Another Frontier Online

Purpose and means

Hayato sees the hall where the banquet is held.

I don't want to be near a place where women like Asha are taking dessert from each other.Because Ash is collapsed and does not move, so I can guess that it is a dangerous place.

Hayat moved to where the Mists were.

Mist, Damien, and Ruth are somehow having a bite to eat in the corner of the room.Hayato has no idea why he is doing such a thing.

Hayato approached three people who had heard that they had won against the peacock, but that might be what was affecting them.

"Mr. Mist."

"Hayato-san, you've had a lot of trouble.I'm glad the important knife came back. "

"Yes, thank you. By the way, why are you here?"

Mist and Ruth see Damien.The Damian who was seen looked bad.

"No, the Black Rose Ten has arrived, right?As Hayato knows, I attacked the ship on which Hayato and the others were on a ghost ship.That's when I fought the members of the Black Rose.... "

Oh, that's what happened.

When I went to get the airship's blueprints, I took the ship to sea to salvage it from the sunken ship, but I fought the ghost ship.Damien was on that ghost ship.

Damien fought the battle because he lost the Black Rose Ten in the Clan War, but he ran away instead of winning one-to-ten.At that time, he said he would win next, as if he were discarding the dialogue.

And we met in this mansion.It goes without saying that the atmosphere became awkward for each other.

"The Rosary who came to the eastern country with me doesn't really care, but the members of the Black Rose who came here today felt a little pressure... I'm sorry, but don't you think this is going to happen?I can't believe we're going to fight together. "

That said, Damien drank the liquor that had been poured into his mouth.

Looking at it, Ruth looked stunned.

"Damien only thinks of his opponents as enemies or allies.I want you to think about it a little bit more and act.Why don't you apologize like Benny? "

"No, that's right, but lowering my head to someone younger than me at this age....."

"Age doesn't matter, does it? I apologize if I think I did something wrong.Mist and Damien always say that.And tomorrow, when you fight Xuanwu, you'll be slaughtered from behind.Or you could be shot with an arrow. "

"Don't bother with that... okay.I'm going to apologize. Ruth, come with me.I don't think if you were there, they wouldn't blame you that hard. "

"What about using children for dashi?Damien is more of a child than Benny, can't apologize alone.Now, Hayato, I'm going with Damien for a moment. "

"Yes, uh, be careful."

Damien was pulled by Ruth and headed for a place with a member of the Black Rose.

For some reason, the members of the Black Rose are cheering yellow surrounding Ruth, but as Hayato, I don't really want to know why.I don't want to know the truth even if I know it somehow.

(Ruth, you're a boy, but you look handsome.I wonder if everything will be all right....)

"The two of you will be fine.I don't think they care that much. "

I felt that the worrying vector was different, but Hayato decided to do the same.

"I'll leave that to you.That's the report, but I defeated the peacock and gained knowledge of medicine.This is the end of one thing. "

"That's good. By the way, were you okay to go home?You were ambushed, right? "

Some of the Holy Devil's Ten Swords were in Takamagahara to catch Mists after fighting Peacocks.

I heard that Simon would be fine when he came back alone, and when everyone came back, but I wanted to check again and I heard that.

Mist nodded with a smile as if he was happy to be worried.

"Of course I'm fine. There were a lot of anti-peacock items, so it was easy for the peacocks and the samurai.And even if they were in a state of ingenuity, they wouldn't lose.Samurai and the others said Hayato would be captured, so you were pretty angry.Of course, so am I. "

"I can't imagine Mist getting angry, but thank you.But I'm sorry, I've got into a lot of trouble and I can't concentrate on you. "

Mist slowly shakes his neck sideways with a smiling face.

"It's not about Hayato apologizing, it's about me getting Hayato involved, so don't worry.I'm not in a position to receive an apology for being grateful. "

"It would be helpful if you could say so."

"But where did the Ten Swords of the Holy Magic distort it?"


