Another Frontier Online

Legendary sword and open-air bath

Hayat, Ash, and Ren are waiting for Simon in the shrine's main hall.

It was long enough, and I wondered what was going on, and Simon came back.

I kept you waiting.

"That's fine, but what is it?"

"There was a problem with the item I got when I destroyed the Demon Sword.As I said earlier, it is better not to tell anyone that you have the item.Especially for princesses and dozens of swords. "

"That's fine, but could you tell me why?"

Simon closed his eyes with his arms folded and wrinkled between his eyebrows, but nodded after a while.

"Yes, but you don't have to say anything now."

Hayato and the others nodded seriously in Simon's serious face.

"There is a legend of swords in the eastern country.It's a sword that's stronger than any weapon. "

Hayato remembered a story he had heard from the maid chief before.

There were several organizations targeting Hayato, and the Holy Magic Ten Daggers was one of them.As far as the maid's guild was concerned, they would take Hayato to make the sword.

However, Simon, the Ten Swords of the Holy Demon, actually asked the base, but the reason for this was the destruction of the Demon Sword.This is what I have dealt with now.They didn't say anything about making a sword.

"A while ago, the story of making this sword came up in the eastern country.We talked about having some good blacksmiths make it, but Hayato was also a candidate. "

"I've heard of it somehow.I wonder if he said he was being targeted by the Holy Devil's Ten Swords. "

"... really? Some people in the East know about this...?"

On the contrary, Hayato is surprised where the Maid Alliance brought the information, and I think that the Maid is definitely a kunoichi in my heart.

"Uh, a little bit from various networks."

It's a boulder, not just a blacksmith, but something like that.

Hayato herself has nothing to do with it, but just smiling does not confirm or deny it.That's what I did just in case.

"Well, what does that have to do with this item?I don't think they're coming out at all. "

"Hmm. So one of the ingredients used to make that legendary sword is a shard of the demon sword.Without it, there was no plan to take Hayato. "

Are you trying to get away with this?

"I can only say I'm sorry.However, one day I was going to marry Hayato for the sake of getting the item, so I decided to ask him to destroy the demonic sword. "

I'm not convinced, but I understand the situation.

I wondered what Hayato was up to, but Ash opened her mouth.

"I have a lot to say, but I'll leave it there for now.I was wondering if I could easily imagine how to get it from the name of a shard of a demon sword, but what about it?You had a demon sword you could destroy, didn't you?Why did only Hayato get this item? "

Ash is right, and it's easy to imagine how to get it from the item's name.

Everyone knows that Phoenix feathers come from Phoenix, and everyone knows that they come from a demon sword by name.

"Even if I destroyed the Demon Sword, I didn't get the item.I don't think craftsmen lie about it.Perhaps Hayato's skills, or the type of demonic sword, are influencing it.It's just a guess. "

(If it is my skill, it is the skill of dismantling knowledge that is likely to have an impact.But there shouldn't be any mechanism for recycling items to increase or change.There are only two bonuses to success in fish dishes that increase the drop rate and rarity of monsters.Then, it must be a demonic sword with more than a certain quality and strength. Try it)

"Let's verify. You still have the demon sword, don't you?"

"I appreciate that, but what's good about that?"

"What happened?"

"It was a long time ago, but I didn't expect you to help me after hearing it, because they said they were going to take Hayato."

"That's fine - Ah, maybe this fragment has all the ingredients?I mean, are you going to resurrect the story of taking me? "

Simon nodded sorry.

"That's right. If we find the item, the other Ten Swords will be after Hayato.Hayato liked the princess at yesterday's banquet, so it is highly likely that she will tell me not to do that.But the opposite is possible.The princess may take the initiative to surround the Hayats in this country. "

"So don't tell me what you have.Does that mean that Simon is the only one on the eastern side of the country? "

"I'm really sorry, but I need your forgiveness."

Simon had the momentum to sit down, so Hayato stopped it.You don't have to tell them you have this item in the first place.Fortunately, the only people I know are the members here and the sword witches.If no one says anything, there will be no problem.

Hayato thought so, but Len raised his right hand vigorously.

"Instead, why don't you make that sword quick?On condition that we don't surround Hayato. "

That's one idea too, but what do you think?I might try to get Hayato to mass produce it.Besides, I can't go out to make a sword.If Hayato knew how to manufacture it, he would never leave the country. "

"I can't..."

"Well, if you don't find out about this item, you'll be fine.In the meantime, I won't say anything to anyone for a while. "

Everyone but Hayato nodded.

(Told the customer that it would be troublesome, but it would be fine.When it's time, Ash and the others will help us, and we have Diete-chan.If anything happens, they'll force us to help.I just need to gather Mr. Mist's knowledge.At least not until it's over.)

Hayat decided to destroy another demonic sword while thinking about it.

Hayato and the others came back to the Mansion after destroying the Demon Sword.

There were many things, but as a result Hayat returned all the demonic swords to the material, and one of the reasons for coming to the eastern country is said to be over.

And I was able to verify some of the fragments of the demonic sword.

It turns out that if you recycle a Demon Sword with more than a certain quality and strength, you can get "Demon Sword Fragments".

This reassured the Hayats a little.

Because there is a chance to acquire "Demon Sword Fragments" other than Hayato.If we provide this as information, at least the destruction of the demonic sword is not necessary.

However, I decided to remain silent for a while longer than I knew what would happen.At the very least, everyone's consciousness is united in the form of saying nothing until business in the eastern country is finished.

Simon went to the castle to tell the princess that he had destroyed the Demon Sword, so only three returned to the Mansion.

I decided to go back to Hayato's room once, but I ran into Asha in front of it.Esha seems to be back from somewhere.

"Master, you're back a long time ago.Have you already destroyed the Demon Sword? "

"I see. Simon is on his way to the castle now, so I'm sure he'll be able to get permission to go to Takamagara and Ryugu right away.Does that mean that Esha is taking damage again? "

"The cats here are the best.I had a chocolate parfait this time for a long time. "

"Well, that's fine. By the way, where are the Neys?"

"Nai and the others are exploring the Mansion.He said he was looking for the monster Zashikiwarashi.Speaking of which, you said you found an open-air bath.She said she regretted not letting it in because there was no hot water. "

It was Len who caught up with Esha's words.She opened her eyes and grabbed and rinsed Esha's arms from left to right.

"Let's go into the open-air bath! Naked relationships are important!"

Len's naked is a dragon, right?Besides, as I said earlier, I don't have hot water.I thought there was a problem with the source. "

"How do I solve that problem!?Let's do something while we're here!Asha-san, I'm going to gather some information! "

"I think it's normal to take a bath in real life, but it's okay.I'm going to go now. "


Ren pulled Asha's hand and walked back down the hallway.

Nothing naked in virtual reality, but the atmosphere is enjoyable.Hayato also wanted to soak in the bath and relax after everything he had done in the eastern country.

"Hayato, what do we do?There's still time before the coffee shop opens. "

"Sure, it's early to log out.Then I'll report it to Mr. Mist.You might want to tell them that it's time to go exploring. "

Well then, let's go to Mist's room.

Hayat and Ash headed to the room where the Mists were.