Another Frontier Online

Material quality

Hayato taught him how to make the masterpiece Yata Glass from the Holy Magic Ten Swords.I didn't think you could tell me all of a sudden, so I can say I had a little encounter.

"Does this mean you won't let me leave the eastern country?"

"If you make a sword, you can go anywhere."

"Do you think I can make many?"

"Make whatever you want. Yata Glass is made of many materials that can only be taken in the eastern countries.I don't think we can make a lot of them in other countries.I don't care if it's just a missing sword before that. "

"I don't think the conspiracy will succeed without the mightiest sword?"

"Murder? Nonsense. All we want is the most powerful title.Without the mightiest sword, there is no practice in this country.I just came to you because the princess was in your way to take the shards of the demon sword from you, and to make the Yata Glass.When you're done, you'll be in this country. "

Although Hayato doesn't understand the values, Diete tells me that the Ten Daggers are former Samurai maniacs.As far as I can imagine, I thought the Ten Swords of the Holy Magic were obsessed with the delusion that Samurai should be the strongest.

Can I have my knife back?

"If you made the highest quality yata glass, I'll give it back."

"You want me to believe that?"

"I have to believe it, don't I?"

"... that's not true."

The hope of the Holy Demon Ten Swords is the strongest sword.If you can't make it, you're not interested in the sword or the country.I'm just using the knife to make Hayato hear what I have to say and I'm not interested in it.

If you know you can't make the strongest sword, Hayato and the knife are worthless and you don't know what to do.The idea of giving it back because it's worthless would be too optimistic.

(There is no other way to negotiate but to make a sword and show me that it is worth it.Dite-chan, if there's a mechanism like this, I want you to tell me...)

Hayato hasn't heard the secret of Yata Glass from Diet.I wanted you to tell me such a secret in advance, but you didn't tell me anything.

I don't know if it was Dite's accident or if I didn't know about it, but I swear to God I'll ask you later.

Hayato exhales heavily and then prepares to make a sword.First, I checked the material.

Apart from the shards of the demonic sword, there were items called the shards of the famous sword and other materials that I heard for the first time, but they were all in this workshop.

Hayato puts all the Yata glass materials into the item bag.And instead of being a regular user, I took out a regular blacksmith hammer and displayed the menu.

On the menu, there is the masterpiece Yata Glass, but even if the creation probability is 100%, the creation probability of the stars is 100%, and the other quality is 0%.

(Isn't it strange to have 100 blacksmith skills and 100% minimum quality?You mean you have to break the skill limit like Asha?But I can't do that, and Diete-chan won't even shut up if it's that much.There must be some reason...)

Some of Esha's skills have exceeded their limit.It is a reward from Diete and not an act that a regular player can do.It is possible that the system will be applied in the future, but not now.

"What do you got?"

"Don't bother."

Hayato responded to the inquiry of the Holy Magic Ten Swords without looking at the opponent.The armored warrior shouted a little surprised at what seemed different from Hayato.

Instead of the usual hayato feeling, the eyes are getting serious, and I'm putting my left hand on my chin and thinking about things.Anyway, if you know someone, the use of words has become a little rough for people who don't care.

(It's not about skills - it's about materials.I think there was something similar about some dishes)

Some dishes can only produce the ingredients themselves with production items, but the poor quality of the ingredients affects the quality of the dishes that are ultimately made.However, it is not to say that the highest quality cannot be made at all like yata glass, but to the extent that the probability is reduced.

Hayato examined the materials gathered here one by one.And confirm that the quality of most materials is low.

Let me make the ingredients.


"The quality of the material is poor. It may not make sense, but it uses the highest quality materials."

"Huh? Very well. Have them bring the materials to make them.But Yata Glass is made of more than just blacksmithing skills - no, it has 100 production skills.Hayato can make anything by herself. "

Hayato answers by nodding.

A few minutes later, the carrots appeared and brought the ingredients to make them.Hayato uses them to create high-quality materials.

I don't bring Hayato's favorite products this time, but I bring regular medicine bowls, blacksmith hammers, saws, etc.This is a precaution against Ninja stealing something important.

