Another Frontier Online

Ryugu and Yata Glass

I heard about Takamaga Hara from Dite, so I decided to listen to Ryugu.

Before that, Hayato distributes coffee to everyone.

Ryugu is a tourist attraction in the eastern country.Temples like the so-called Parthenon Temple are at the bottom of the sea.However, it had collapsed considerably after a long time.

Why is it a tourist attraction?That's because the view from there is wonderful.

Around the collapsed temple, the magical force prevents the water from entering the sea.There is nothing between air and water because it is a magical force.

From the inside of the temple, it feels like being in the ocean because it is a place where the ocean spreads in all directions except the ground.There are also many attractions around, such as beautiful corals, swimming fish, or mambo and sharks.

"Virtual spaces in the ocean are not uncommon today, but they are popular with NPCs.That's why it's a tourist attraction. "

"I know the place somehow, but how do I get there?You're not diving, are you? "

Hayato has rings and bracelets with diving skills.To a certain extent, diving doesn't mean you're going to fall down right away, but there's not enough people here.It is said to be a tourist attraction in the first place, so I thought there was some way to get around, so I asked Dite.

"You don't have to dive. You can beam it off a deserted island and go to the temple.There are eastern ports and western ports in the eastern country. Hayato, you arrived in the western port, but since the ship is leaving the eastern port, you can board it. "

"Then it won't be a hassle to go.By the way, what kind of dungeon is it? "

"No, it's not a dungeon. To tell the truth, there is a turtle named Xuanwu in the broken temple.If you defeat it, Mist, you will learn. "

Ash and Mist were convinced, but Hayato only twisted his neck a little.

A turtle named Xuanwu in Ryugu? That's..... "

"Do you know Hayato? Well, I do it for various reference purposes.Don't worry, there are no items in the ballbox.I suggest you don't open it even if you do. "

Diete said that and laughed, but Ash and Mist didn't understand.

(Since Ryugu is the Dragon Miyagi Castle, I wonder if there will be a blue dragon or something. Is it Xuanwu?You have a lot of motifs.But what happens when you take down all four of them?I would like to try it a little.)

Peacock, Xuanwu, Blue Dragon, White Tiger famous for games and creations.If you want to defeat two of them, it's only natural that you want to defeat them all.Having said that, Hayato suppresses his feelings because there is something to do first.

"So, Diete-chan, that Xuanwu, you're going to fight on the spot?It's a tourist attraction, isn't it? "

"You're going to fight on the spot.There is an altar behind the temple to summon Xuanwu.The information is inspired by an old song from the eastern country, but I'll tell you something special this time.I'll dedicate more than a meter of fish to that altar. "

"... fish?"

"That's right. There's a market in East Harbor, so I think we'll get it soon.You don't have to cook, so you can use the fish you bought.Well, I can fish. "

Like Maris Lancelot.

"Ash-kun is right.There are a lot of places like that, so if you find an altar, you can give it a try. "

Diete said so gladly in Ash's words.

The more Hayato is convinced.

Maris Lancelot is an Elder Griffon.I had to summon it to tame, but only if I could serve the dragon steak on the altar at the top of the mountain.

This is a quest where you also need to summon monsters with some kind of item.

Um, can you tell me how to deal with Xuanwu?

"Xuanwu is a giant tortoise, but his physical defense is quite high with a monster of earth attributes.You should aim at your neck and feet first.It's no use attacking the armor.When dealing a certain amount of damage, he is reluctant to pull down his neck and legs.This way, Physical Attacks can no longer deal damage. "


"But magic works, and Nay, your Excalibur replica will have no problem ignoring defense attacks.Then, if you do some damage while retracting, it flips over.Ash-kun and mist-kun should aim for it because it makes you look weak. "

"I see, but that's not always the case, is it?"

Diete nods to Mist's question.

"When dealing a certain amount of damage to a weakness, Xuanwu flies back.And watch out for shock waves when you put them on the ground.The attack was quite powerful, so we'd better get out of range. "

Hayato listened with admiration.

Thereafter, Diete, Ash, and Mist have been reviewing the information and strategizing.

And Hayato didn't go exploring just by preparing all kinds of equipment, medicine, and cooking.Hayato wanted to actively pursue his exploration this time, but it is unlikely to be useful in any way.

(Well, there's nothing I can do about it. Mr. Mist's knowledge acquisition is our top priority this time.Don't do anything extra, let's concentrate)

As a result of the discussion, I decided to go to Takamagahara first.

This is simply an erasure method, or because we are not ready to defeat Xuanwu in Ryugu.

The same is true for peacocks, but there are several flame-based monsters that I have prepared in the battle against Eddie Oulu, a flame-type dragon that I fought at Stampede before.That's what Ney's Red Dragon Series armor is.

And even though it was easy to get to the top, it took a lot of time, so I decided to attack Takamaga Hara.

I just have a problem.

While attacking Takamagahara, Hayato will be left alone in this Mansion.

Hayato is not in a position to be targeted so far.However, by getting the shards of the demon sword, I realized the possibility.I also talked to Diete and Mist about the situation, and it became dangerous to leave Hayato alone.

Diete in particular is worried about it.

"It's definitely dangerous. The legendary sword is named after the famous sword Yata Glass, but making it is like the aspiration of the eastern country.There is a story that the Lord of the Azma family holds the sword to bring eternal prosperity to the East. "


"No, I made that up on my own, and everyone in the East believes it."

"On its own... maybe the Infinity did it?"

"That's not true. As you know, all NPCs are human.Think and act yourself.Rather than the legendary sword, I have prepared a sword called Yatagara, but it seems that NPC people have talked a lot about it, and now it is. "


"More than three years have passed since this game was released.It means that everyone at the NPC who lost their memory lived that much.It's not that they can only move according to the settings they were made for, so wouldn't that be strange? "

Hayato was somehow convinced.The NPCs are human beings and can do many things.You can even create new settings and information.

"It's quite an interesting story, but wouldn't it be dangerous to leave Hayato alone?"

Hayat nods to the mist and then thinks about the member again.

Asha, Ash, Ren, and Nei are members of the Black Dragon, and Mist is an essential member because he needs the knowledge he gains when he defeats the Peacock.Naturally, if Mist goes, so will Damien and Ruth.

Hayat, Ash, and Mist saw Diete.

"Well, would I be a good escort?But I can't freely swap skills right now.It will be scarce as a battle force.I want another one. "

Then so is Maris. Lancelot is here, and it's perfect for escape.If it's time, you can run to the sea. "

Ash said briefly, but Hayato thought his hands weren't bad.

Basically, neither players nor NPCs nor tamed monsters are tired.It will take time, but you can take Lancelot and escape to King's Landing.

Dite nodded.

Well then, let's escort Hayato with Maris and me.But, Ash, you have to be careful.Hayato will be back when you are taken hostage. [M]I know that very well. "

"I'm having trouble saying such a cruel thing?"

Diete took Ash and the others hostage as part of a negotiation as he tried to bring Hayat into virtual reality.That's what I said then.

Ash and Mist laughed, though it was a subtle topic.

"That's it. I can't do that anymore.So Diete's obsessed with Hayato too much?Len said it was female, but I have no idea. "

"I've only heard a few things recently, but that happened at that time.I don't think so, either.You should get your permission.Hayato has something to do in real life. "

"Oh, you don't have a good reputation.Well, I won't. If you do that without permission, Ash, you're going to get it back. "

"Isn't there some sort of permission?"

I thought it was a delicate topic for Hayato, but if it was a joke, I took out a new coffee and started drinking it.