Having finished their work at the coffee shop, Hayato logged in again.

Of course, it's late in the game, but from outside the room, a pleasant voice that doesn't resemble that night pops into Hayato's ears.

Asha and the others would log in later, and Hayat moved out of the room one foot ahead to hear the voice.

This mansion is often divided into rooms.Hayato opened the lid of the room where the voice came from and looked inside, and it seemed that Nai and Mist were having a banquet in so-called yukata.

It's not like a regular standing party, it's a feast where you sit on a tatami mat mat with a meal for each person.And a girl who felt a little older than Len was sitting on the upper seat of the seating room a little more on multiple cushions.

Simon is sitting nearby, so Hayato guesses that's the princess.

(But even though she's a princess, can I hang her in a yukata?I thought it might be something more flashy... no, other than clothes)

A girl thought to be a princess wore a yukata filled with thin blue patterns, just like Nay and the others, and was wearing a dark blue feather on top of it.However, the pink hair has a side tail on the left side, and the shiny stuff that comes together is flashy red.Overall, it would be flashy.

"Hey, Simon, it's fun as it is, but hayachi hasn't?I waited too long and the princess was a little angry. "

"I wonder if Hayato is still sleeping in his room.I'm trying to bring you here, so please be patient.I think it would be better to be more like a princess. "

"Does that sound like a princess...?"

(Looks like he was expecting me.Then let's get out of here.It's not a yukata, but it's okay.)

Hayato opens the lid.

For a moment the room was quiet, but everyone welcomed Hayato.The princess in the throne would be the most welcome.

"Oh, is that hayachi? Um, at times like this - yes, it's not painful, come closer!"

The princess invites her with a smile from above the cushion.

Hayato had an unyielding smile on her first face, and she looked attractive to Hayato.

"Princess, you don't have to use words you're not used to.Hayato, I'm sorry to bother you... but this is the princess of the eastern kingdom, Benitur Azma.

Hayato lowers his head to a smiling venison.

"It's Hayato. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you again, yes, Hayashi, thank you for the kimono!I'm glad you don't have all the best kimonos. It's so grand! "

(It's kind of light, this kid.Are you sure you're a princess? Could it be the Shadow Warrior?)

When Hayat gave Simon his gaze, Simon nodded.

"Hayato, I know what you're trying to say, but this is definitely not a princess."

"This is the princess's guess, but Simon is very rude, isn't he?Well, that's fine. I feel so good today, so it's super rude.Hayato sat next to the princess.In fact, I want you to tell me a lot about other countries! "


"Hayato, I'm sorry, but will you hang out with the princess for a while?The princess is always in the castle and can barely get out.Thanks to Hayato's gift of the highest-quality kimono to the princess, I came here to thank her.That's why it's a little more tense than usual. "

"Is that all you got?"

"Hayachi, say it! I'm going to beat you to the neck."

(I'm winking my tongue with a smile, and I'm pointing a piece sign next to my right eye... I'm afraid what you're saying, but Nori is a student.)

For now, Hayato sat next to Benitz because he didn't want to be struck by the neck.It's on the right side of the venice. Simon is on the other left.

And soon the meal was brought before Hayato's eyes.They were supposed to be servants of this mansion.There are so-called Japanese-style dishes lined up in the meal, and it's fun to just watch the colorful dishes.

Suggested by Simon, Hayato talks a little.Not five stars, but all four star dishes tasted delicious.

"Hayachi lives in the kingdom, right?"

Hayato nodded to Benitz after putting on his chopsticks.

"The base is near the kingdom."

"Ah, you don't have to talk like that anymore.You're not serving me, let's go more friendly! "

"Oh, yeah? Well, I will.By the way, this is about me, right? "

"Yeah, yeah. This one feels more like a friend.Can you call me Benny? "

"Okay, so Benny's always in the castle?"

Hayato said that, Benitz looked quite surprised.Simon sitting next to him was surprised enough to drop the chopsticks he had.

"What is it? What's wrong?"

"Oh, Princess, I'm surprised. Until now, I've only called Benny a princess or a benitz.It's the first time Hayachi called me Benny!

"Well, it doesn't matter here, but it's better not to say where there are other sacred magic swords and the Samurai people in the country.You'll be slaughtered without telling me. "

"Isn't the eastern country a bad place?"

"It's terrible, isn't it?I'm the princess of such a shitty country! "

When Benitz said that, he burst out laughing with his stomach and legs sticking together.Simon looks a little dazed at it.

(Kid laughs a lot.It is said that chopsticks are strange even at a fragile age, but that's exactly right.Are you having fun and laughing from the bottom of your heart, or is your smile contagious and everyone seems to be having fun?)

Benitz, who was laughing too much, had his back rubbed by Simon with a stupid face.Did it finally settle down? I exhaled a lot and then looked at Hayato.

"Speaking of which, Hayachi came to destroy the demon sword, right?"

"That's right. I haven't seen the demon sword yet, and I don't know if I can actually do it, but that's why I'm here.I've taken care of Simon a lot over there, so I'd like to return the favor, if possible. "

Essentially, you should have a skill level when returning gear to the material.However, it is only a matter of ordinary armor.The demonic sword is a cursed sword.I don't know if I can actually return this to the material.

Before I came here, when Len asked me if I could return any unwanted curse items to the material, he said, "I don't have any unwanted curse items."

As expected, Hayato didn't intend to try the cursed items sold at auctions or stores until he bought them, so it would be a real hit, but Hayato thinks it will work out.

"I didn't owe you anything because I asked you to, but I'd appreciate it if you thought so.Well, Hayato will be fine. A blacksmith capable of making five of the finest swords in one day.Destroying a demon sword is so light. "

"Wow, that's terrible. The eastern country is terrible, but isn't that terrible?"

(Isn't that bad?)

Hayato doesn't know anything about it, but I decided to think it would be bad by the standards of this country.

After chatting with Benitz and Simon for a while, the lid in this room opened.

There are three of them: Esha, Ash, and Len.Ash and Len have the same maid's clothes, but Ash and Len have a feathered look in yukata.

Looking at the three, Benitz opened his eyes.

"There are handsome people, beautiful girls and kunoichi!"

"Wait, those three aren't curves because they're with Hayato.We talked about this in advance. "

"Oh, that's right. Princess, by accident."

Benitz was struck lightly on the head by Simon with a sword sheath.The three of them looked at each other, but after seeing what Hayato had to say, "I left it to Hayato," they sat in an empty place.

Hayato thinks a little.

I'm sure he's handsome, but I don't know which one is a beautiful girl and which is a kunoichi.By Hayato standards, both are beautiful girls.I am not going to say that even if my mouth is torn, but I think so.

But Kunoichi is a female ninja.No matter what you think, neither Esha nor Len looks like Ninja.

"Um, who's Kunoichi?"

"Huh? Isn't the maid a kunoichi?You taught me you're a member of an intelligence agency that's out and gathering information all over the world.Also, it's strong enough to do it. It is common sense that when I see the maid, it is the eastern country that thinks he is a curve. "

"The East is a real mess."

In the meantime, Hayat understood that the eastern country was a little strange.