(The problem is the knife, right?There's no point in being stolen again.We need to equip it as soon as you return it.And if blacksmiths other than me can make high-quality yata glass, it's a problem.As a precaution, the material should be prepared at a minimum)

We made the necessary items one after the other, all with the highest quality Star Five.Put it in the item bag.And again, I saw some information about Yata Glass from the blacksmith hammer.

(Coming. Top quality star five 10%. Four stars or 15%.)

What do you think?

Hayato exhales a little.I haven't made it yet, but I saw a little light.

"I saw the possibility. I just said the highest quality is 10%."

Hayato's words raised exclamation from the surroundings.

"All right, make it. If you can make the highest quality yata glass, I'll replace it with a knife."

"Don't look forward to it because it's possible to be a star."

Hayato started making yata glass.

It is not rainbow, but rather bright light shines in front of Hayato's eyes.Then Yata glass with the quality of the four stars was created.Having seen that, Hayat stopped thinking for a moment.

(What is this basic damage? It's not a replica. It's like an excalibur.Plus all status plus performance for Bloodweapon effect?What effect would a star five have on a star four?)

Hayat was surprised when he saw the sword, and the Holy Magic Ten swords, who saw the sword in the same way, shouted with surprise.

"Excellent, this is the legendary sword.Hayato, make as many ingredients as you can. "

"Give me my knife first."

Not on Stars and Fours.Like I said, first make the highest quality yata glass.Then we'll talk. "

Hayato started making Yata Glass again, saying that it would be impossible to negotiate any more.

When the eighth piece of yata glass was made, an iridescent light shined before Hayato's eyes.Everyone on the spot sees the effect with their expectations.

The light subsided and a sword appeared in Hayato's hand.

(Is this the highest quality of Yata Glass?)

Looking at the item information, the performance was higher than that of the four stars.Basic Damage is also increased and has the same Bloodweapon effect.The stat up was further improved, and there was another performance.

Its performance is "soul eating". Each time I defeated a monster, my base damage was permanently increased by 1.There seems to be a ceiling, but if you continue to defeat monsters, it will definitely be the most powerful weapon.

"Excellent, Hayat. Now give me that sword."

Swap it with a knife.

"... we have ninja who are good at stealing.Can I steal it now? "

"Is there any reason to give you the sword that Ninja stole?Equipment conditions are quite low. I don't know what the relationship is, but I'm sure we can get away with it. "

Hayato plants insecurity around him.I didn't know the relationship between the Holy Magic Ten Swords and Ninja here, so I tried to say so.

"And what if I told you I wouldn't make any more?There's only one sword left. Want to take it?I don't know how to steal from each other, but Ninja with the skills to steal is the dominant one anyway. "

"If you don't make any more knives, you won't come back?"

"If you don't come back at the moment, it doesn't matter how many you make, does it?I'm not stupid enough to believe it.Then I'll give up cleanly. "

"I can't believe I made a knife after I gave it to you."

"But I have to believe it. Isn't it?"

It is unclear whether the situation has been reversed, but Hayat always said so in return.Then stick more nails.

"Or do you want a blacksmith other than me because you know how to do it?Some materials require pharmacy, craftsmanship, and woodworking skills.I don't know if I can make it at the highest quality besides me, but it's going to take some time to find someone who can make it. "

If you look at the low-quality materials that we have in the first place, you probably don't have people who can make them.

One of the ten swords of the Holy Magic had been staring at Hayato for a long time, but he exhaled all he had to say.

"Very well, but if you don't make a sword, you won't be able to live normally in the future."

"That's scary."

It's not a threat to logged-out players, but the NPCs don't know it's real.

Hayato exchanges "Nada Yata Glass" and "Adamantite's Knife/Pole".Check each other's items to avoid scams when exchanging items before closing a trade.

Then the knife returned to Hayato's item bag.Hayato equips himself with a knife at that moment.This will not be stolen by theft skills.

He exhaled that he had finally returned.

(From now on, it would be better not to take it out of the base...)

While reassured, Hayat was surrounded by the Holy Magic Ten Swords.

"Promise. Eight left. I'm going to get you to make the highest quality yata glass."

(Promise to do what you've done so far.I don't think that's enough, but let's make it work.It's a good performance, but Esha and the others won't lose)

Hayato also put what he needed in his item bag to make the highest quality stuff from the materials.