Another Frontier Online

Information gathering and preparation for departure

Hayato and the others began preparations to go to the eastern country.

The eastern country is only accessible by boat, and there are about two scheduled flights a day from the port of King's Land.It's no problem to take your own boat, but I prefer to use a safe scheduled flight, as pirates and sea monsters can attack me.

With the condition that the ship shakes without logging out for about two hours at a time, fewer players go to the eastern country, making it a sacred place only for role players such as Samurai and Ninja.

It was also a place where monsters, some of them called monsters, created their own worldview.

And there aren't many in-game events.It is possible to build bases in the eastern countries, but it is not convenient because we need to return to our continent in two hours.As a result, there were fewer players.

That's why the eastern country has little information.So, in an effort to gather as much information as possible, I called Simon to the cafeteria at the base and was listening to various stories.

Hayato has never been to the eastern country, and he knows some precautions, but not all of them.I tried to hear a little information in advance and prepare for anything.

And then I heard a story about a problem.

"Is it difficult to get materials over there?

I see. In the eastern country there is a belief that God dwells in forests and mountains, and permission is required for cutting trees and digging ores.Shut up and dig or you'll get caught.Of course, such precautions are strictly stated before entering the country, but still, several people are caught every year.Hayato would be happy to catch you, but you want to try?

"I don't want to live in the East."

"That's a shame.That's why if you're going to make something over there, you might want to take the ingredients with you.Well, if Hayato destroys the Demon Sword, I can gain the trust of the country.That way, we'll get clearance for logging and mining.You'll get permission to go where you want to go. "

Although not visible in figures, there are things like trust and prestige in each country, and if it is low, there are restrictions on movement.Hayato wondered if there might be similar restrictions in the eastern countries, as it would have taken quite a bit of fame to get into the Great Prison in the Empire.

In the Empire, the Adventurer Alliance gained fame by performing quests.Using that mechanism, I quickly went to jail there, but there is no Adventurer Alliance in the eastern country, and I don't know how to earn fame.

Simon also said that it might be tough if you don't trust him enough to enter Spirit Peak Takamaga Hara and Ryugu.

(First, destroy the demonic sword and gain fame first.I suppose this was a good time.It's not like you're on a quest to gain fame, and it's clear that you can go where you want to go if you destroy the Demon Sword.But I don't think the timing is too good....)

What's complicated about the cure is what Infinity is doing to build this world.Diete says her instructions were bad, but Hayato thinks it's suspicious.

Infinity also has independent thoughts that are different from Diete, and they plan various things.That's what I think.

I don't know what kind of thinking Infinity is building this world with.However, the reason for organizing events that link reality with virtual reality is too strange.

Diete thinks that Infinity sees Mist's desire to heal everyone in a complicated way, but he keeps wondering if that's possible.

However, even in Hayato, it is not so clear that it is suspicious.It's just a hunch.

As Diete said, I also understand why Infinity interpreted the request strangely.Except for an AI as big as Dite, but a normal program can only do what you're told.I don't move on my own with vague ideas.

"Hayato, what have you been up to?

Hayato seemed to have thought about it a long time ago and left Simon in front of him.

"Oh, I'm sorry, just thinking.You know, you said there was a princess in the east, right?I'm going to take care of Simon in the Mansion over there, but should I take some souvenirs?Kimono or something. "

Hayat has a proper conversation.

However, even if it is appropriate, it is something that I originally thought about.We will be operating in the eastern country for a while, so we need to make a temporary base somewhere.Simon offered me the place.

The place belonged to a person called a princess.Simon wanted to use it freely because it was a place where he could destroy a demon sword, but he thought he needed it as a courtesy.

"If it's not too much trouble, it's not bad to prepare a kimono.Just make it of the highest quality.Because the kimono made for her is not of the highest quality, the princess bends her navel if the quality is worse. "

"That's tough.Okay, I'll prepare the best quality kimono. "

"Perhaps the pattern should be flashy.Because princesses don't like plain. "

"I'm a princess who doesn't have a very good image.You're not a selfish, tyrannical person, are you?

"... well, just think of me as an innocent princess who hates boredom.It's just a little selfish, a little tyrannical, a little frustrating. "

"Just a little bit, but that's a little bit more.

(I don't want to see you very much... well, is it okay to talk about maybe meeting you?)

After that, he listened to Simon's story of the eastern kingdom and checked what he needed.

Hayato starts various preparations in his office at the base.

Something to take to the eastern country, too, but I won't be able to return to this base for a while, so I have to prepare something to leave behind.

What matters is what you put in the store.When this is gone, there will be no customers coming to the store.Rose's suggestion attracted beginner customers, but when the store ran out of products, they left.

Weapons and protective equipment can be used for a long time, but cooking and medicine are consumables, so they must be replenished every day.I don't know how long I've been in the eastern country, but Hayato hastily made the item because he said it would take a week or two to prepare food and medicine for that number of days.

There are other things to prepare.

It's the food and medicine that Vale and the others need to attack the skyscraper Babel.

I can't leave that to you.Even if it's a dragon party called Genesis Dragon, it's no different from a normal player if it's not in a dragon state.

I make and leave items to replenish at any time.

(It seems that even the administrator Dieter can't give money to the player, and it's good to have the money.)

Diete can be an administrator but has the same limitations as players, not all-purpose.Some injuries were caused by Hayato's AI killing, and others could not be done from the beginning.

You can fly in the sky or change settings, but it is only possible for emergency measures, and you cannot create items or money from nothing.

Diete apologized to Hayato and Mist, but neither of them cared.

That said, Diete had the opposite face of trouble, but in that case, she looked happy that she would act as one NPC, and there was a history of leaving the base.

(Diete-chan feels like she can make a more human expression than before.Originally it was a virtual reality expression, but it was a bit stiffer before.Diete-chan must be changing a lot.)

Hayato's mouth naturally relaxed when he thought so.I realized I was happy that Dite was turning into something like that, and then I started making items again.