As for Hayato, I wasn't sure what Mist was saying.I don't know much about the Holy Magic Ten Swords, but I think it was a group that was distorted and nothing.

Mist laughed at Hayato.

"The Magic Ten Swords were a clan called The Samurai in the previous world.Best 4 in Clan Wars.I lost Blackjack, led by Evan. "

Was that so?

"Perhaps you weren't convinced that you lost.You might have thought that Ivan's Excalibur and Esha's Belzeve, which are shaped differently, were defeated not by strength, but by the performance of the armor.That's why I feel like I wanted a good weapon. "

Oh, I see.

Excalibur is a weapon that ignores its defenses and deals high damage, and Hayato has heard that Eshah's Belzeb was in the shape of a cane at the time and could be used to exterminate the Magic Destroy.

The performance of armor is important in battle.I don't know what Simon thought, but perhaps the members of the Holy Magic Ten Daggers thought they were not losing with pure power.

"As far as I could see, it seemed more like clan purity than armor performance."

Difference in purity?

"Yes, The Samurai was strong, but only individually.It would still be in the top 4, so it would be quite something.But clan warfare is group warfare.Each one is destroyed.And I think Mr. Noat's support was quite effective. "

(Mr. Mist would recommend Mr. Noat.I heard that Mr. Noat defeated Simon, and if he's serious, he'll be strong.I don't think so when I look at it normally.)

Mist went on to say that Hayato was thinking about it.

"Simon may be a little different, but other members may have lost sight of the purpose and the means to seek strength."

Can you make a mistake?

"There are ways to do this.But in rare cases, the means themselves are the end. "

I think Hayato is enough.I suppose it was the Holy Magic Ten Swords that tried to become stronger for some purpose, but only obsessed with becoming stronger.

"Actually, I have experience too.Are you studying medicine only for knowledge, or are you trying to help patients?Damien once pointed it out. "

Is that what happened?

"We seek knowledge to save our patients, and if we seek knowledge alone, it will be irrevocable," Damien said.It was when I fell down in the lab because I was too passionate about research. "

Having heard that, Hayato wonders about herself.

The scale of the story is completely different, but there are things similar to me.

I want to improve the taste of coffee, but it is for the customer.However, if we were to try to attract customers only for the taste of coffee, even if one day we could make the best coffee, there would be no customers who would drink it.

It is more likely that the coffee shop is gone than that there are no customers.At that time, I felt like Esha and Ash weren't there.

Hayat was told by the leader of the Ten Daggers that they were alike.At that time, it was about production skills, and I could clearly say that it was different, but I think they saw that kind of possibility in themselves.

Though I was thinking too much, the taste of coffee has improved recently, and the time spent on it has also increased.I feel a little anxious.

Hayato is fine.


"There are people around Hayato who would kill you if you did that, right?If you do something wrong, Esha and Ash will stop you.Of course I am, so it's okay. "

"... did you feel anxious?"

"I'm not a psychiatrist, but doctors are the first to remove patient anxiety."

That's how Mist smiles.

Hayato smiled back that he was right.

"Yes, I'm no match for Ash or Ren in virtual or real life, so I'm starting to feel fine."

"Yes, if you have the heart to listen to someone.Now, is it time to stop talking like that?I'm not seeing him. "

That's what Mist said when he drank the liquor in his pork mouth before seeing Hayato.

"Tomorrow I'll go to Ryugu and fight Xuanwu.So I'm going to get a second piece of knowledge. "

"I see. Tomorrow it might be easier for Lunaria and the members of the Black Rose to fight together."

"Thank you, Ash told me today that the Skyscraper Babel was doing well.We're almost there to save everyone. "

"Yes, I will support you until the end, so don't worry about gathering knowledge"

"That's very pleasant, thank you.Well, how about a drink of Hayato?The wine in the eastern countries is quite delicious. "

That's right, I'll take it.

Hayato usually doesn't drink in virtual or real life, but he decided to drink with Mist because of the invitation.