A western port in the eastern country.I thought the ship had arrived there, and Lunaria, the Demon King, was on board.

Though I think it's active, Hayato appreciates it.It is a little surprising that Diete said that the trump card was the Devil, but it was definitely saved.

However, there are doubts. Why is Lunaria here?Hayato's memory suggests that the Black Rose and the Dark Knights jointly trapped Lunaria in the Castle of the Demon King.

Before confirming that, Lunaria pushed back the Venetian sword with an Alondite.

Benitz uses his pushback force to fly backwards and distance himself, surprisingly.

"Wow, Princess, I'm surprised. I've never seen anyone take that blow before! Really overflowing!"

Lunaria doesn't answer anything in particular.However, Hayato looked stiffer than usual.

(Did you realize that Benitz-san was strong?)

"My name is Benitur Azma.I'm the princess of this country. May I have your name?If you're strong, you want to be a friend. How about that? "

Benitz said that to Lunaria while smiling.

Lunaria stares at Benitz with her sword in her hand.I'm vigilant.

(Does Lunaria have enough strength to be vigilant... from an amateur's point of view, it looks like there's a gap, but maybe it's a quick move to distract the opponent?)


I thought Lunaria opened her mouth and said so in a small voice.It didn't sound like Benitz, but Lunaria opened her mouth, so she put her hand to her ear and tried to listen well.

"... time"

"Time? Is that your name? Hayachi didn't say that name, but surname?"

Lunaria's real name is Lunaria Freire. Time is not a blur.I wondered what Hayato was saying, but I realized something.

"Sorry, Mr. Benitzle. Just a little time. A temporary truce."

"Huh? Time is a temporary truce?Bad, it's too funny and my stomach hurts.This is the first time I've been timed during a match.Fine, I'll wait. But if you try to escape, I'll kill you! "

That's how Benitz laughed.

And for some reason, Lunaria hid behind Hayato and did not confront Benitz.

"Hey, Lunaria, what's going on?There's no point in using me as a shield. "

"Hayato, the power of the sun is too strong.It's too dangerous to be the opposite of me with the power of shadows.Suddenly you want to be friends, Yang without any trouble.My stomach is starting to hurt.By the way, Hayato is a little calm because of her shadow power. "

"Is that a good place to be angry? I don't know about the power of the shadow or the sun, but Lunaria is confident.You beat the brave Ivan. "

"Recently, I've mistaken myself for a little sunny, like taking a swimsuit vacation.I can't beat the real one. "

"What is real? The Devil is not shadow in the first place, but darkness.Let's go in the dark and fill the sun. "

Hayato himself doesn't know what he's talking about, but he encourages Lunaria by saying something like that.

"Hayato says a good thing. I've reviewed it."

"Can you tell me how many more reviews I have to do to make it normal?"

After such an exchange, Lunaria leaned forward from Hayato's back, pointing her sword toward Benitz.And she smiled with a slightly pulled face.

"I'm Lunaria Freire. I play Demon King in the Magic Land.It's super strong, and I like small rooms. "

"No, seriously! If you say demon king, you're a demon king!Luna the Demon King! Become a friend! "

"Le, Luna? Well, the Demon King chooses his friends.It's too soon for that. Let's start with the copybook.... "

(The power of the sun is strong.I feel the darkness is pushed)

"Arrows are good. Oops, can we talk about that later?You want to defeat Hayachi first.I'm in trouble if I can escape. So I wonder if it would be helpful if you didn't do something about it. "

"Trouble getting away? Hayato-san, what have you done?"

"I didn't do anything.I don't have a lot to save, but I've got a bit of a problem, and that's why I'm going to get caught. "

I think I should give it to you.

"Yes, but I'm going to get caught even if I give it to you because it wasn't a good time.And worst of all, I can't get out of this country.You want to avoid that, right?And I have something to do here, so I can't leave yet. "

"I understand you're in a lot of trouble.By the way, where are the Rosaliers? "

"The Rosaliers..."

"The members of the Takamagahara are going to be caught in that mountain.You're going to take him hostage so he can come back even if Hayato gets away.After all, I'm sending the best of ten swords and carrots, and I think it'll be easier to catch them after a battle with a peacock.The one who said, "Give me the rope!"

That's what Benitz said before Hayato answered.

Lunaria, who was being pushed by the power of the sun, stopped moving for a few seconds before staring at Benitz.The atmosphere was different from before, and something intimidating was emitted.

It's not the intimidation skills that Benitz uses, it's the real intimidation that comes from him.The more you feel it in virtual reality, the more pressure is being exerted from Lunaria.

"Take Rosalie hostage?"

"I don't remember the names of all of them, but they're definitely Godzilla clothes, right?The members there are going to get us all.And I won't leave the country until my suspicions are cleared.Well, maybe a few weeks? "

"I understand a lot."

"Ah, really? Then..."

"The promise of correspondence is broken. It's impossible to take my friend Rosalie hostage.Let me show you the power of the Demon King and make it a souvenir of the underworld. "

"Eh? You're kidding!"

Lunaria moved to the area where the venison could be slashed in an instant.Then wave down the alondite with both hands.

