Another Frontier Online

Settlement of battle

The surroundings are already dim.The sun is also sinking two-thirds into the sea, and will be completely hidden in a few moments.

Under such circumstances, Simon and the man who was the leader of the Holy Devil's Ten Swords were fighting.It has been twenty minutes since we first slashed each other, but it has not yet been settled.

Periodic ships do not approach the port and are waiting a little further away.Around the pier, Azma's inhabitants gathered.

Simon and the leader of the Holy Devil's Ten Swords are fighting.At first, residents were wondering, but the only voice that resonated was Simon's support for what was going on.

However, I wonder if the two of you could hear such a voice. They had been slashing each other with their swords without resting for a while.

It's not one-sided, but if you're watching some battle, you know.Simon is deliberately attacking like a match.The moment he slays the opponent, he keeps repeating it.

Man recovers HP and sword endurance with Yata Glass performance.Simon drank potions to restore his health, and while rotating his sword's durability, he asked Hayato to repair it.

Simon is advantageous in light of the circumstances.

The performance of the Brad Weapon of the Meishi Yata Glass restores HP and Durability, but it does not fully recover once Simon is slashed.If you don't cut it three times, you won't be able to get any HP or durability.

Simon fights back even once he slashes it.Simon fights back in the immediate aftermath of his opponent's attack, making it difficult to slash him even harder.

The durability of yata glass is also gradually decreasing.It's impossible to slash all Simon's slashes, so we have to attack him with a knife.

As a result, both HP and Durability were recovering, and the damage was gradually accumulating.

What happens if I repeat the same thing?Because Hayato sees it from the outside can understand it, so do men.

"... how long are you going to keep going?"

"Until your heart and glass break.You shouldn't think it would be easy to be defeated. "

Simon laughs viciously.It seemed like a manifestation of the will to slash you again and again.

Simon approaches the man at high speed and waves Hayato's sword.

The man prevented Simon from attacking with Yata Glass, but his face clearly looked painful.Even if you continue to be attacked, Yata Glass's Durability decreases and breaks.When he attacked with a gap, he was slaughtered at the next moment.

The pier is narrow, and it is impossible to follow Simon's path to Hayat.Simon will kill you if you try to escape.

You can't jump into the sea and escape.Even if you can swim, if you don't have diving skills, your HP will gradually decrease in the water.

I mean, it's jammed. You can't overwhelm yourself with strength, and you're going to lose anyway.

The man flies gently backwards to distance himself from Simon.When the sword was placed in the sheath, it was placed on a pier made of wood.Then he retracted further and raised his hands slightly.

"I lost. Put the yata glass there. Whatever you want."

"Very clean. I didn't think you'd win no matter what."

"I didn't expect Simon to be that strong.He said that he sent you to the western country, that the Demon King army had come, and apparently I had no luck. "

"Are you saying that you're unlucky to lose to him?That's why you lose. "

"Whatever.So, what do we do? Tie me up with a rope? "

"That's all I have. Hayato, do you have a rope?"

"I do. Wait a minute."

Hayato took the rope out of the bag and gave it to Simon.

Simon receives it, puts the yata glass placed on the pier in the item bag, and then approaches the man.

"Oops, let's check first.Princess, can you hear me? "

It looked like he was having a conversation in a voice chat.

"... what? Hayato's people are all fucked?That's why I told you.You should regret the shallowness of yourself trying to sell a fight to that kind of opponent.Anyway, did you seize the castle... okay.Looks like you could have done it without a pigeon.But it's not over yet.The princess needs to wait there. "

Simon smiles at Hayato.

"Those are Hayato's people.Almost unharmed, he took down the Ten Swords and all the Ninja.They seized everything in the castle, the place of resurrection.He said he was in jail. "

"That's good. Well, there's Lunaria, the Demon King, and the Demon King army."

"Yes, but the worst part was Esha.You shot a dozen swords running from high places in the castle.The princess said that excitedly. "

(Did Benitz-san recognize Esha more badly than Lunaria the Demon King...?)

I don't know what the consequences will be, but Hayat was relieved that the disturbance ended in the eastern port.

The man laughed at the conversation.

"You still can't beat those in the Demon King Army and the Brave Clan.I thought we were going to have a better match because we had the Yata Glass. "

"That's what happens when you try to shortcut what you should have acquired without relying on weapons or tactics.Well, think about it in jail. "

That's how Simon approaches a man.

"Don't tie me up too tightly."

Simon smiled at the man's words.

"I'm glad you thought I'd be treated like that.In general, I don't think you'll admit losing. "


Simon slashed the man without hesitation.

Someday the man tried to take it with the sword he had, but Simon haunted him in time.

"Do you want to slay the one with the full waist...?!"

"Where is the full waist? I don't think you'll let go of your favorite demon sword even if you get the Yata Glass.And you're not a sinner. Whether it's a full waist or not, I'll cut it. "

Simon's high-speed slashing attacks the man.

The man was barely struck by the sword that had the attack, but he wasn't completely shocked by Simon's slash, and Simon struck him several times.

The man's HP bar is already in millimeters.

"You are not qualified to have a sword.Learn about samurai from scratch in jail. "

Simon shakes his sword with a man's demonic sword.The slaughter did not stop and the demon sword slashed the man.The demon sword broke in half, and the tip of the sword fell into the sea after it had gone into space.

And the man ran out of HP bars.

"Damn, damn it...!"

The man leans against the pier and falls down in large letters.And soon disappeared.

"Princess, there's one of you!Never let them escape! "

Simon screams. He sends a voice chat to capture the man who will be resurrected at the castle.

"Hayat, hurry to the castle. I think it's okay, but I'm not worried."

And when he saw Simon running away, Hayat followed.And as he ran, he asked Simon.

"Maybe that's why you're postponing the fight?At first, I thought you felt like that to slay me so many times. "

"That's right. I also wanted time for the princess to hold the castle, and it would be a problem if he was resurrected in the castle with a sword, so I had to defeat both the Yatagara and the Demon Sword with letting go.But thank goodness. I knew it would be priceless to be slaughtered in silence with a sword, but I didn't think he could, but it worked. "

"It's amazing that you're thinking that far."

"... it just happened to work, so don't compliment me too much.I don't hate it, but I'm not used to it.And they may still have the sword.I don't think it's okay because there are princesses and Hayato's friends, but I won't be worried until I'm in jail. "

"Okay, let's hurry up."

"Hmm... but running in the cheers of the residents stinks.I'm still better off fighting. "

The boulevard of Azma, the capital. The two are running toward the castle, but there are residents cheering on both sides of the road.I may simply want to make a scene, but I'm looking forward to Simon's work as if I know what's going on.

Oh dear, I wanted to finish secretly the shame of the Ten Swords of the Holy Magic being rebellious.

"It's okay because Simon said he solved everything.What if Simon was the leader of the new Magic Ten Swords?True and Holy Demon Ten Swords. "

"Oh, that's good. How's Hayato, by the way?Why don't you join the new Holy Devil's Ten Swords and live in the East?I won't let anyone complain. "

"I'm in production, not Samurai."

"Shaken? The craftsmanship is like a samurai.Please let me know whenever you change your mind.I'll leave one frame open for Hayato. "

No, that's why...

"We'll talk about that later. Let's hurry to the castle first."

The two went to the castle with such a conversation.