Another Frontier Online

[]/(adj-na, n) (yoji) (yoji) superior/superior/superior/

Hayat sent everyone, including Simon, out on the morning he went to crush the peacocks.

I prepare equipment, items, and so on, so I won't lose.Without so much irregularity, he'll be back in the morning.Hayat dropped everyone off thinking so.

And when that's over, the Xuanwu crusade at Ryugu awaits.

In order to prepare for it, I also tried to mine in Amanowato, and after preparing various things, I called Diete and Maris in the hall.

Time to go to Amanowato.

Hayat said that to Diete and Maris, but they both looked outside the house somehow with wrinkles between their eyebrows.

"What's wrong?"

Looks like we're surrounded, Hayato.

"Huh? Surrounded?"

Maris puts her hand on her forehead and looks away.

"Were you looking at what you paid for?Ah, maybe you waited till we used the Takamagara transporter? "

"Huh? What are you both talking about?"

"Hayato, look out carefully.It looks like the Samurais are surrounding this mansion.Looks like they found out you had a shard of a demon sword. "

Hayat looks out of the house in a hurry.

It's a windy garden, but the problem is beyond it.

The mansion itself is surrounded by hedges made of bamboo knitting and plants, but the hedges are not very high.Someone wearing Samurai armor beside the hedge surrounded the house.

And there was some movement to see Hayato from the other side.

Afterwards, I heard a soft voice from the entrance that was not similar to this tension.I don't care what you think.

Hayato's ears hear the sound of walking down the hallway.And the lid in the hall opened momentum.

There were two men in patterned kimonos, Benitz and an armored warrior.For some reason, Benitz remains a nicotine face, but the armored warriors hide their mouths and do not see well.You're just not laughing.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

"... good morning, Mr. Benitzle. What is this?It's not a welcome party, is it? "

"I like that kind of place.So careless. I like hayachi, but it's unacceptable for me to take the treasure of the eastern country. "

What treasure?

Hayato is a bit blurry. Maybe it has nothing to do with the shards of the demon sword.Sometimes I want to gather information before I say anything extra.

"Again, I'm bluffing. You got the shard of the demon sword, didn't you?I've heard from my ten swords and ninja. Do you want me to open it? "

No, that's...

"Besides, isn't it just wild to beat Simon to death?You can't overlook it as a princess, she's super angry. "

"Huh? What's that?"

"It's okay to be underhanded.It's not a bad thing for a strong man to stand up.But I can't believe you're going to start a rebellion against Simon. "

"Wait a minute, Mr Benitzle is mistaken.Sure, I'm sorry I kept silent on the shards of the Demon Sword, but I didn't think of it as a conspiracy or anything. "

"Yeah? Then why didn't you tell me you had the demon blade fragment?"

"Simon told me this is the ingredient to make the legendary sword, right?Looks like I had a conversation about how to make a sword, but I was just worried that if I knew how to make a sword, I might not get out of this country. "

"Ah, that's what we talked about.Yeah, well, if Hayato taught me how to make it, I might not get it out of this country.It's hard to make a pom pom pom pom pom with a legendary sword. "

(Did you understand...?)

"Princess, don't be fooled.They are suspicious from the beginning.He said he wanted to go to sacred places in Japan, such as Takamagahara and Ryugu, and it is unclear what he is doing there.I think we should keep him locked up until he proves his innocence. "

"Hmm? Hmm? When you say so... is that so?"

That's what the armored samurai next door said, and Benitz thinks with his arms around him.

"Apparently, Benitzle is bleeding with something that never happened to that Armored Warrior.I can't see his face, but he's probably one of the ten swords of the Holy Magic.Maybe it's you who's looking for guidance, conspiracy, or rebellion. "

Diete whispered to Hayato with a small voice.Hayato speaks with the same small voice.

"So what do we do? It doesn't make sense to fight here, so why don't we just wait for everyone's return while we're trapped?"

"No, that won't work.I think it makes sense that the Armored Warrior is trying to hold you captive until he gives you false information. "

"Well, then we have to run..."

"The recommendation is the western port.It's about time something interesting happened. "

"What's so funny?"

"It'll be fun after you go."

Hayato thought that there would be no guarantee that he would not be caught if he went to the west port, but it was time for a boat from King's Landing to arrive.I decided to believe Diete might be talking about getting on it and running away.

However, in order to do so, we need to break through the two venisons and armored warriors in front of us, as well as the Samurai crowd around the Mansion.Regardless of Benitz, it is troublesome that there are two sacred magic swords in line with Simon.

Dite has magic, but Maris doesn't have Lancelot nearby.If the opponent is as strong as Simon, winning will be tough.

Now, Diete whispered to Maris about what to do.

"Maris, Sieg, would you do that for me?Sieg, you've become the boss here, haven't you? "

"You know him well, don't you? I'll give you a voice chat - Lancelot and Max are outside, but I'll keep you posted to the western port.People outside have bows, so it's dangerous to fly here. "

"Yes, if we leave this mansion, we can run to the harbor.Hayato, are your feet okay? "

"If you can't move suddenly, you'll be fine if you know from the beginning.Besides, I've been running suddenly in Necropolis lately, and I think I'm getting better. "

Well then, I'll ask Sieg to run along with it to the port.Please adjust the timing.Please also have your shoes ready. "

"That's fine, but what does Sieg do?"

