Another Frontier Online

Curse the curse

The main hall is surrounded by a strange atmosphere.

In the center of the wooden main hall, a sword with a sheath floated vertically.

Even if it is floating, the chain is wrapped around the sword from the four corners of the ceiling, and it is hanging rather than floating, but it is correct.

The chain had several bills with some strange patterns on it, which were also affixed to the walls of the main hall.

On the other side of the sword, behind the main hall was an altar with a round mirror, but the altar was also stamped with bills.

Simon and Ash look serious, but Len has a slightly rough nose.It's not that there's a suspicious aura coming out of the sword, but it's a performance that somehow knows how to curse it.

Even Hayato is a bit jumpy.The harsh atmosphere and the suspicious atmosphere are unmatched, and the feeling that they don't suit each other is actually stimulating Hayato's mind.

Simon opens his mouth.

"This is the demonic sword Hario Amatsubame.How about that, Hayato? Can you destroy it? "

"I don't know unless I try. Show me a little more."

Hayat sees a demonic sword.Even if you look at it, it is an act of checking item information.

Anyone can see the item's information.Sometimes there is performance that is not written on the item information, but most of it is all written.

(Wow. It's nearly twice as powerful as a regular sword and has self-healing abilities.It seems to offset the weakness of the sword, which is generally less durable.Moreover, the equipment condition is the lowest value of STR25. Is it mandatory as I thought?Death of the owner is the condition for release.....)

STR is a muscle strength status.This number determines the equipment you can equip.There are other special equipment that DEX and INT require, but most of them are STRs.

It is quite rare that the STR can be equipped with a minimum of 25 armor.Equipping swords and swords, even with Magus status, is something that players who want to role-play Magus swordsmen and other players will want.

Besides, this demon sword has the ability to force equipment.

Forced Gear is a piece of equipment that cannot be stored in an item bag and is forced to be equipped.Even if they have other equipment, they will be forced to disarm and equip them.

You can disarm in churches and shrines, but they require a large donation.There are many things like this in the curse gear, and it can be worse than a bad trap in a dungeon.

And the condition for disarming the equipment is the death of the owner.This means that when the owner is defeated, the equipment falls off and onto the ground.

Originally, the item was considered discarded as placed on the ground and disappeared after twenty minutes.There is also a system where items are not instantly placed in the trash.

Hayato wondered whether this was the handling of items for the event or whether it would not disappear even if they were placed on the ground.

(Even so, if I was equipped, I would be cursed and cut the surroundings.But you'll be fine. I have Ren, the cursed Jazz.That way you won't be cursed)

Hayato took out his ring and bracelet.

Ah, Hayato-san, do you use that?

Len asked Hayato happily.

"Yes, it's important, but let me use it a little."

"Please use the bang."

Hayato smiles at Len's words and then equips himself with two.

(Has STR decreased to 15?I wouldn't be able to equip myself with this.)

Hayato is equipped with "weak ring" and "weak bracelet".This has the capability of lowering the STR by 5 each.Honestly, it doesn't help, but it does this time.

Hayato, who has a minimum STR of 25, can lower the STR even further by equipping both of them.

In this state, Hayato cannot equip the demonic sword in front of him.You can return the Demon Sword to its material without being cursed.

Hayato approached the sword without making any sense.Then he grabbed the handle of the sword.

Ma, wait, Hayato!

Simon was in a hurry for the act.

Hayato looks back while holding the handle of the sword.

Oh, you still can't do that?

"... is everything okay?"

"Especially since I can't equip myself in the first place, I won't be cursed.Can I put it back in the material? "

"I'd like to ask if I can, but don't the sword witches have to close the line...?"

"What is a sword witch?"

"Witches who hold down the power of the demon sword prepared such rituals to keep Hayato from being cursed....."

"Um, it seems okay.But if anything happens, you can slash it.Let's get started. "

Hayato took the magic knife out of the bag and put it on the floor.Then take out your favorite blacksmith hammer.

I placed the Demon Sword on the iron floor and chose "Recycle" from the menu displayed by using the hammer.Then he hammered the demon sword.

A slightly dull sound reduced the durability of the Demon Sword.Precisely, the maximum endurance value was reduced.And Hayato's item bag contains an item called "Demon Sword Fragment".

(I don't get Ore, can I get such an item?Can it be used for some material?)

Hayato looked happy at the item he had seen for the first time and hit the sword with a hammer.

And hit it dozens of times.The maximum endurance of the halibut reached zero and was completely destroyed.

Hayat exhaled and turned to Simon.

"This is fine. Um, are you okay?Why are you so worried? "

Simon exhaled a few seconds after Hayato said so.And I saw Hayato with a stunning subtle smile.

"Oh no, Hayato is not out of standard.I said it would be easy, but that was after all the preparations.I didn't expect to destroy it all of a sudden.I didn't think it was time for the witches who were preparing to come out. "

"What? Oh, sorry?"

"You don't have to apologize. Rather, it's a pleasure.But, Hayato, why aren't you cursed by a demonic sword? "

"Oh, that's this."

Hayato shows Simon the rings and bracelets he just equipped.

"This is a lower STR gear than the one that can be equipped with a sword.If you can't equip it, you won't be cursed.Thanks to Ren-chan. "

In Hayato's explanation, Len gave him an unmistakable look.And for some reason, it feels like Ash has a tall nose.

"Curse and control the curse!"

"It's the first time I've heard it, but I know what you mean.That's Ren-chan. "

Speaking of demonic swords, it's a curse.Speaking of curses, Len. Hayat consulted with the cursed Jazz Len before coming to the eastern country.

Therefore, the proposed content was that it should not be equipped in the first place.Even if the STR is lowered after the equipment is forced, the equipment will not be disarmed, but if it is not equipped in the first place, the equipment cannot be forced.

It's because it's Len who knows how to equip a curse.Hayato decided to go on the proposal, thinking that it would be enough.

(Recently, the equipment of the curse has been very effective.Even when I was a Doppelganger, it seemed like I could use it as a regular method of attack, and I wonder if I could make a curse gear.No, Ren-chan wants you to make a lot of things...?)

Simon nodded impressively and looked at Len.

"Excellent knowledge. I didn't know there was such a way.This could be used to counter the demonic sword in the future... even though the witches might lose their jobs. "

There was a rattling noise outside the main hall.Perhaps the witches who were waiting outside panicked.

"Er, look, you can't surprise me with cursed gear, because it's expensive.I don't think I need someone to manage it.The witches are in charge. "

"Sure, it's not something that anyone can have, and it should be managed by a country or a shrine.Hmm, I'll suggest it to the princess.However, Hayato, there are actually some other demonic swords that are troublesome to destroy.Could you help me, please? "

"Sure, let's get back to the material from one end.Speaking of which, when I destroyed it, I got an item called a shard of a demon sword. Can I have this? "


Not only Hayat, but also Ash and Len were surprised by the unusual voice of Simon.In addition, the witches who are thought to be outside the main hall hear shocking voices.

"Don't be so surprised.I was surprised by that voice. "

"... I'm sorry, but I didn't know I could get it - this might not be good."

"What? What happened?"

"Hayato, don't tell anyone that you have that item... no, the witches asked you.I have to keep my mouth shut.Just a moment, please. "

Simon said so and left the main hall immediately.

All three left tilt their heads.

What the hell is going on?

"Isn't it something important?"

"This must be the material to create a new demon sword!If you can! My curse collection will increase!Uhihihi.... "

"It's been a long time since you laughed like that.I was relieved because I didn't see it in real life - is this a laugh at home? "

Hayato and the others waited for Simon while having a chat that was not similar in location.