Three days have passed since the exploration began.

Exploration is well under way, and the only thing left to do is defeat the peacock at the top.Hayato has everything he needs, including equipment and items, and plans to fight tomorrow.

I'm supposed to cut off my exploration this morning and rest for tomorrow.We are reconfirming our cooperation in Takamagahara now, but we will return to the Mansion in a few moments.

Hayato is already preparing his Xuanwu countermeasures for the next Ryugu offensive.

Xuanwu attacks with earth attributes, so he needs to make a defense to prevent it.Making it in the Mansion is the main task, but since we also need to collect materials, Dite and Maris came with us to where the mine is.

Mines are known as Amano Watts, and not only can a variety of ores be mined, but also gems that can be used to make attribute equipment.

Hayato got permission to mine here.Benitz granted me permission to destroy the Demon Sword and to fight against the curse.

"Hayachi is awesome! I'll get a reward!"

Benitz said he was in a good mood.Simon has not reported any fragments of the Demon Sword.It's an act of betraying your master, but Hayato owes me a favor.As if it were on a balance, tilting towards Hayat.

Nevertheless, Simon can't keep quiet forever.Len's devised method of destroying the Demon Sword increased the likelihood of obtaining fragments.Even if you keep quiet, the blacksmith will find out one day.

When Hayato and the others left the eastern part of the country, they asked me to make it into a form of donating the shards to Benitz.It means giving it away in a state where you can escape immediately.

In that case, I don't know what will happen to Simon, but he said, "Well, it's okay," laughing.

Hayato is in a slightly troubled shape.Simon will do everything he can to escape.

When I told Simon that, he laughed even more.

It's not Samurai. I cannot betray the thanks I have received.I don't know what anyone else thinks, but I don't think it's Samurai's job to betray the benefactor and do everything you can for him. "

"Have you done that much to be treated like a benefactor?"

Hayato hasn't done much in the first place.The destruction of the Demon Sword is a thank you to Simon for helping us tackle Necropolis.It is a relationship that has to be held.

"It may be too much to say, but I am definitely grateful.I got five swords comparable to my sword, and I could fight the mighty over there.It's almost impossible to fight Ivan, a brave fighter in a mock fight.And it's all thanks to Hayato.Well, don't worry about Hayato.I'm just thanking him for what he did. "

Hayato was not convinced, but Simon was convinced that he was a fairly righteous man.

Hayato is digging with a vine, recalling such a conversation.

(Perhaps it would be better to dedicate a lot more to Mr. Benitzle so that he can leave the eastern country satisfactorily.I'm hosting a banquet this time, so maybe I should leave something behind instead of food... but I don't know what to do.I have already given you the kimono, and I wonder if you can give Benitsu the sword.)

Kimonos can change patterns, but the design is the same.There is no trick in changing the pattern and giving the same thing.

As Hayato was shaking her lips with a lot of trouble, Maris, who was shaking her lips in the same way next to her, peeked into Hayato's face.And Diete, who was on the other side beside Hayato, was peeking into Hayato's face.

Hayato, what have you been thinking?

"Oh, yeah. I'm thinking of giving something to Mr. Benitz as a thank you when I leave the eastern country, but I don't know."

"You can't wear kimonos?You were so happy when you gave it to me before, weren't you?If I were a cat, I'd be delighted with the deluxe. "

"No, I'm not giving it to my pet.Besides, it's not the same thing, so I'm thinking about making it into something that's not a kimono. "

"To tell you the truth, I can't dedicate the Max I tamed.That child is brought up well by me.I'll make you a fox no matter where you put it! "

"Max is about cubs, right?Of course, I don't think I'd give Maris a pet. "

Maris is taming a fox with nine tails in this mine.Maris was not the type to attack anyone, so it was easy for me to get a tame.

The cube is not a physical battle, but a demon with magic as its main object, and it is only about the size of a puppy, but it is quite strong.However, in Maris' pet, the sequence seems to have been established in an instant, and it seems that Sieg is absolutely following.

Since there is no Tamer's Guild in the eastern country, I am staying at the Mansion, but thanks to the sequence, I am much more respected.

Hayato wondered if Sieg was strong, and now Diete opened her mouth.