Hayato said so, and Benitz slapped him in the palm.

"Yeah! I don't know, let's lock it up!When Simon comes, he'll give you a chance to open up, so get Hayachi for a while.Don't worry, I'll put you in jail with very good treatment. "

"It's a good deal, but the jail is crazy, right?"

"So, what's that supposed to mean when you're in a nice jail--"

I heard a little noise earlier, but it gradually got louder and closer to this room.

And the next moment, a lot of cats broke through the puddle, starting with Siegfried.

(Cat stampede!)

"Eh? Lie, maybe heaven? Fugaya!"

Benitz said that while the cats got caught up in the stampede with the armored warriors.

The cats have little damage to their stamps, but they are flying the veneers with that momentum.

"Now, let's get out of here!This stampede will take you to the western port!There are also second and third stamps, so hurry up! "

"Is Sieg the strongest?"

Hayato and the others ran away from behind the stampede that Siegfried them.

Cats rush the capital, Azma, towards the western harbour.

The three of Hayat, Diet, and Maris ran to follow them.

The Samurai crowd outside the Mansion were also thrown away by the cats' stampedes, but they quickly regained their positions and followed.

But the following Samurais are also blown away by another cat's stampede.It is no exaggeration to say that wild cats from all over Azma are involved.

(I feel like I can defeat any enemy with just this....?No, there's hardly any damage.Regardless of the human opponent, can't the monster opponent do it?)

Hayato runs behind the cats with that in mind.

Then, a few minutes later, I arrived at the western port.

Nothing in the harbor, but a small ship can be seen in the western sea.It will take long enough to get here.

Diete-chan, we've come this far, but what do we do?

"We have to wait for that ship.There's a stump on that ship. "

"A trump card? But wouldn't Siegfried's stampede beat the Venetians?"

"I was fine because I was surprised earlier, but I don't think so next time.Look, here we are. We'll talk about it until the ship arrives, so we don't have to take you seriously. "

"Huh? That's..."

"I didn't expect to run away with that kind of hand.But next time, can you do it again in person?It's worth it even if it dies! "

As Diete said, one day Benitz came to the harbor.And one. There were only two armored warriors, only the Venetians.


When Maris called Sieg, the cats attacked again in large numbers.

"I'd love to, but next time!"

When Benitz said that, the cats, including Sieg, stopped moving as if they were stiff.

Hayato and Maris are surprised.

Is that an intimidating skill?

An intimidating skill that prevents you from attracting monsters that are weaker than you.Benitz used it.

Cats other than Siegfried are already losing their guts.It's an obedience pose. In other words, the cats admitted that Benitz was above themselves.Sieg's orders won't work any longer.

"Benitsukun is a master of Azma swordsmanship.Real or virtual. "

Diete whispered that to Hayato.

"Are you saying you're strong?"

"It's strong even if you don't have to.He was the master of the ten sacred magic swords that were only samurai mania. "


"Seriously, I'm not sure which Lunaria is going to choose between you and the Devil."

Hayato thought it was a demon king candidate, but Benitz walked in to make sure nothing happened.

"Hayashi, is running away a good idea?Simon can stand up if he's strong, but that's too much of a princess to lick, right?Or did you plan to equip Simon with the legendary sword? "

"As I said before, I'm not aiming for the worst.Simon was just worried about me. It's just a little mistake. "

Then I should have waited until Simon came back.

"I believe in Benitzle, but I can't believe all the saints except Simon.I just thought it would be dangerous if they caught me. "

When Benitz heard it, he stopped walking and began to roar with his arms together, "Hmm."

"I don't know, why don't you go back to the Mansion?"

"What? No, that's..."

"If I can get on that ship with the shards of the demon sword, I'll be in trouble.If you come back to the Mansion, I'm sure you're not conspiring with Simon. "

I wondered what to do, but Benitz opened his mouth before Hayato answered.

"Ah, now that the ship has arrived, let's take it down first.Resurrection in the Mansion. It's okay, it doesn't hurt. "

Immediately after Benitz said so, he appeared in front of Hayat in an instant.

(Shrinkage -!)

The condensation of instantaneous movement, not high-speed movement.When Hayato realized it, the sword was already in Benitz's hand.

And he didn't flash.

A high-pitched sound echoed around, and the Venetian sword did not reach Hayato.

"I don't know, but I protected it because it seemed dangerous.Praise me. "

Hayat saw a silver-haired woman in dark red armor standing next to her voice.


"The Demon King is missing, so we'll start over.Let me give you an example: Long live the great demon king Lunaria.Or at a later date, you can make an ultra-eclair donation. Rather, recommend. "

A perfectly intact Demon King, not a Demon King candidate, was preventing an attack on Hayato.