Another Frontier Online

Shrines in the craftsman's quarters

The next day, Hayat, Ash, and Len were taken by Simon to the craftsman's town in Azma.

The three Hayats feel a little tired.That must be because of yesterday's banquet.I wasn't physically tired, but I was mentally tired by the princess swinging me around.

There are tough things to be used to talking to Benitz.It's a type that doesn't hesitate to do a lot of things and comes to my personal space.They behave like old friends, and they don't hesitate to hear things that are hard to hear.

Ash and the others said, "Is she gone?"and Len said," The cat ear hood is magic spectacle, "and Esha said a lot of things in front of her.

However, there was nothing offensive about it, and everything I saw was fresh and enjoyable.And Simon was not that bad because he was about to run away with the venison.

When I saw Simon, I felt something sympathetic, and there was a scene where Rosalie poured a drink to Simon.

And when Benitz came home, he wept in his eyes and said, "I'm staying today!Simon grabbed Benitz's neck and dragged him home.

Um, was Mr. Benitzle okay?

"It's okay, Gaga, I told you, but when I threatened not to take you with me anymore, I grew up.You could have stayed at your own discretion, but if you forgive me, I would have stayed for days and finally said I would go to the western country with Hayato and the others.From now on, it's been tough. "

"Is Simon okay?Aren't you going to make Mr. Benitzle angry? "

Benitz is a princess. Hayato doesn't know much about the form of this country, but she's a great princess.It is unclear whether it is a monarchy or not, but the Holy Magic Ten Swords said they serve the Princess, so there will be a problem if Simon does not agree with the Princess.

But Simon shook his head sideways.

"I won't let the princess get mad at you like that.I'm sure my usual behavior is selfish, but I can explain it properly.Well, some of the Ten Daggers do what the Princess wants.And if the princess is really angry - well, that's fine. Well, here we are. "

After walking about 30 minutes from the mansion where it is temporarily based, I arrived at the craftsman's town.

There are bungalow houses lined up, and smoke rises from everywhere.And Hayato often heard metal bumps everywhere, and it was full of vibrancy.

The people outside the house are musculoskeletal and feel exactly like blacksmiths.There are not only men but also women, and there are a wide variety of ages from top to bottom.Having seen that, Hayato became happy.

Because ordinary players have combat skills and blacksmithing skills.Smithing is only a sub-skill. Few players have only increased their skills to maintain their equipment, and they are the main blacksmiths.

Hayato was delighted to think that there were many of his own.

"I told you a little about it at yesterday's banquet, but there is a shrine ahead.That's what we're aiming for. "

Why did you come to this place?Of course, that's because there's a demon sword here to destroy.Both the famous sword and the demon sword were made by man's hand.Regarding the demonic sword that seems dangerous, it will be sealed in the shrine in the craftsman's town so that it can be sealed immediately after it is made.

I don't mind using the demon sword at my own risk, as long as the disadvantage is only for me.However, as for the demonic sword that annoys the surroundings, it is decided that it will be sealed in the shrine.

And this time, the demonic sword "Hario Amatsubame" was decided to be destroyed because it was an inconvenient sword to manipulate the gear and slash anyone.

Hayato and the others were walking to the sealed shrine, but Len unfortunately exhaled when she heard the story.

"It's kind of a waste. I can't believe you destroyed my cursed gear."

"Well, some demonic swords are allowed to exist depending on their performance.But not this time.Certainly a powerful sword, but the damage not only to the person but to the surroundings is too great. "

"Is there something you can't suppress with this power of will?I wish I had something to tickle my young heart about being recognized by a sword. "

"I tried a few of them, but I couldn't.Dealing with every failure is not a hassle, and destroying it is the best.Well, I think it would be a shame.The famous sword and the demon sword are a single piece of paper.If only that demon sword hadn't been manipulative, it would definitely have been the strongest sword. "

Since then, Len and Simon have been talking a lot, but as Hayato, I am more interested in what form the demonic sword was made.Was it simply made by the NPC, or did a sword with such a setting originally exist?

I didn't ask Dite about this.It's boring to hear all the settings on the game, so consider that.Basically, I only decided to ask Diete directly about the mist relationship.

On top of that, Hayato thinks.

If NPC made it, I think there is a manufacturing method and I can make it myself.

There were several pieces of paper on the island that floated in the sky, but although they could be made new, they were not the most powerful tools.I was able to make some special effects.

I don't plan to investigate the Demon Sword in particular this time by dividing it into the quests necessary to move around in this eastern country.Hayato decides to come back when Mist's case is settled and he can afford it afterwards.

Walking with that in mind, I arrived at a shrine with a magical sword sealed.

Simon explains that the shrine is surrounded by walls of about two meters, and the entrance is only to the front of the torii.There were some demon swords sealed in the main hall in the back.

Simon stops in front of a giant torii and bows.

"Hayato and the others can be normal.This is not what the people living in the eastern country do.I mean, I'm not familiar with the manners inside so much as to thank you here. "

Though I wondered if that was all right, Hayato and the others lowered their heads to Torii before entering the grounds.

Walk the cobblestone path by yourself.On the way there were regular lines of animal statues.There are many dogs and foxes, and there are statues like monkeys and frogs.

Len looked at it strangely.

"What is this?"

"I don't know? I don't know the details, but they say this is a sacred place, so I'm here to protect you.I've never seen it move. "

"Heh, but if it was an animal, maybe I should have taken Maris."

Hayat certainly nodded.

Nevertheless, it's just a statue, so it's unclear if Tamer has anything to do with it.I think Maris might know, but now she's got a lot of brains about monsters, so it's not like that.

Last night too, Maris was thriving with a fairy tale.

"Well, maybe you should come back when you're done.When this is over, we'll start exploring for a while, but we'll have some room. "

Len said, "That's right! Simon looks at Hayato as he says energetically.

"I remember exploring, but as the princess said at yesterday's banquet, if you destroy the demon sword, I'll give you permission to go anywhere.In fact, it seems that I could have given permission only for yesterday's highest-quality kimono. "

Oh, is that so?

"Kimono and yesterday's banquet, to be exact.The princess wasn't always like that, but she was more comfortable than usual.The gift, too, but it must have been nice to have been out of the castle for a long time.Besides, nobody builds walls against princesses.You must have been happy to treat me like a real friend. "

"I'd be happy if you enjoyed it - yes, this time we should do the hospitality.Would it be okay to call Mr. Benitzle and have a banquet before we leave?Aren't you disrespectful? "

"I can't possibly be disrespectful about that.The princess will be delighted because she hasn't eaten much western cuisine either... but it's not good to make her delighted.They might try to make you live in the eastern country forever. "

"Haha-ha, really?"

"Seriously, I'll be on your side then.Some of the Ten Daggers will be on the princess's side, but with a sword, we'll be able to escape. "

When Simon says so, Ash smells.

"If Simon isn't here, he'll be out of control."

"That's right! I'm cursed too!"

"Don't hesitate to flaunt me then.Ten swords are frogs in wells, or the field of view is too narrow.Maybe you should go through a painful experience once and advise the princess to catch Hayato. "

"Don't use me."

"I'm kidding. I can't avenge you.I hope so, but please forgive me for that.Okay, here we go. I'm sorry, but I need you to be more careful from here. "

Simon's smile suddenly got serious in front of the main hall entrance.

Hayat tightened his guard as he was told it was going to be real from here.