Another Frontier Online

a nasty sword

Hayat was on his way to the castle in the capital, Azma, alone.

A lot of things were decided in the Mansion, and it took the form of getting the knife back first.Even after listening to all the demands of the Holy Devil's Ten Swords, the knife should be recovered.

And when I got the knife back, Hayato herself could be taken hostage.

Although it has been handled in a rather clumsy manner, it is due to the operation of beating with the legendary sword in order to make the sacred magic swords realize that they are "strong".

The creator was Asha. He didn't say such a thing, but he seemed pretty angry.

"Let's crush the delusion that if you have a strong weapon, you can win."

Everyone got on with the Asha proposal.Rather, it might have been a coincidence, but everyone would have been right to say that Hayato's knife was stolen.

Members who normally benefit from Hayato's cooking can be said to have been furious.Of course, the members of the Black Dragon didn't like how to cook, but they couldn't allow themselves to steal the knife that everyone worked so hard to make.

For that reason, the Holy Magic Ten Swords accidentally bought a lot of anger with the knife they stole.That leads to this operation.

Benitz showed a little difficulty with this, but Simon was angry.

"You're saying you're going to attack Azma Castle with ten swords that have become stronger with your sword?It's a little complicated as a princess. "

"That's not what I did."

"Well, no, it's fine to take down ten swords, but the only thing that worries me is that the members here can drop the castle, right?I know that Lunachi is strong, but does everyone else feel that way? "

Simon sighs heavily at the words.

Being angry earlier, Benitz was stunned by the sigh.

"These people are the only ones who were in the top position in the last clan war and the previous one, but that's not true... no, this is also the trick of the Ten Swords.It seems that the princess was locked up in the castle because of the interruption of information and friendship. "


"The princess is alone and helpless.The people admire me, but I don't know anyone to fight with.Then, when you start a rebellion, take down one of the princesses.The other thing that's going to get in the way is about a hammer. "

"So now that everybody's here, it's a good time for me?"

"The timing may have been good, but the mistake is good.This time, everyone will fight for Hayato.No one fights for the princess. "

"No one? Simon?"

"Of course. If Hayato's knife had not been stolen, I would have done what I had to do in Ryugu and put Hayato back on the boat.Maybe she left the princess on the boat. "

"... I'm really, really sorry. Please don't abandon me because I'm really trying..."

"Yeah, don't pull the knife.If you don't want to be abandoned, beat ten swords for Hayato. "

"I got it! I got it, Hayashi!I'm serious! "

"Oh, yeah. Nice to meet you."

(Well, Simon won't abandon Mr. Benitz in any form.But in the future, you will listen to Simon very well, so Mr. Benitzle may change a bit.)

Hayat set out for the castle with such an exchange in mind.

The town felt the same as usual, but there was a slightly heavier atmosphere when approaching the castle.

Hayat looked up at the castle.

Orthodox Japanese castle with water moats, stone walls and black tiled roofs on white walls.The height is the size of six or seven floors in terms of buildings.Looking at the length of the moat, Hayato wondered if it was a castle built in a 100m square.

Crossing the bridge over the moat to the castle gate, two armored warriors stood.The one looks at Hayato with his eyes closed.

"It's him, I'm sure of it."

Looking closely, he was one of the ten sacred magic swords that came with Benitz.

"I came alone as promised, but what do we do now?"

"This way, follow me."

Hayat was taken by two armored warriors and stepped into the castle.

No one is idle in the castle.He took off his shoes and walked down a wooden hallway, just like the house he was staying in, but the floor sounded so tight that he didn't feel a lot of signs.

As he walked down the hallway, he was prompted to go down the stone staircase leading to the basement.

Now walk around in a place like a pile of stones.It's a place where only the candles hanging on the wall are a light source, but it doesn't feel so dark.

The road was at a dead end about 30 meters, and the walls had tight wooden and iron doors.

The two armored warriors went in there without saying anything, and Hayato followed.

It was like a blacksmith's shop.Something like a giant burning kiln, many buckets to cool down gold floors and iron, and unsure patterns and lettering tags are hanging on one side of the wall.

(It looks more like a ritual than a workshop.Maybe for when the demon sword came out.)

With that in mind, one of the armored warriors stood in front of Hayat.

And put a sword in front of Hayat.The knife placed on the floor was a little sad.

"What do you see in that sword?"

Suddenly, I thought that even if you asked me such a thing, but I feel like Hayato is pushed a little by the atmosphere that doesn't say anything extra and doesn't let the other person say anything.

I came to get my knife back, so I decided to answer the question without saying anything extra first.

Hayato looks at the placed sword.

There is no doubt that the famous sword is Yata Glass. But this is a star.It's the lowest-quality sword.

Not even the lowest quality can be used, but it only has the strength of a regular sword.Without special performance, Hayato's highest-quality sword would be stronger.

I wondered why such a sword was here, but first I said the answer.

You're loose.

I said that somewhat provocatively.

There's nothing to piss the other person off, but I'm telling you the truth.In the first place, I can't call this a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Hayato's answer made the armored samurai laugh.However, Hayato didn't know if it was really fun and laughing because the lower half of his face was hidden with a protective device called a face cheek.

"That's right. The item name definitely has a knife.You can't call this a legendary sword. "

"Isn't it lost because of the poor quality?"

The question arises as to who made this sword in the first place, and I don't know why I would call myself if I could make it, but I didn't say anything about it, I simply said what I thought.

The armored warrior nodded in Hayato's words.

"Exactly. But whatever blacksmith makes, it's only star quality.You said Hayato. Do you know why? "

(Is quality only one star?Is there such a thing?)

Hayato has also made various production items, but I've never seen such items before.

Sometimes lack of skills does not result in high quality.Items with high crafting difficulty can be crafted at critical skill levels, but the quality can be up to three stars, and the skill levels of four and five stars must be increased further.

Of course, there is a low probability that a pharmaceutical skill like Elixir is 100 but a star five is 1%, but it is not impossible to make it.

"You didn't build it with 100 blacksmithing skills?"

"Such a blacksmith cannot be entrusted with the creation of a sword.There were a few blacksmiths who made it, but all had Skill 100.But this is the result. Okay, let's do it with Hayato.Can you make the highest quality yata glass and a real sword? "

(I see. You summoned me because you could only make one star.)

I bet you didn't think that it would be a situation where you could only make a famous sword with one star.So I summoned Hayato with a knife that I accidentally got.

Sometimes it seems that the rebellion failed when the sword could not be made, but if the knife was taken as a non-hostage substance, the ten swords of the Holy Magic still had luck.I honestly don't know whether the luck was good or bad, but Hayato seemed to think so.

Hayato is interested in that.

A sword that can only be made with the lowest quality.I don't know what that means, but Hayato raised his mouth without even realizing it.