Another Frontier Online

Similar people

It took quite some time, but Hayato made the masterpiece Yata Glass for a few people.

I wonder if Hayato's bad habits have come out.When I focus on production, I completely lose the sense of time.It was quite a while before I realized it, and the system menu time display was in the evening.

I mean, I took a break from work at the coffee shop.

(I'm sorry too, but I can't feel better without the Holy Magic Ten Swords.)

The black side of Hayato appears a little bit, but I don't think this can be helped.Everyone knows which priority should be given to reality or virtual reality, but there are many problems with this game.Things are moving in real time, and when you log out, time doesn't stop.

Hayato hoped that Esha and the others would open a coffee shop and follow her.

"You seem like a proper craftsman."

One of the ten sacred magic swords said so to the depressed Hayat.

Basically, only this armored warrior talks to Hayato.And given the other Armored Warriors and Ninja, this man is the leader.

That said, Hayat was not sure what he was told.

"What is a proper craftsman?"

"It's not just for craftsmen, but for once, I did what I said.You could have chosen not to do anything when the knife was returned. "

"I'm glad to hear that, but even if you say so."

"You hated it.You and I are just like each other. "

Not at all.

Hayato replied instantly.

Thoughts, actions, and means are not similar in the first place.Sometimes I don't like being put together any more.

"Really? You're trying to maximize your production skills, and we're trying to maximize our strength.I think the essence is the same just because you want different things? "

"Again, it's totally different. I'm not trying to betray or sacrifice anyone.I don't even know what they said about each other.Are those eyes holes? "

Hayato's words made the armored warrior laugh.

"Sure you didn't betray me, but can you tell me you didn't sacrifice me?You think you did it all by yourself until you turned your production skills to 100?Someone must have gathered the materials. "

No, that's...

"You just assume that you didn't sacrifice your own interpretation?You don't think it's a problem because you're one of us?Or is it the relationship you have because you are benefiting from that skill?Just being unconscious is worse than us. "

Hayato has something in mind.

Retrieved knife. I have gathered materials with my friends many times to make this.It's not entirely unpaid, but it certainly took a lot of time.

That's why I wanted to get it back.I didn't get it back because of its good performance.I wanted to get this knife back because I have memories with everyone.

"Maybe you're right.But I'm grateful to my people.Do you have any gratitude? "

"No, but what is it?Can I say thank you for being our stepping stone?Or should I pay for it?We have decided that whoever is sacrificed will do whatever it takes to be strong.Isn't that what polarizing the road is all about? "

"I don't understand."

"I don't want you to understand - but I'm sorry.I thought you were on our side, but you were a tedious craftsman who wasn't prepared for anything.Sure, my eyes were holes. "

"What are you talking about when you're using a knife made by a tedious craftsman who's not ready for this?"

The armored samurai laughed even more at the words.

"This one was taken.That's true. But it's not easy to make the most powerful sword for a man like you.It's like a headshot to this extent. "

"What do you mean?"

"I told you the path to the most powerful sword is boring.In that regard, the strongest path is a long way off.Even when you get the strongest sword, it's disgusting to call it the strongest sword.But that's the path worth risking your life. "

Hayato wanders to the armored warrior in front of him, even though it's a virtual reality.Because the thought is mad.

Were you really just a samurai maniac?It feels more creepy and unpleasant.)

"Well, that's it.Hayato, you're going to be rewarded. Take it. "

I'm not coming from you.

"Well, don't say that. Take it as an apology from me.It's a reward not to take hostages. "


The moment Hayat said so, he fell from his feet for some reason without strength.

(Hmm, what...? Hmm, HP is 0?Was he slashed!?)

I was able to recognize that the Armored Warrior had attached his hand to the Yata Glass pattern, but there was no recognition of being attacked.But Hayato's HP fell to zero.As a result, it was definitely attacked.

- Is that it?But it's so fast that you don't recognize the moment of attack....)

After looking at Hayato a little, the armored warrior turned around and looked at the other sacred magic swords and carrots.

"Well, I've got what I want.There's no reason to be in this country anymore.Travel from the eastern port to Kigashima Island.That's where we get new power. "

"But what do we do? The Demon King Army is unexpected.There's no sign of an attack so far, but we're surrounded. Can we get past it and get to the port? "

"I'll get their attention in this castle, you go first."

Are you sure?

"I don't mind. Just go."