"Why don't you ask Rosalie for the same dress?"

"To Rosalie?"

"She can change the design of cloth gear.If it wasn't an avant-garde design, I'd be delighted. "

I wonder what avant-garde design is, but Hayato thinks that unique kimonos are not bad.Regardless of performance, equipment with a unique design is quite valuable as a player's everyday wear.

But I'm also worried.

"By the way, what does Rosalie's taste look like?I don't think it's bad as long as I look at Godzillari's clothes, but I don't really know because I don't have any sense. "

"Nice taste. I don't know about the swimsuit design."

"It's contradictory, isn't it?"

"Well, why don't you ask for more than one suit?I don't suppose there's anything I have to wear.I think it would be nice if you gave me something to wear and just one that I liked. "

I think it's artisanal, but Hayato doesn't really understand women's preferences.Esha basically only buys T-shirts that are worn in the room, so I think the current trend is T-shirts.

"Then I'll make something to ask Rosalie to change the design.By the way, is it okay to change the design after making it? "

Yeah, that's fine.

Hayato thought about asking me to do it tonight and then resumed mining the ore.

At night, after finishing his work at the coffee shop, Hayato logged in again.

There seems to be a lot of talk about tomorrow in the main hall of the mansion, and it's quite noisy.The look of yukata and haori makes it so, it's like a banquet.

After greeting everyone along the street, Hayat approached Rosalie.I think I'm talking to Ney, but for some reason I look a little tired.

"Ney, Rosalie, can I talk to you for a second? Is Rosalie okay?Does your face feel tired? "

"There's nothing wrong with that.I just got a little tired mentally because I heard about a problem at Demon King Castle.But now I'm on vacation.I don't care what happens at Demon King Castle.Yes, you will. "

"I don't know about that, but are you sure you're okay?"

"I exaggerated, but it's not a big deal.But I would like to enter the hot springs before returning from the eastern country..... "

Nay nods loudly at the words.

"Let's start with the tactics of Takamaga Hara, but after the tactics of Ryugu are finished, let's take an open-air bath!Len said that if we defeat the big snake at the source in Takamagahara, we will eventually defeat the snake! "

Speaking of which, I wonder if Ren-chan said that.Well, I think it's okay to stay for a day before you leave, so enjoy the open-air bath. "

"Yes, I will. By the way, what can I do for Ney?Do you want to leave your seat? "

"Actually, I'd like to ask Mr. Rosalie something."

"Me? Hey, Ney, why are you getting out before me?"

Nay was the one who showed the most interest in Hayato's words.He leans forward before Rosalie.I think it is unusual and I am interested in it.

"Actually, I'm going to give Benitzle another kimono, but I'd like to use Rosalie's help with the design changes.It's the same as last time, so I thought I'd give it to you with the pattern and design changed.Can you help me?Of course, if there's anything I can do, I'll think of a reward. "

"Nice! Please give me my share!"

"Why is Nay answering?I'll think of something interesting, though.The princess of the eastern country wears the kimono I designed.Well, that's not a bad thing.It is a hack.It doesn't matter. "

"Oh, really? I'll give you some kimonos in a few days, so can you change the design with Rosalie's taste?"

"... how many? That's impossible.I will design the perfect outfit for my veneer. "

Rosalie turned from a tired face to an over-motivated face.

Hayato was quite fond of Rosalie's artisanal temperament.Hayato often thinks alike.

"All right. Then wear it alone.For now, let me know when the pattern is decided. "

"Thin red, too pink is that one, so make it with a color fabric close to the venison's hair.Leave the rest to me. "

"If so, I'll fix up the fabric that looks like it."

"If I design it, I won't accept anything but the five stars."

"Of course."

It was unusual for Hayato and Rosalie to get along, or to know each other as craftsmen.Besides, it's Ney outside the bed net who seems a little dissatisfied.

"Hey, Rosalie, make me one too.You're my best friend. Thinking about everything, you're ahead of me. No, not yet. "

"It's unusual, isn't it? Well, I'll make it for Nay from the beginning.I don't need Hayato's help with the work, so please wait a little longer - I won't hold you. "

Nay, who hugged Rosalie and pulled it, somehow smiled at Rosalie, and said, "Well, please," Hayato left the scene.