Benitz barely received it with his sword, but he lost his position quite a bit.


Benitz shouted so, but Lunaria fired the next attack without saying anything.

The way you pretend to attack the Venetian emergency exactly.And it's variable. The veneer is in a state of full accuracy.

"Ku! Nu! Hey, hey! Ah, that's impossible!"

(I don't know how strong it is to pass on a license, but it's quite strong, right?Does Mr. Lunaria mean he's up there?That's impossible.)

Hayato thinks, "Help the princess!"The samurai came running from behind the benitz.

There seems to be a large number of people, and it would be difficult for Lunaria to deal with that number with Benitz alone.

Hayato felt a sign behind his arrow.Turn around and check immediately.

There was a strong man over two meters.

Master Hayato, are you muscular?

Mr. Gill!

Gil, one of the Ten Knights of Darkness, and behind him were men in similar black armor and members of the Ten Holy Black Roses who had just come off the ship.

"I don't know what's going on, but I'm guessing the enemy is more than Lunaria is fighting.I hope Hayato and the others are a little further apart.Don't get caught up in this. "

Gil laughs and takes a big breath.

"Demon King Army! Assault! Show me the power of the devil!"

Gil's loud voice echoed around him, as did the black roses and the dark knights.

The people of Benitz and Samurai wobbled in their voices for a moment.

And Benitz and Lunaria were talking as they confronted each other.

"No way! World invasion!?Let's do it from the eastern country!? "

"Absolutely not. This is a tourist trip. Case of the Demon King Livery"

"I don't care how you look at it!?I can't believe it! The Devil Army!? "

"... in fact, the demon king army's exclusive cook"

"It's a little bumpy that I'm not a blacksmith, but it's not the end of the line!"

(There's plenty of room for both of you... what happens to this?You can't fight until you've beaten them, can you?Diete-chan is laughing for some reason, but even though it's virtual reality, it's not good if it's a diplomatic problem...)

The battle begins while Hayato thinks so.

There are more Samurais in numbers, but in terms of strength, it is the Demon King Army.I haven't pulled any strings from Samurai who are more than twice as many. Instead, it is pushed.

However, Hayat wondered whether the Demon King army would still win.

There are still things to do in the eastern country, and Esha and the others are in Takamagara and sending you the best.Even if there were hostages, it feels like the Demon King army won't stop, but considering the future, it's not a good idea to leave the root cause behind.

In the first place, if the Demon King Army caused the invasion of the eastern country, it might leave a name in a strange way.Hayat thought we should calm each other down somehow.

(Anything...? I won't be able to hear you anymore, so there's something to be distracted about... if there's Esha, there's Destroy.)

Hayat looks around and remembers that this is the port. And I came up with one thing.

(You should be able to go because you've cut a lot of wood to make Class Arrows. Let's bet on this)

Hayato removes his favorite saw from the item bag.And I picked one item from the menu.

After the sound of a woodworking skill effect, a huge rainbow-coloured ball of light effect was deployed over the harbor.

Everyone stops fighting in surprise at the sight.It will look like a huge attack magic to the first person to see it.Everyone took a defensive position.

But it was the big ships that emerged from that light.When it landed in the sea, a huge splash of water struck the surrounding Demon King army and Samurai, as well as Benitz and Lunaria.

Almost everyone is wet. And stop the fight.

While everyone was at ease, Hayato walked slowly to Lunaria and Benitz.

"This is the problem I caused, but let's stop fighting.I want to talk to you.I don't want to run away with the shards of the demon sword, so can I ask you not to lock them up somewhere or leave the country?Ah, yes, as Lunaria said, I'll give you the fragments.I wonder if you can trust me, Mr. Benitzle - no, Benny. How about that? "

The surrounding Samurai crowd rushed to the word Benny, but Benitz looked at Hayato with a soft look.And gradually I started to smile.

"Oh, Benny. Oh, hey, hey, hey. I was a friend.It's not good to doubt that friend!Fine, fine, keep the debris.If you say you won't run away, it won't be a problem! "

Hayato exhales loudly.

(Looks like it's going to be okay... Oops, first of all, I need to ask Asha and the others.)

"So, Benny, I'm sorry, but who's trying to catch the Takamagara members?"

Black shadows crawl up the ground around Hayato.Five. I don't know what it is, but Hayato had a bad feeling about it.

From the black shadows emerge those in black clothes, surrounding Hayat.Then he attacked Hayato with his bare hands.

It was already too late when Hayato thought it was bad.We were attacked by five men.

However, Hayato's HP has not changed.

And the five vanished into the shadows again.And the shadow leaves this place.

Benitz, who was nearby, shouted in surprise.

"Hey, it's my carrot squad now!Hayachi, are you okay!? "

"Hmm? No, I'm fine, but... ah!"

Hayato hurried to open the item bag.Beautifully, the demon sword fragments were missing.But that's not all.

"You're lying....."

There was nothing in Hayato's item bag.It is Hayato's favorite knife "Adamantite's Knife Chi".It was stolen along with the shards of the demon sword.