After such a conversation, everyone left this workshop.

(Don't you know the specification that you can hear the conversation even if you fall down?The information is out of the box.

Hayato thought so and pressed the "Resurrection" button.

Hayato is resurrected in the Mansion's room.

The knife was retrieved and the best quality of yata glass was made available to everyone.So far we're on the same course. And from here, we fight back.Hayato thought so and moved to the main hall of the mansion.

Everyone but the Demon King Army was there.

So Hayato explains the situation so far.

"I see. Then you can go mad already.Please make your husband's meal here today.We'll teach Samurai what strength is. "

Everyone looked afraid of Esha's words.It's reliable as Hayato, but the explanation about Yata Glass was missing, so please explain it properly and be careful.

But Esha smiled.

"No matter how strong a weapon you have, there's no point in not hitting it.Pure strength is better with long-range weapons than with melee weapons.Defeat without being noticed.It's the strongest thing I can teach you. "

There is room for debate, but there will be no mistake.It is unclear what the strongest is in the first place, so even if the Holy Magic Ten Sword seeks strength, I don't know how to be the strongest.

Hayat still couldn't understand the ideas of the armored warriors.

As everyone leaves the Mansion, Simon is the only one thinking about something.

Benitz leaned his neck at the act.

"Simon, what's wrong?"

"... princess, if you do something strange next time, she will leave this country."

"Well, if I know, I'll do it right.I study, and I'm not selfish! "

"Then go with Hayato's people and catch all ten swords.Can you do it without a pigeon? "

"Huh? Simon's not coming?"

"Sometimes I wonder.If the princess doesn't show up there, there will be problems, so go and stand out. "


"Just do something different.Well, if you don't believe me, that's fine. "

That's what Benitz said, and he looks in a hurry.

"Shi, I believe in Simon.Then I'll catch the Ten Swordmen!Everyone! Meet, meet! Thank you, thank you! "

"And hold back where the Ten Swords will be resurrected.First of all, we need to get the castle back. "

It's like I know where we're going!

And Benitz said so, and went with the people of Samurai toward the castle.And Hayato and Simon remain in the Mansion.

"Um? What do you care?"

"Don't give Hayato too much information.In other words, I suspect it may be false information. "

"Hmm? So it's the wrong information to go to the eastern port?"

"No, you're right. But that's not a diversion."

A diversion?

"Perhaps you will leave the western harbor by yourself with ten swords and ninja.It's too small to cry. "

"Huh? Run away on your own?"

"That's right. I'm not going to betray my people.I don't know if I thought you were one of them from the beginning. "

"Maybe that leader sent the other ten knives to the east port to escape alone?You're telling me you told me that?Can you tell me how much you care about strength? "

"That's one of Hayato's tricks.Don't do such a petty thing, he is.So he goes to the west port.I'm not letting him go. "

"But alone?"

"If you go in large numbers, you'll be noticed.Then another hand may come.A few people don't notice. "

Simon turned his back on Hayato, tied a sling in a flowing motion, and secured his sleeve.Then pull the white ribbon tied behind your hair with your right hand, and now tie the ribbon like a bee.

Hayato opens his mouth as he watches the preparations.

"I'm coming with you.I don't think you'll notice if you wear clothes from the East. "

Simon stops at Hayato's words.And I slowly looked back at Hayato.

It is a simon that usually feels daunting, but it feels more daunting than usual to have a honeycomb with your hair down.

Simon looks at Hayato with a serious face.

"Would you believe me like a princess?He will never lose, no matter how much glass he has.Besides, if he hadn't come to the west port, he'd be pretty embarrassed. "

"It would be embarrassing if you didn't come when I asked.Besides, I was struck by a cozy attack.Besides, I've had a lot of bad eyes because of him, so I want to see the moment Simon slashes me.To relieve stress. "

I don't really think so.It's not like I don't believe Simon.I can't fight, but I just want to help if anything happens.

"If they take me hostage, I'll kill every hayato?"

"Go ahead, I'll just come back here and kill him as many as I can."

Simon looked a little stunned by Hayato's breathtaking attitude, but smiled the next moment.

"Actually, it was a bit thoughtful. If Hayato will come with us, it won't be a hundred manpower."

"That's too much. I can't fight, so I don't have any manpower, but I'll help you with production items.I'll be ready in a minute. "

Hayato immediately went to the warehouse and threw the necessary items into the item bag.