Another Frontier Online

Fighting at the pier

Hayato and Simon head for the western port.

The country to the east in the evening was vibrant.There are a lot of outdoor restaurants, and there are a lot of customers who are a little full at the end of their work.The movement slows down, but the crowd doesn't overwhelm you.

I don't know if that armored samurai is coming to the western port.It's just a bet because it's quick to leave the eastern country from the western port.However, regular flights to the western country twice a day arrive in about 30 minutes.Probably.

Otherwise, there seems to be a way out of the eastern country, but Hayato and the others hurried to the western harbor, mindful of the surroundings, because they would not change their plans unless they noticed.

Hayato and the others arrived at the port before the scheduled flight arrived.And hide behind a nearby warehouse-like building.

So far, there is no one like that.There was one guest waiting for a scheduled flight at the pier, but no armored warrior.

"Could he be in a different place?"

"No, no, no, no. Take off your armor and pretend to be a normal customer.Contrary to Hayato, I'm wearing clothes from the western country, but I'm telling you to find them. "

Simon walked out of the shadow of the building towards the pier.

Hey, can I leave?

"There is no escape on that pier anymore.For some reason, it's a little embarrassing to have a ship that's not a scheduled flight. "

"Oh, that's the ship I built.I forgot to miniaturize it. "

"I don't know what happened, but there was a lot.But that helps a lot.Should we finally lure him to that ship?I wouldn't be able to move someone else's ship. "

Simon and Hayat approach the pier with such a conversation.

And now that we've got him there, the only way for him to escape is to take Simon down or board a scheduled flight.

The man is turning his back towards the sea.It is unclear whether he sees a ship in the distance or the sunset, but at least he did not see the Hayats.

Simon takes out his bow. It is the highest quality bow made by Hayato to combat peacocks.

And then you aim for the man with the arrow.

There was no hesitation and an arrow was mechanically fired at the man's head.

But the arrow never hit a man.Soon the man was pulling out his sword and knocked down the arrow.

And the man puts his sword back into his sheath and looks at Simon.

"Shot an arrow without hesitation."

"You have no reason to hesitate."

"There could have been a mistake."

"Did you think you wouldn't find out by hanging the blade of a business you could just see?"

The man glanced at the sword that had been put back into his sheath before laughing.

"Did the theft countermeasure come out in reverse?But I didn't know you were coming.Too much useful information. "

"Drowning in a solution doesn't mean that.It's just a little thing that pretends to be smart. "

"At first, I was going to twist down with my strength, but I didn't expect the Demon King army to come.The farewell to the Ten Daggers was planned later, but I went crazy a lot. Life is hard. "

"I see. If I had met someone else, I might have had a different life.It was boring. "

"Looking forward to our next encounter.So, what are you doing here?I don't need a ride. "

"Do you think you can get out of this country with all this?"

"It's better that way, isn't it?I don't need the eastern country anymore.If you think you're dangerous, you'd better miss it. "

"Sure you're a dangerous man, but you can't leave the country for that reason."

"Why not bother other countries? This is bullshit."

"That's not why the pigeons won't let you get away from this country."

"Huh? May I ask why?"

Simon did not immediately answer the man's question and looked at Hayato.

As Hayato, he leans his neck without feeling why he saw me there.

Simon strayed from Hayat and turned back to the man.

"He went to Hayat to ask for the demon sword to be destroyed.This is our one-sided wish.When Hayato was gone, he went to his base and went crazy, and he didn't offer any clumsy rewards.It's only natural that you refuse.But I had a deal, but Hayato took it. "

Simon came to his base while Hayato and the others were on an island that was floating in the sky and ran into his maid Rose, the Dark Knight Gil, and the singer's Noat opponent.

Next time I came to the base, I was able to meet Hayat, but I was unable to take him to the eastern country because of the Necropolis invasion.

But by helping Simon tackle Necroboris, he was able to make a promise to bring Hayat to the eastern country.Eventually Hayato and the others were able to do the same in the eastern country, but Hayato has a pleasant history of taking on the destruction of the demonic sword.

"I don't get the gist. Is that why you won't let me escape?"

"He received hospitality from Hayato and the others.The highest quality kimonos, swords, beds, meals, mock fights, everything was the best.I don't know what to say myself, but I suppose he was a pain in the ass. "

(I don't think so. Ivan said the mock fight was a hassle.)

Based on Hayat's thoughts, Simon's words continued.

"I owe a great deal to Hayat and the others.I've been thinking a lot about paying back the favor and trying to treat it in the eastern country. "

"Then you can treat them as you like from now on.A real troublemaker, I disappear from the eastern country. Long live it! "

"I'm not going to entertain you without being told.But not about you again.How dare you?Instead of entertaining the Hayats who have come to the eastern country, I try to get into trouble with the country and lock them up with princesses and ten swords, forcing them to make swords, everything is ruined.This is not the place to repay my gratitude. "

Simon separates words there once.And I exhaled a lot.A deep, resentful sigh would be enough to show anger around you.

