Another Frontier Online

Princess and Holy Devil Ten Swords

Hayato and Lunaria and the Demon King's army, and Benitz were gathered in the hall of the mansion where Hayato and the others were staying.So Esha and the others are waiting for the members of the Takamagara Explorer to return.

The battle in the harbor was a truce due to various events.

Benitz, the princess of the eastern kingdom, and Lunaria, the king of the demonic kingdom.These two shook hands because they had a temporary truce, so there were no complaints from the surroundings.

Hayato and Lunaria were invited to stay in the mansion they had been staying in.And it's a situation where Hayato and the others can be freed without restraint.

But it's a depression enough that Hayato can see that everyone is depressed.When I talk to the person, I show a dry smile and say, "It's okay." The other way around is to grieve.

I don't know if I've been depressed.The stolen "Adamantite's Knife Pole" is an item that anyone who normally uses cooking skills would like to have.

The divine equipment that counts the quality of cooking and the probability of one and two stars on all three stars.And this is one of Hayato's craftsmen who gathered ingredients from members of the Black Dragon.There are memories as well as performance.

It would be strange not to be shocked by such an important thing being stolen.

However, Hayato was careful not to breathe just because he knew his attitude was making the surrounding air worse.If you relax, you're going to sigh a lot.

And why did you steal that knife?Hayato doesn't know that.I don't know why I stole that knife in the first place.

Hayat approached Dith.

Diete-chan, I need to ask you something.

Are you talking about a theft skill?

"Yes, I don't know the exact specifications, but I do know something about the shards of the demon sword.At that time, I told Mr. Benitzle I'd give him the shard.I know you can steal it, but I haven't told anyone about that knife.Can I steal it without knowing what they have? "

"If you tell me the answer first, I can steal it.I just didn't mean to target them.I guess you just happened to have stolen something from the bag. "

"By chance....?"

"There are two specifications for theft skills.When stealing by specifying the intended object.This is a common theft skill.Just one more thing, you can steal it from the bag. "

"... is it a coincidence they stole the knife?"

"It's hard to say, but you're right.Perhaps all five Ninja were after the shards of Hayato's demon sword.However, it is not possible that it is completely simultaneous.The stealing skills were sequential even if they appeared at the same time. "

"In order? And what's the problem?"

"If the item you tried to steal isn't in your bag, you can steal anything you want.Someone among those five stole shards of the Demon Sword, so Hayato's item bag ran out of Shards of the Demon Sword.Anything that happened afterwards was stolen because of the theft skill.That happened to be the knife.That's how it works. "

"... there were other items in the item bag.You mean you don't have my real rack. "

Hayato is about to catch his breath, but he holds it.

"Don't let me down.Me, too, but they say they'll help me get that knife back.I'll ask Relic if I have to. "

"Yes, but isn't this stealing technique quite dangerous?They stole an Excalibur replica before.That was during the Clan War. "

In the Clan War, Nay was stolen from an Excalibur replica.Essentially you can't steal what you're equipped with, but at the time it was a shared clan item, so the spy put it in the item bag and let the opponent's clan steal it.

At that time, I managed to get it back, but not this time.In the first place, that knife is useless if it doesn't have cooking skills.It can be exchanged for money at auctions, etc., and since it is made of adamantite, it can be thought of as returning to the material.

The elements that will return safely will be lower than the Excalibur replica.

"I'm going to make it a highly free virtual reality.Theft skills are high risk because they are criminal activities.I have a return that is commensurate with it, but is it only painful to be taken?Maybe we should think about new specifications that can only be used by monsters.... "

When I was talking to Dite like that, the surroundings suddenly became noisy.Then you hear footsteps running in a hurry down the hallway.The footsteps were loud enough to feel anger.

And the lid opened up momentum.There is Simon who looks like a demon.

The most frightened thing about that face was Benitz.

"What will the princess do!"

"Hey, wait a minute! Sorry, sorry!But it's also bad Simon kept his mouth shut about the debris! "

"If you look at everyday behavior, it's only natural to hide it!If I tell them, I can see they're not leaving the country!Besides, the Ten Swords are teasing me!The princess is strong, but she's young, so I always told her not to be fooled! "

"No, but Hayashi and Simon all said they were teaming up and aiming for the samurai, and it's hard to hide the shards that make up the sword anyway.Besides, Simon got a knife from Hayato, and it didn't seem like much, did it?I've been feeling happy since I got back, and I felt something like this at the banquet, so it's kind of dangerous, right? "

Simon exhaled a lot.Do you have any thoughts? Once you have raised your head to the ceiling, you lower your head to the benitz.

