Another Frontier Online

Princess and Yata Glass

On the day after the banquet, Hayat was alone in his makeshift residence.

The Mists went with Simon to Ryugu.Most of the members are on their way, so there's nothing wrong with the crusade.Lunaria, who arrived yesterday in particular, is quite strong.If you can't defeat the members this time, who can?

The Dark Ten Knight Gil headed to the Spirit Peak Takamagara to exterminate the snake.

Thanks to Len's extensive research, the location of the snake is already known.Gil laughed and said he would be able to get rid of the snake by the end of the day.

Hayato was left alone saying that he would never be targeted again.

However, as a precaution, Maris left Siegfried the three-haired cat and Max the nine-tailed fox as Hayato's escort.I was told to take care of him, not the escort, but Hayato thinks he is the escort.

Hayato was stroking Sieg and Max as he sat on the edge of the courtyard of the mansion.

Until just now, I was rubbing about which of Hayato's legs to ride, but it seems that Sieg won.Max, who lost, was flattered with his head on Hayato's feet.

(It's morning, so don't fall asleep... or maybe I shouldn't have logged in.)

Preparations for Xuanwu's assassination were on the way, but Lunaria's arrival made it unnecessary.There's been a huge increase in combat power, so we don't have to be so perfectly prepared.So I just came to drop you off today.Once it's over, I won't do it as Hayato.

I was able to follow the crusade, but I thought it would only get in the way and decided to stay alone.There are also things that make me mentally tired.

Now I'm facing the sun at the edge trying to heal my mind.

Siegfried in the warm sun, Siegfried and Max move in the same direction.

"What's wrong?"

I can't communicate like Maris, but Hayato heard about it normally.Sieg and the others didn't answer, but you didn't think it was dangerous, so you quickly closed your eyes and weakened again.

I just said to stroke it as soon as I could, but I wondered what happened and I saw what Sieg and the others saw.

There was a bent corner of the hallway where Benitz was gently showing his face.

"Ohayo... did you wake me up?"

"Good morning. No, I've been up since the beginning.I was in trouble.What's wrong with you since the morning? "

"You came because there were reports and so on.It might have been better if Simon was here, but I got permission to do it first. "

Hayato leans his neck. Because I didn't think it would be reported.

I heard a little about the treatment of the Holy Devil's Ten Swords yesterday, but I can't help hearing more about it.Because even if they explain the charges and the prison term, they can only say "hee."

What's a report?

"Um, can I sit next to you?It seems relaxed and pleasant. "

"Of course. Oh, but I need a cushion.Wait a minute, I'll get it. "

"All right, all right, the sun's warm, and I'm not sitting down."

Benitz sat beside Hayato with his legs thrown out from the edge.And while hanging her legs, she looked at Hayato.

"I brought you some yata-glass made by Hayachi today.And I brought all the materials we had. "


"Look, about the nine pieces of yata glass made by the Holy Magic Ten Swords.I took it back after I put it in jail.One was recovered by Simon. "

"That's fine, but what do you mean you brought it?"

"Yeah, I talked to Simon last night, but this was made by force, right?In that case, you should give it to Hayachi and let him do whatever he wants. So take it. "

"Oh, that's what I mean."

"You can use it as it is or sell it.I think it can be sold at a high price because of its great performance.It's like you're going to die! "

"What are you talking about? But can I do that?A legendary sword, isn't it?Shouldn't we be leaving the eastern country first? "

In the first place, Hayato was involved in this disturbance because of this sword and the shards of the demon sword.It was supposed to be an idea that we couldn't get it out of the country, but I don't know why it came to the idea that it was really good.

"Yes, it is strong, but I wonder if it is a demonic sword that deludes Samurai's heart.It's called a sword, but Simon decided not to go to the eastern country at least.I'm not saying it's okay in other countries, but if you do, you can sell the sword to the right person and give it to me. "

"Is this the right person... for a long time?"

"Hayachi is weak, but everyone admires him.And you know how to make yata glass, right?I can't let Hayashi out of this country, and I've come to the conclusion that I can't help it. "

"That's what we talked about.But I'll take it. "

"Yes, go ahead."

