Another Frontier Online

Strategy Information

Hayat and Ash visited Mist's room.

Even in Mist's room, Damien and Ruth share the same room, in the form of a room for each person.Last night, Hayato could only laugh bitterly when he heard the strange story of hunting just by saying where to put the coffin.

I wondered whether it would be good to knock on the lid, and when Hayato spoke verbally, Ruth opened the lid.

Welcome, Mr. Hayato, Mr. Ash.

Mist, are there any of them?

"Yes, as always, Mist reads books without sleeping, and Damien tells him to go to bed early.They've been like that for a long time, haven't they?I think you should play more with me. "

"I think you'll play with me when everything's over.Oh, by the way, how's your pharmaceutical skills? Is everything all right? "

Ruth was improving his Production Skills with his clan "Undead".However, there are not 100 like Hayato, and he is still practicing, giving Hayato materials that can be used in medicine to improve his skills.

"Thanks to Hayato, we're up to 92."

"Wow, that's awesome. I wonder if it'll take a week after 90, so you've gone up two in the last few days?"

"Were you lucky?I was making an elixir, and I happened to be up there. "

Increased skills are influenced by Real Racks.The probability of gaining after Skill Value 90 is said to be 0.1%, which does not increase even if you actually do it 1000 times.

Hayato has worked hard with members of the Black Dragon because there are few players who can use 90 Production Skills up to 100, but there are benefits such as a bonus to the chance that a high quality will be created at 100.

When I remembered that, Ruth said, "Please go inside." Hayat returned to me and stepped into the room.

Mist sat on the cushion and read a book.Hayato didn't notice.

Damien, who was in the room with him, noticed Hayato, raised his right hand and greeted him, but called out to the mist he did not notice.

Hey, Mist, Hayato's here.

"Eh, ah, what? Oh, Mr. Hayato, Mr. Ash, welcome.Have you finished destroying the demon sword? "

"Are you really... rude to Hayato?He's doing a lot for us, so do it right. "

"Oh, no, don't worry about Damien.When you're concentrating, you know very well that people don't get into your eyes. "

Hayato also makes various products with production skills, so I can understand how it feels because I can't see the surroundings at all.If you concentrate on something, you don't notice anything around you.

Mist has been studying medicine that has changed in the last 100 years.A book written by Diete, which is valuable to Mist who has not logged out what has been recovered.

Mist put the book in the item bag and looked at Hayato.

"I'm sorry, I can't concentrate."

"Yeah, so don't worry about it.Because I am similar.So I came to report that the demon sword was destroyed.In a few moments, I think Simon will give you permission to enter Takamagara and Ryugu. "

Mist lowered his head while sitting.Damien and Ruth lowered their heads in the same way.

"Thank you, Mr. Hayato."

"No, I don't mind thanking you once you have Panakaea.I think we can start exploring today, but in what way should we proceed? "

"I'm going to scout both places first.And then I'm going to gather information about what it's like for people in this country.They don't know the people in this mansion very well. "

"That's the basics of exploration. But I think Diete-chan is also familiar, so why don't you ask her?"

"Ah, you did.Her knowledge is undoubtedly the highest in the world.Let's rely on that knowledge again. "

There is Damien and Ruth, so Diete cannot be said to be in charge.Mist told them that Diete had such knowledge.

Asking Dite about the game is no different from watching a strategy book.Hayato is a production job, so I don't go to much exploration, but I still don't want to know the strategy information.Because the surprise and joy of discovering something seems to be enjoying it.

However, reality is influencing this matter.We must create the item in virtual reality from the knowledge of the cure, not just a game.Then it's only natural to ask Dieter, the manager of virtual reality, how to attack.

"Damien, Ruth, I'm going to Hayato's and Diete's room.Could you two prepare for the expedition? "

"Okay, I'll take care of it. Hayato, I'm sorry, but I need to use the items in your warehouse.I want to sort out what I take with me. "

"Yes, go ahead. I'll replenish it when I run out, so please keep using it."

