Another Frontier Online

Princess and Demon King

In the mansion where Hayato and the others were staying, a banquet was held.

Thanks and apologies from Simon and Benitz, as well as hospitality to the Demon King army, make it much more luxurious than previous feasts.

I wanted to use Hayato's favorite knife, so I cooked from one end using the ingredients that I was grateful for.It may be said that it appealed to the extravagance of the banquet.I guess there was a feeling that I wanted to clear up my stomach because of all the things that happened.

As Hayat wished, the Ten Swords of the Holy Magic and the Ninja were all captured in pieces.The leader of the Ten Daggers of the Holy Spirit is already trapped in the cell, and it is impossible to get out of it.

Even if Ninja and the others had Trehan skills, they couldn't get out of there.Each country has an inescapable prison, which is reserved for troubled NPCs and players.Diete was telling Hayato that with her face.

In the meantime, the situation has settled down.

In the future, there will be discussions about what to do with the Holy Magic Ten Swords and Ninja, but it was decided that they would not be able to go out for at least a few years.

And before the banquet Benitz bowed his head and apologized.And Simon lowered his head next to it.

Because Benitz apologized with polite words, or because it was a grasping but heartfelt apology, no one could blame it.

Lunaria alone sometimes had a similar situation to Venice, and she approached Venice and called out if she had any thoughts.Speak lightly with your right hand on the shoulder of the veneer.

"Selfish is not good. That's why they betray me."

Everyone who was there was stunned.Most people came to their throats saying which mouth they were talking about, but I was touched by the smell of veneers, so I didn't have to pinch my mouth in particular.

Even though the Demon King Army had a problem with Lunaria, it was all-you-can-do to confine them to cookies and fashion models.

Hayato thinks it is a good relationship even though we think it is a mutual relationship.I don't know if it's really a good relationship, but Hayato decided that it wouldn't be bad if we didn't feel reluctant to each other.

After such an exchange, the conversation continues freely.

Hayato finishes his meal and stands up to talk.I have acquired the ability to greet myself because I was in sales before.

We went first to Benitz and Simon.

This time, Benitz was in the upper seat as before, but was seated on a single cushion.It's not Uedo who laughs like last time.I try to have fun, but somehow I keep it quiet.I wonder if this is also a reflection.

Seeing Hayato approaching, Benitz looked sorry. And keep your head down.

"Hayashi, I'm sorry - oh, no, no.I'm really sorry, Hayato. "

"No, no, you've got nothing to fear, so don't be afraid of.The knife is back.I don't mind talking the usual way anymore.You apologized first, and we accepted the apology, and that's it. "


Benitz glimpses at Simon.The Simon nodded.

"That's better than Hayato says.But don't take off your wings too much.If you do the same thing, it's time for love.It's not just for the pigeons, it's for everyone here. "

"Hmm, I don't like that...."

"Well, don't intimidate Benny too much, Simon.This time it's been a tough one, but you just have to learn this as a lesson a little bit.And everyone has a mistake, so if you don't make the same mistake, you'll be fine. "

"Hayashi, so gentle. Yeah.This time, I'll think about things so they don't fool me. "

Hayato nods with a smile at the words of Benitz.

In the first place, Benitz is in his late teens.And even if I say princess, it's just strong.Not everything, but at a time when bad adults are susceptible to deception.

There's no other way to believe in the Ten Daggers who admit selfishness than Simon, who always whispers.

"From now on, listen carefully to Simon and you'll be a fine princess.And we have someone to target! "

"Oh, who?"

"Demon King Lunachi. Luna, isn't that amazing?Majlis Spect. I will try my best to make sure the princess is loved like Luna.Let's start with cookies. "

"I don't think so."

In the first place, Lunaria is more deserted than selfish.

The Demon King army that is swinging around is probably not accumulated.However, it seldom exercises its power as a demon king against its companions, and it is balanced because it listens to the words.

In the first place, Lunaria is tied up with ropes or imprisoned in her room.When it comes to why it is possible for Lunaria, the Demon King, Lunaria does not fight back against his allies.

Hayat thinks he's listening to what people say when they say he can't.As a demon king, I wonder if that's okay, but that's why I thought I might be admired.