"With your crap thoughts, Hayato was humiliated in front of them.You know Samurai, don't you?What will the humiliated Samurai do to him?Do you smile and forgive me? "

The man laughs at Simon's words.

I'm sure that's Mr. Xu. Cut it down without telling me if it is there.But Simon, there's something wrong with that, isn't there? "

"What kind of problem?"

"The problem is that the opponent is stronger.Are you gonna cut me down?You've never beaten me. "

"When are we talking?Isn't it funny if he was talking before he went west? "

"Are you mistaken for being stronger than me when you went west?Isn't that funny? "

"The world is huge, and thankfully, Jin fought the closest opponent in the world.I never won, but I learned a lot from losing.Have you ever fought a real strong man?It hurts to be aiming to be the strongest against someone you can always win. "

"Is it reckless to go to someone you can't win?"

"Sure, but can you say you're the best at escaping until you're ready to win?You just don't like losing and are running away.That's what you're aiming for. "

"... that's good. I'll slay you with the most powerful force I've ever run around.Don't expect any slack. "

"I've never expected anything from you before."

Simon and the man stood up to each other.

The man is holding the sheath with his left hand while keeping the sword in the sheath and attaching his right hand to the handle.I don't know about Hayato, but I decided it might be a coward attack.

Simon thinks his bow won't work, so he switches his gear to a sword.He pulled the sword out of his sheath and stood in front of him.The sword was made by Hayato before, and it is not the famous sword fox that Simon had before.

Hayato wondered why he didn't use his sword, but he thought the same.

"Are you going to fight me with that sword?Looks like we're going to make an excuse to lose in the meantime. "

"A sword as good as a sword.There is no excuse for losing.But you lose with your strongest sword.There's no excuse? "

The moment Simon said that, a thin, sharp sound was heard in Hayato's ear.Definitely the sound of the sword and sword hitting each other.But Hayato didn't see it at all, even though he had a good look.

(It's virtual reality, but it's going beyond the laws of physics.It's not Lunaria-san's black swan, has it ever happened?)

Lunaria's Magic Sword Aron Dite can be used in a Weapon Skill called Black Swan, but it is a special move that can be activated when the opponent is recognized as a strong enemy.With it, Lunaria is able to ignore the physical laws of this virtual reality.

The opponent did the same level.

But that's not all Hayato was surprised about.Simon took that invisible attack without being slashed.

"It's an interesting joke to aim for the strongest with the power God has given you.I won't admit it. "

"Someday you'll have to slay that god."

The god was in that mansion.

With that in mind, Hayato understood a little.An attack like that is a reward from God for the Clan War.

"Well, you can't slash a hammer with such a trick.Let's go live from here. "

Simon jumps out and slashes a man.

The man pulled the sword out of his sheath in an instant and fired the attack.

Simon continued to attack from all angles, vertically, horizontally, diagonally, but all of them were hit.

"If you slay me in the dark clouds, you won't hit me?"

Is that what it looks like?


"The aim of the lion is to destroy the Yata Glass.I can't allow you to have Hayato's weapon.It's been a short time, but say goodbye. "

Simon increased the speed of his attack.The interval between knives is narrowing.

Still, it didn't hit the other person, but the other person's face gradually began to suffer.There is no physical fatigue in this virtual reality.The situation is painful.

"Hayato told me that Yata Glass has no self-repair.It will break eventually, and it will be your last. "

And the man turned away from his face, and smiled, and smiled, and pounded Simon's sword, and slashed his belly beside him.


That's what he shouted, but Hayato was surprised the next moment.

Simon slashed the man from the top, not from the bottom.


It won't hurt, but when Simon attacks, the man retreats and distance himself from Simon.

Simon slowly retrieved the potion from the item bag.It's Hayato's top quality potion.

"Hayato, I'm sorry to ask you to make potions and repair your sword.Both are still there, but I want them to be prepared just in case. "

Simon left his present sword in Hayat and took out another.It is also the highest quality sword made by Hayato.One of the five I gave you before.

Hayato felt various things.

"Ah... okay. I've got a lot of stuff from the warehouse, so I can make as many as I want, and I can fix it, so don't worry about the rest."

"Hmm. I swear I will win."

"Simon, Simon, you...!"

When Simon finished his potion, he wiped his mouth with his right arm and then smiled fiercely.

"I hear that sword has a bloody weapon effect.Slashing will restore the durability of the sword and your health, but not as fast as a single blow.The sword is not a hassle, but the sword is hayato.This doesn't mean we can slash each other as much as we want.Looking forward to seeing which one falls first? "

Simon, who was showing a vicious smile, said so and walked slowly through the pier.