry about that.Well, let's have lunch today for the first time in a while.After this, Pat and the others are supposed to come, so please behave better than usual.

"Of course. I also serve free coffee after meals."

"There are some members who don't like it, but the flavour will be fine now.Okay, let's take a closer look at Ash's customer service today.Actors practice acting at all times.Let's play the waiter.

"I know. I want something a little faster."

Hayato was truly happy to be seen as Ash and Vel's trusting relationship or ideal parent-child.

(Though a false memory, Ash hated Vel.I'm sure it's a game setup, but Mr. Vale must have been tough.Well, if it's all right now)

Hayato thought so and started preparing at the counter to make orders that would come in large quantities.