Another Frontier Online

Temporary bases in eastern countries

Having arrived in Azma, the capital of the eastern kingdom, Hayato was on his way to his stronghold under Simon's guidance.

Hayato has never been to the east, but this mysterious atmosphere somehow calms down.

The wooden house has a tiled roof, the NPCs that go there are kimonos and yukata, and the Hayato clothes are floating here.

Hayato has studied many things because his roots are Japanese, but it is presumed that the Edo period is referred to here even if it is Japan.

It seems that Esha and Len have been here for the first time.Len sees kimonos and yukata worn by NPCs and says, "Hah."

"Asha-san, is that dress beautiful?Why don't you try it on later?

"My sewing skills are negative, so wearing cloth gear gradually reduces durability.That's why you can't wear anything but maid clothes with this self-healing feature. "

"... that's a curse, right?What do you mean, a curse that's bigger than mine?

"You have to sacrifice everything to gain power."

Esha's Sniper and Magic abilities are negative for some abilities instead of exceeding their max.Not only were the numbers negative, but they also had serious disadvantages that affected them.

The level at which cooking creates a new life form, the animals hate it, and the durability is greatly reduced simply by equipping them with fabric equipment.Instead, it can be called a Special Attack, but it can be costly.

"Really, I'm sorry.Hey, Mr. Hayato?

"I had it coming.There is no comment. In that case, if Len wants to wear it, I'll make it for you.But I'll see you later. "

"I look forward to it!

If Len could make it for us, Maris, Ney, and the Black Dragon women asked us to make it for them, and Hayato became a feather to make later.But Rosalie is the only one who thinks about why and does not make any particular request.

"Um, is Rosalie okay?By the way, that's it, but if I make this one, I'll make another one.

"I can make it myself, so I don't need it.I have 100 sewing skills, just like Hayato. "

"What? Really?

"All the members of the Black Rose have 100 sewing skills.And since we're getting the ability from God to customize it even further, it's no exaggeration to say that we're doing it on Hayato when it comes to sewing. "

"Customization means you can freely apply performance?

"It's not that, it's just a little bit of design.It means we can make equipment with a unique design.In general, each black rose Godzillari outfit has a different shape, right?They're all their own. "

Nay nods well at Rosalie's words.

"Rosalie's customizations are amazing!I was shown a customized swimsuit on an island that floats in the sky, but it's too aggressive!That's strong!

"Don't say that.You're pretty strong, huh?

Hayato glanced at Dite in surprise.Diete nods lightly to Hayato as if she noticed the gaze.

(Is that a reward from Diete-chan?But design customization.I don't really want that kind of ability because I don't have a sense of design, but I somehow feel like I lost as a craftsman....)

Nevertheless, Hayato is performance-oriented.I'm not that sorry.However, equipment that does not look good is absolutely necessary, and the performance is good for that.I wondered if I could change it to look good.

I was going to talk to Dite later, and Simon stopped walking at the beginning.

Simon has a large Japanese-style mansion ahead of him.However, Hayato's knowledge is that this is a long-established inn.

"Here. Well, with this number of people, we'll be fine in each room.Get up and relax... it's normal to take off your shoes in the eastern country, do you know that?Take it off at the entrance. "

"Mmm, I know.I was angry when I came in front of you with my shoes on. "

When Ney says so, the members of the Black Dragon nod.

Hayato certainly knew, but Ash and the others were a little surprised they didn't.

"Exposing my feet is a bit thoughtful or something.I can change my gear in a flash, so it's not a hassle... well, follow my country. "

Ash said so and put all the armor of the Dead Dragon series in the item bag.And it becomes normal clothing.The rest of the team did the same, disarming them once and placing them in the item bag.

Members who normally wear armor take off their full body armor, but members who normally wear ordinary shoes take off their shoes, which is no different from their usual clothes.

However, some members have a slightly different impression when they take off their shoes.

"Rosalie's heel boots are quite tall, aren't they?Are you as tall as me? "

"As a result of your pursuit of elegance - don't look at your boots too hard, it's embarrassing."

Now that everyone had their shoes off, Maris raised her hand to the point where she thought it would be all right.

"Excuse me, can I raise my Sieg too?

"Of course I don't mind.In the first place, there are many wild cats in the Mansion, or cats wandering around.If you're in the room, get rid of them properly.I don't mind staying with you. "

Simon said so, and Esha and Len ran ahead.I suppose you're trying to stay in a room with a cat.

"Maris, could you tell the cats to evacuate?I don't want Esha being attacked by a lot of cats. "

"I see!Come on, Sieg!

"Then let's stay in the room we like.Ah, and the materials you brought me... "

Well then, this way. But first, set up a temporary base.When that's done, I'll show you to the warehouse where I keep the materials. "

If you set up a temporary base like a campsite, you can be revived here even if you are defeated.Temporary warehouses can also be used, so they can be handled in the same way as bases.

Hayato and the others began to deal with it immediately.

Simon left the Mansion saying he was going to report to the princess when the one-way street correspondence was over.

Everyone in the Mansion is supposed to do what they want and wait to be left alone until Simon returns.

And Hayat and Esha, and Ash and Len gathered together in Hayat's room.The tatami mat room is eight tatami mats, and if you use it alone, you can say that it is a large room.

Hayat sighed as he watched Esha.

"Asha, I don't want you to be too unarmed."

"It's not a cannon.That was deliberately entangled in the cat's stampede.You can die now that you've had so much fun. "

"Even if you're dead, you're dead."Diete-chan's resuscitation magic was good, but at least I wanted you to stay quiet until we set up the base. "

"You're being very quiet now, aren't you?It's just a little reversed. "

"You can't go in the wrong order."

Esha was lying in a cat-ridden room.It is very sad that the cats have chased her down despite her falling down, but Esha fell down with a happy face, so she probably didn't have any problems.

After Maris moved the wildcats to another room, Diete revived Esha with resurrection magic.

When outsiders saw it, it looked like there had been a terrible murder, but Esha said it was like heaven.The room became Esha's room.

"Hayato, don't worry, Esha is always the same.That's fine. What are you gonna do today?Would you like to log out already?

Hayato puts his right hand on his chin to answer Ash's question.

It's too early to set up a coffee shop, but nothing in particular.

I don't know when Simon will be back, but he said it's too late, so there's nothing I can do today.Nay and the others said they were going to explore the Mansion, but it wasn't as big as spending a day investigating something bigger than others.

"Well, let's log out today and log in again at night."

Hayato said that and asked Nay to come back before he logged out.