Another Frontier Online

Before departure

Hayato and the others were gathered at the base early in the morning on the day they went to the eastern country.

The ship leaving the harbour of the kingdom is early in the morning, so I matched it.If you miss this, there will be no boat until around evening.In the case of Hayato and Esha, there is a real job at the coffee shop at that time, so if you miss the ride, you will have to wait a day.

Esha has a pretty sleepy face so she covers Len from her back.It's not like she's actually pissing, but leaning against her back.

The position would be the opposite in terms of age and physical condition, but Len didn't seem particularly heavy in relation to STR.Either way, Len is having fun.

They got along a lot.If someone you don't know sees, you'll look like a sister.Hayato thinks so, but says nothing in particular.If you like people here, Len says, "Hayato and Esha are better friends!Because I said,

In reality, it is a good exchange, so virtual reality does not follow the same path.

Hayato looks around with that in mind.

We still have plenty of time until the rally time, but some members have not yet arrived.It's Mist and Dite.I plan to leave when these four arrive.

Hayato had just come to the dining room from his room, so I thought I'd say hello.

Hayat approaches Vel and Ash.

Vel was coming to see Ash and the others off.After an exchange of greetings, Hayato lowers his head to Vel.

"Thank you very much, Miss Vale, for Babel's strategy."

I don't have to ask you here because I can meet you in real life, but Hayat raised his head as a courtesy.

"Oh, let me handle it.But is that good?I didn't think you could use it for the Babel offensive, even to prepare food and medicine. "

"It's okay. I made money for it.And Ash and the others defeated the dragons and collected luxury materials to recapture them, so there's no problem. "

"Well, thank you for letting me use it.Ash, do your best over there. "

"Me and Len are fine.I came back a long way.I'm rather worried about my dads.Is Agnes and Suien okay?

"Well, you'll be fine.He's telling himself it's virtual reality.Actors also need a self-suggestive part.So I'll leave it to you. Ash, focus on your work. "

It's a game of virtual reality, but it also affects reality, so Vel sees his job.I suppose it's a precaution that you're not going to play.

After that, Val started talking to Ash, so Hayato lowered his head again, and now approached where Rose and Noat were.

These two will remain at the base.It is unusual for Noat to come out of the room and go to the dining room, but he is hungry and has come down, so I didn't come to see him off.

Well, if you're at the base, please.

"Leave it to me. I can be invincible with donuts."

"I didn't tell Mr. Noat.

"No, Mr. Noat fights when he's not here.Nevertheless, I don't think anyone will be able to attack here.The problem is whether you can come back before the product is gone, right?That's all I worry about. "

"Rose says good things.That's right, come home before the donuts go away.At least send me the doughnuts. "

"You're both telling me you're not worried about me?

It's virtual reality so there's no danger, but it's kind of sad that you're not worried.

But they sighed.I'm just saying Hayato doesn't understand.

"I'm not worried about Hayato to teaming up with this kind of team.Rather, I think that if something happens with this, it feels like an eastern country.As a danger zone, we'd better stop moving ships. "

"I think so, too.Ivan is not here, but Esha, Ash, and Ney don't have to worry about it. "

"That's true, but don't worry about form."

It was quite a party during the Necropolis offensive, but this party has also become quite a force.It's not as big a formation as when you went to an island that floats in the sky, so it's inferior to that, but it's probably strong enough.

Hayat approached Nay and the others because he was not particularly worried.I wanted to get a little closer, but I couldn't say that either.We can't just leave the problem behind.

"Everybody, and Rosalie."

Hayato called out to the members of the Black Dragon and Rosalie.

Nay looks happy, but Rosalie also seems a little sloppy.

"Actually, I've only been to the east a few times, so I'm looking forward to it.I couldn't sleep a bit yesterday!

"Ah, yeah, well, I'm looking forward to it too.By the way, Rosalie-san can't be dropped off... right?

"... I didn't mean to, but I decided to follow you to the eastern country.I really didn't mean it. "

I don't know if I really meant it, but I'm sure Ney's coming after me.Hayato was somewhat sympathetic, but definitely strengthened as a combat force, so he rather welcomed it.

But it is unusual for Rosalie to come alone.Because I thought members of the demon king Lunaria or Black Rose would follow.

"Is Rosalie alone this time?Besides, are you feeling kind of tired?

"I'm alone this time.There were a lot of things that made me look tired.Yesterday, when I reported going to the eastern country, Lunaria told me to go with him, and all the Black Roses and the Dark Knights joined forces and locked him in their room.Recently, Lunaria has been playing too much, so I'm keeping the paperwork organized. "

(Now that the Black Rose and the Dark Knight have locked Lunaria up together... maybe we're getting along a little bit?

"After all, I was convinced that I was going to buy a souvenir, but I'm tired of everything...."

"... do you want a potion?

"... I'm not losing any more HP.If possible, please make it sweet later.Mass. "

"Well, Rosalie, let's forget about the Demon King Castle once in a while and stretch our wings!Mid-level management is tough!

"I'm getting a vacation, but you're not going to play, are you?

While thinking that there must have been so much going on at the Demon King Castle that I forgot to tell Hayato to remember, Hayato left the scene when it was saved.

And now we went to a rare combination.

"Isn't it unusual that Maris and Simon are talking?

"Well, Maris asked me a little bit about the monster, so I was just answering."

Hayato said, "Hmm?" while looking at Maris.

"There are monsters called demons in the eastern country.There was a lot of speculation about whether Tamer's Guild could do it, so I thought I'd try it. "

"Guess? Anyone else have tame?

"That's not there, is it?In the first place, monsters called monsters are quite rare and hard to resist.This is also speculation, but as far as Mr. Simon is concerned, is it Cama Itachi, Nekomata or Cucumber that could be tamed?Of course, Mr. Mist's help is a priority, but I'm thinking of looking for some time. "

(Does that mean you can't be an animal-type monster...?

In Hayato's knowledge, camellias are scallops with sickles, cats with two tails, and cubs are foxes with nine tails.Even a monster is an animal, so I think I can make a tame.Even the same monsters seem to be unable to cop.

"That's right. I feel like I can do it somehow.It's not like you're gonna be exploring all day, so if you find it, try taming it. "

"Yes! I will do my best to rebuild Siegfried's kingdom!

"Is that why you're here?

Simon laughed at the exchange.

"But do you want the monster to be your ally?People in this country don't think about interesting things.Well, the ninja are hunting giant frogs, so it might be something like that. "

(Riding a giant frog is the image of a carrot... I don't have ninja skills, but what's going on around here?I wonder if it's a magic skill substitute....)

As we spoke, Mist and Diete arrived.

Hayat checked everyone and said, "Shall we go?" and left the base.