Hayato received nine pieces of yata-glass from Benitz and a low-quality item to make from.

"Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Of course, it's okay because Simon agrees."

"Really? Well, let's just say... Sieg and Max were at Benny's for a while."

Hayato put Sieg and Max on his feet on Benitz's lap.

"Huh? What? It's heaven?"

With Benitz's words intact, Hayat went out into the courtyard in his shoes.Then place the portable gold floor on the ground.Removed the blacksmith hammer and selected "Recycle" from the creation menu.

When the yata glass is removed, Hayato strikes with a hammer.

The durability of the sword, its maximum value, was reduced.You'll also get both the Famous Sword Fragment and the Demon Sword Fragment.

The benitz who was looking at it opened his eyes slightly and opened his mouth.

You're going to destroy it after all?

"I knew you were expecting that?"

Hayato listens with a hammer and a knife.

"Yeah, that's what Simon said.Hayachi is a craftsman, so no matter how good he is, he won't leave anything that he was forced to make.Because artisanal pride won't allow it.I was surprised because I really did. "

"Thank you, but it's not such a big deal.A lot of such a powerful sword could be a seed of evil root, and I just thought I'd destroy it.And there's something I want to do. "

(Cecil will tell me to destroy it.It's going to be a lot of trouble)

Cecil, called the Collector, is a sword and sword collector.No matter what you think, I'll tell you to look at the sword.Destroying it is best because it is troublesome.I'm not going to say that I can make it, and Hayato is not going to say that there is such a sword in the first place.

Hayato struck the sword with a hammer.

The sound of knife hitting the surroundings repeatedly.

Benitz is just watching while stroking Sieg and Max.

A few minutes later, Hayato destroyed all of his masterpiece, Yata Glass.And you get enough shards to make a single piece of yata glass.

"I'm tired. I'm sorry, I made you imitate what you created."

"No, that's fine. You don't have to worry about it because you've done it over and over again to improve your skills in the first place.But wait a minute. I still have work to do. "

Hayato said so and chose the material to make Yata Glass in the item bag.

All the materials chosen are of poor quality.

Mastersword Yata Glass with only one star quality.After confirming it in the compose menu, Hayato's hand glows dull.

And we made the lowest quality Yata Glass.

"Hayachi? Why did you make it again? Are you upset?"

"I'll give it to Benny.Think of it as you, and do your best. "

The venison was a little rough, but when I noticed something, I had a tender face.

"Hayashisa, isn't this a bit disgusting?Names and shapes are fine, but the contents are not good at all, right?That's me, isn't it? "

That's right.

"I'll follow you there!You're hurting me because you're so sentimental!... ah, maybe Hayachi smiled, but yesterday's apology wasn't enough...? "

"I'm not angry. I just wanted you to look at it in the future and warn yourself.The yata glass is gone, but if the quality improves, it becomes the strongest sword.If Benny's gonna be the best princess, I'm gonna give you the highest quality Yata Glass, so when you're ready to do something, look at it and remember this time.You might think what you're saying from the top. "

Benitz smiles when Hayato says so.

"Ah, that's it! Yeah, I'll always have it equipped!That way I'll never forget what I did! "

"Why don't we just put it somewhere without gear?As a weapon, it's really underperforming. "

"Yes, I'd like to equip myself with this.It's a gift made by Hayachi! "

Benitz pulls out his sword and looks at it with joy.

Hayato remembers a lot. Speaking of gifts, I plan to give you a kimono, but I haven't made it yet.I thought it was just before you left, but one day Benitz was staring at Hayato, not at the sword.

Um, what's wrong?

You know, hayashi, aren't you staying in this country after all?

"Huh? Are you steaming it back?"

"It seems like I'm going to miss an incredible treasure by leaving Hayachi like this, and I want to keep it.It's a good place to be in the East.I'm not saying it's impossible, but how about it!? "

Thereafter, the country east of Venice continues to follow its reasoning.Hayato wanted everyone to come home soon.