After we finished talking to the two of them, we went to Lunaria.

Lunaria is sitting between Rosalie and Gil.

I was wearing yukata and haori instead of regular bright red armor.However, the design is different from the yukata that everyone else wears.A unique yukata designed by a member of the Black Rose.

"Thank you, Lunaria.Thanks for saving me. "

"Yeah, but don't worry about it.I just came because I felt like Rosalie might get involved in something strange.The demon king has strong bug news. "

That's how Lunaria looked.

(You have strong bug news?And didn't you say you came on a tourist trip?)

Not only Hayato, but Rosalie is looking at Lunaria with suspicion.

"Why did you really need it?In general, I was contacted yesterday that Lunaria-sama's selfishness exploded? "

(Speaking of which, did you say something happened at the Demon King Castle...?)

Lunaria can't stand Rosalie's gaze.

That's where Gil laughed.

"Haha, Lunaria must have missed Lord Rosalie's vacation.They didn't tell me we were all going on vacation to the eastern country.We all came here in defeat. "

When Lunaria said that Rosalie would go to the eastern country with the Neys, she said she would, but the Black Rose and the Dark Knights locked Lunaria in her room to organize the paperwork.It was done for a few days, but I guess I couldn't stand it.

Lunaria suggested we all go to the eastern country and got permission.

Oh, yeah.

"Gil is insulting the Demon King.I don't think the Devil is lonely.I just happened to want to go to the eastern country.This is a project called the Demon King Liver Tour of the Demon King Army.Mr Hayato is generally at fault. If you're going to ask Rosalie, you should ask me.Write a pledge to make sure it doesn't happen again. "

(It seems that what I'm saying is gradually changing, but is it wild to point it out?Besides, Rosalie seems happy, so it's better not to say anything extra.)

Well, I'll ask Lunaria next time.By the way, next time I will defeat a turtle called Xuanwu in a place called Ryugu, can you help me?I think that Lunaria's Alondite would be quite advantageous. "

Diete said Xuanwu had high physical defense.However, Lunaria's Aron Dite deals more basic damage than her Ignore Defense attacks. I can fight quite advantageously.

Whether Lunaria was happy to be relied on or not, Lunaria smiled and somehow changed her expression to something she was good at.

"Fufu, it's easy"

"Does that mean permission?"

"Let this demon King Lunaria handle it.This is how tortoises turn over. "

It was Rosalie who sighed at this exchange.

"As always, Hayato treats Lunaria well.Well, I was hoping to ask you because you came so hard.Incidentally, the members of the Black Rose are coming with us, so it's not a problem for us. "

"Really? That would be great.Ah, maybe Gil and the others will go too? "

Gil shook his head to the side in response to Hayato's question.

"No, the members of the Dark Ten Knights went to Takamaga Hara to investigate the source.There are huge snakes, so I plan to destroy them. "

Really? Ah, speaking of the source... "

"Hmm. I was a little depressed when I found out that Lunaria couldn't get into the open-air bath.One of Hayato's companions - yes, I heard about it from Lord Ren, so I'm going to fix it. "

"Yeah, Gil's got a big role to play.It makes no sense not to come here and take an open-air bath.Kill the serpent to show the Demon King's splendid crawl. "

"Haha. Thank you. I'm happy.Let's meet Lunaria's expectations. "

"The open-air bath is fine, but if you swim in the bath, you'll get mad."

"Angering the Devil is a one-sided pain."

"You're angry with Rosalie, aren't you?"

Hayato smiles slightly at Lunaria as usual.

(Is the Demon King unattended? But it helped me this time.When I ask about various circumstances, I try to do it a little bit, but I need to thank you properly)

Hayato made a lot of chocolate parfaits with the knife he retrieved and gave them to Lunaria.And give the dish to the members of the Black Rose and the Dark Knight when they hear what they want to eat.Everyone was eating satisfactorily.

Lunaria nodded as she watched it.

"That's the devil's army cook. Make it every day from now on."

"Don't decide without your consent."

Hayato looked around as he tried to move to another place, thinking that there might have been another strange title.