"I admit it was bad, too.I should have trusted the princess a little more and told him about the debris.I apologize for that. I'm sorry.But don't you trust him enough to believe in him? "

"All ten swords said that Simon would betray someday, so that day finally came."

"I don't think they hated me.Well, good. Ah, they're out of love.The saint leaves the Ten Daggers of the Holy Magic.Originally, I'm only interested in strength. I've never been a sleigh with them before. "

"Maybe I'm out of love too...?"

"I'm not exhausted, but I don't think I'm exhausted.Next time you do something, he leaves this country and goes on a wandering journey.I will never enter this country again. "

"Hey! Wait! Let's wait! We should wait!"

"If you want to wait, you should show it in action, not in words.Well, that doesn't matter. First of all... "

Simon looks at Hayato.I don't have a demonic face anymore, and somehow I feel sad.

And when I thought I was approaching, I sat down.

"Hayato, I'm sorry I got into trouble in this country.Besides, if you ask, they took something important away.I can't find an apology.It's not enough to lower your head, but please forgive me. "

Hayato, who had been caught apart, urged Simon to stand up immediately.

"You don't have to do that!So stand up and forgive me! I forgive you! "

Simon stood up instantly because he thought it would be counterproductive to the hasty Hayato.And this time, I lowered my head while standing normally.

"Again, I'm sorry. It's not like I'm forcing you to forgive me... tell me anything.It takes precedence over the Princess's orders.If you want me to kill the princess, I'll do it. "

"Er... ah, I'm sorry. Don't stare at me."

Hayat asks Simon to change the story for now.

Simon went to Takamaga Hara in the first place.I should have been with the other members.

"Does Simon's coming back mean everyone else is coming back?It was okay, wasn't it? "

"Hmm. I'm sorry to hear from you, but I just hurried back.Everyone's finally back on the transporter.Ten swords and carrots of that magnitude can't stop everyone even after fighting the peacocks. "

"Was it okay to fight the peacock?"

"I'm sure you won't lose if you're so prepared.Thanks to this, the ten swords fell down with plenty of room.It would be time to revive the castle by now. By the way.... "

Simon sees the benitz.

"The princess is here and the Samurais are waiting near the Mansion, but the other ten swords are castles?I don't think they were here. "

"Speaking of which, I haven't seen it since I've been covered in cats.I thought maybe I could just follow you because I chased the hayats in the shrinkage. "

"Full of cats...? Around this time, I've even made a legendary sword.I'm not going to build a sword for all of you and start a real rebellion. "

"Huh? Really?"

"Ah, they think they're weaker than the princess because of the sword.I suppose you think anyone would lose with a legendary sword.If you can do it, there's no reason to follow the princess. "

"Wow, it's a little too popular?I taught you swordsmanship. "

Is it not so shocking? Benitz says such a thing with a light feeling.

"You were ready to teach me first.Ah, they soon got stronger, so I didn't care.Besides, I can't handle it because I only want strength.Foolish bones like replacing the strength of a weapon with your own.It would be nice to call Samurai. "

Simon wasn't that strong.

"It was a long time ago. I don't think I can lose now.Well, that doesn't matter.I'm going to the castle now to get Hayato's valuables back.I'll give it back if I tell you not to get Hayato into trouble.I'm sorry about Hayato, but they don't just want the legendary sword - huh? "

Looking out like Simon noticed something.Then Hayato heard a small sound of something sticking into the tree.

That's an arrow.

Simon said so and removed the paper from the arrow stuck to the pillars of the Mansion.

Are you sure you want to use arrows?Shouldn't it be audio chat?)

Simon reads about Hayato's doubts.And his face became like a demon again.

"Well, what does it say?From whom? "

"I'm sorry, Hayato, but I want you to forgive me with your stomach."

"No, don't be such a splatter.I guess it doesn't make sense to come back to life even if you're hungry and down.That's fine. Can you tell me what it says? "

The members of the room gathered nearby.Simon explained the contents briefly after sighing.

"I want Hayato to make a legendary sword at the request of the Ten Swords.I have to come to the castle alone.It was also written that Hayato's knife would return to the material and be lost forever.This isn't enough to cut.Ah, they'll turn the city around and beat you to the neck gates.... "

Simon said a lot of things, and everyone took a step back in their power.

But Hayato thinks.

(Request to create a sword in exchange for a knife you accidentally got?Oh, no, they were going to take a member of the Takamaga Harassment hostage, so that might have been in exchange.Negotiate with a knife because you couldn't catch him.Or is there something else?)

Hayat stops thinking because he can't even think about it.And I decided to talk to everyone about what to do.