Damien nodded and took Ruth out of the room.

"Well, let's go, too.This member is more likely to have a conversation with Diete. "

The rest are Hayat, Ash and Mist.I mean, people who know reality.

Hayat and Ash nodded, and went with Mist to Dite's room.

When I went to Dite's room, I was prompted to go inside immediately.

Dite is wearing yukata and haori just as she did at yesterday's banquet.Hayato thought about it at that time, but Dite rarely removed the Veil and she saw the light blue hair as it was.

Nay said Vale remained wearing a swimsuit on an island that floats in the sky, but it seems that the yukata is too mismatched or removed.

Dite, are you enjoying yourself?

"I won't deny it. I don't come here much because my outfit stands out here.I don't have any events dedicated to the eastern countries either.Now let's do an event in this country. "

"Hands are soft. Now that the demon sword has been destroyed, I think it's time to start exploring.I want you to tell me how to attack Takamaga Hara and Ryugu, places of knowledge. "

"Of course I don't mind. Well then, let's start with Takamagara."

At the top of the Takamagahara lies the knowledge Mist must acquire.So we aim for the summit, but Takamaga Hara is divided into the first, second and tenth areas.

Since the first one is at the foot and the tenth one is at the top, you have to clear the area from the second to the ninth one by one.However, there is a rest area and a transfer device in the fifth assembly.

Not everyone can transfer on a party-by-party basis, just like the Necropolis portal, and if you don't get there, you can't use the transfer device.

Even if Simon had gone to the 5th, not everyone would have access to the transporter.So we have to climb from the first set.

"I think we should aim for the fifth.It's not that difficult, so it won't be difficult for everyone.The problem is the monster at the top. "

"I knew you were here. Maybe a monster?"

"No, it's a bird-shaped monster called a peacock.It's a red bird, but like Phoenix, it attacks with flames.With flame-resistant armor and water- and ice-based weapons and magic, it's easy.But basically, they're flying in the sky, so they need a ranged attack. "

I see.

"Also, if you hit the wings several times with an ice attack, the wings will freeze and fall to the ground.Ash, Mist, you better aim for it. "

Ash nodded, "Leave it to me," and Mist nodded, but Hayato was in a bit of trouble.Few of our current members can use ice magic or long-range weapons.

If it were ice magic, it would be Ruth, but Ruth is not a Wizard Specialization skill structure in the first place.About half of them are productive or knowledge skills.We won't be able to fire that much.

Some members of the Black Dragon can use ice magic, but they prefer flame-based magic and are equipped to increase flame-based damage.

(We need to make equipment to increase the magic damage of water and ice.After all, I've brought a lot of materials, and since the demon sword has been destroyed, I think I can secure the materials.Water or ice weapon, no bow or crossbow, ice arrow)

Bows and crossbows with non-physical attributes can attack with any arrow.On the other hand, arrows with any attribute can be attacked with a physical bow or crossbow.

Some members of the Black Dragon use a bow, so I thought of preparing an arrow.

(But there aren't enough Ranged Attackers)

"Dite, how strong are peacocks?Can you win with your current members? "

"I think I can win when Asha-kun is here.When it comes to stabbing people, it's the strongest thing you can say.If we cut it down to about a third, we can definitely take it down with Destroy. "

"Then you have to reduce it by two thirds.It would be easier if we dropped it on the ground, but are there a few people who can do a little ranged attack? "

"Ask Simon.She should have had 100 bowing skills.Rather, he is a boy who is better at bowing in reality.Because extreme samurai mania influenced everything in reality. "

"... are you a maniac?"

"Well, that's right. It influenced me to acquire a genius bow technique, so human thoughts are amazing.Hayato, I hope you make a good bow for me. "

"I will."

Now that Simon wanted to know what kind of bow he wanted, Hayato and the others checked Diete for more tactical information.